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"Who Needs Real Golf When You Could Play Hot Shots Golf 3?"

Never before have I ever played a golf game that was so easy to get addicted to. Great characters, innovative courses, a slew of secrets and extras, intense multiplayer fun, and an enormous amount of replay value make this game shine in a genre that finds it hard to attract masses. Some golf games can be really fun to play, but have errors in them that lead to frustration. Others can be technical juggernauts that cover all the intricacies of real golf, but never entice the gamer with that something special that makes them fun to play. Hot Shots Golf 3 pulls everything together in a great package that no fan of golf gams should go without.

Story - 10/10
It's a sports game, so obviously there isn't much of a story involved here. Some great characterization more than makes up for that. Your goal is simply to move your way through the ranks and become the best player you can be. Take the tournament route and you'll compete against faceless players that want to keep you off the leader board. Play the vs. mode and along the way you'll meet some very interesting people that want nothing more than to shatter your dreams of golf stardom.

Sound/Music - 9/10
Game sounds and voices are all well done. From annoying bugs and planes flying overhead, to your caddy's sometimes annoying prattle, the sounds in this game add greatly to the golfing experience. A certain amount of repetition can get slightly annoying, but with a plethora of caddies and courses to choose from, each round can be completely different than the previous one. The voice acting is well done, even down to the comments from the gallery after a great shot.

Graphics - 9/10
Some may feel they're slightly cartoony, but that just adds to the fun experience that this game was meant to be. The characters all have their significant differences and come in all shapes and sizes. Their personalities shine even more through their graphical representation. The courses are beautiful, especially due to their individuality. The environmental effects certainly add to the players immersion in the game due to their high quality. Certainly no detail was overlooked here.

Controls - 10/10
This game has, without a doubt, the best physics I have ever seen used in a golf game. They are reasonably simple and the learning curve is very short, but many intricate controls await the advanced user. If it can be done in real golf, then it can be done in this game too. Even the most advanced tricks are easy to accomplish, which is a big plus for those that would rather spend hours having fun instead of practicing technique.

Multiplayer - 10/10
Get ready to go to war with your buddies on the links. that's all that needs saying here.

Extras - 10/10
Secrets, items, and hidden players galore. I don't think they could possibly have put any more extras in this game than they did. Just when you think you've seen everything the game has to offer, something else unlocks or is earned.

Overall - 9/10
No game is perfect, but this one comes about as close as is possible in my estimation. Don't forget your rain gear.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/30/02, Updated 07/30/02

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