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"Lay Up"

Lay Up

This game had big potential following on the heels of a more then success full sequel and placing it on a machine 5 times the capability. Instead it is not, not at all. Five courses to Tiger Woods 2002’s ten. It seems they wasted all the capability on this game with the characters. There are 15 more then racist characters. A black man who has a very Mr. T feeling to him, and an Italian mob boss who might as well be name Don Corleone, you won’t want to pick up this game unless your just coming home from you clan meeting.

Game Play: 3
First off there is one part in this game that made want to destroy it, there auto place/club select system, 78% of the time it places you in either a bunker or in the drink. I can’t tell you how much this one simple thing can ruin a game. Another problem is the wind it can get at least 8mph on some holes and seems to only affect you on the long game. Oh by the way you can putt in the sand, seriously.

Sound: 5
The music is mediocre at best obviously Japanese in origin which can seriously put off some people. The real thing that made me give this a 5 was the recycled jargon the caddy and opponents spit out. Whether it is your first caddy ecstatically shouting in you ear “CREAM CHEESE!” or a punk rock “Gool Club” member talking about evil and cults whenever you make a good shot it is annoying and there is no way whatsoever to remove it aside from a bullet.

Controls: 6
Basic golf controls nothing very original except your chance to get an extra 10 yards on your shot. The one thing that makes me mad about this game is that there is no way to exit in the middle of a match without saving or pressing L1-L2-R1-R2-START-SELECT.

Graphics: 6
Cartoonish, which is really not that good because there are something that don’t really translate well to English. The Japanese sense of humor seems to be a mix of racism and violence or maybe not, I can’t tell because the animations make no sense whatsoever. Example: A plumber (Your 3rd character) gets a 10 ton or pound weight dropped on his head whenever he gets a birdie I do not know what this means all know is it scared me, a lot.

Fun Factor: 4
With greens that roll like your jumping a cliff and characters yelling in your ear about dairy products you will realize your not enjoying this. If you have ever seen a Japanese game show you they do some weird things these thing sort of translate into this game they don’t eat babies or anything like that (That would be the French) they just jump around and show very weird animations I can’t help but think they though we loved Japanese culture when they brought this game over, but they where wrong oh so very wrong.

Overall: 4
Yes it doesn’t add up but I am making more important things worth more. Like chances of me using a bullet to relieve my self of the commentary. It makes you think, in-between the horrific abuse of there plumbers and over the to racist looks, how are these little Japanese children going to survive in the real world if this game gets and “E rating”.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 08/06/02, Updated 08/06/02

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