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"The Japanese name of the game says it all...Everyone's Golf.."

I'm not exactly a fan of golf in general. In fact, I can't stand watching the sport, let alone play it (mostly because I'm horrible at it). I also wasn't a big fan of the genre in video games. Then a little gem of a game came out that was entitled Hot Shots Golf. I was simply amazed at how simple the game was, in terms of pick up and playability. I missed playing HSG2, but when I heard about a HSG3, I made sure I didn't miss out on it.

I think the graphics overall are beautiful. The courses are very well-designed, ranging from the placement of the hazards to the looks of them. The characters are also designed well, graphically. There are little capsules that you'll be able to buy (over the course of the game; I still don't have them all unlocked yet) that put some animals and objects on the courses to add to the eye candy. There's only one course I hate in the game, and that is the Scottish course with their very deep bunkers. If you ever get an unplayable shot, it would be on this course.

This is what will keep you hooked to this game. There are many modes in which you can play, some of which include versus (which you play against the computer to unlock more characters), stroke play, national tournament, multiplayer and many more. It's a very easy game to pick up and play, though you won't be getting hole-in-ones and such when you're first playing the game. Like all sports games, it takes time and dedication to become a master of the game.

There are 5 full courses and a short course, which consists of 9 par 3 holes. The only thing I miss that was in the original game is the mini-golf. One last thing is that the multiplayer is a blast, and you only NEED ONE CONTROLLER to play with 4 people.

Sports games have a story? Your job is to get to the top of the ranks and become a Hot Shots Golf Master..

Frankly, the music is only average and if one had to pick a bad point to this game, this would be it. Though you hardly notice it while trying to concentrate on your shot. The sounds are pretty good, but the caddies can get rather annoying at times (there are only two caddies in the game that don't annoy me). Also, some of the characters' voices get on my nerves, especially when they say the same thing over and over when they hit a perfect shot.

With all the items to unlock, tournaments to win and characters to play and unlock, you'll be locked in your room playing this game for a good while.

I'd say this game is definitely a buy. This is a game that you will always have in your collection and that you will play in the long run.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/13/02, Updated 01/07/03

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