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"Weird monkey geekboy sighting!"

Thanks to a Playstation magazine, I first came into contact with this game. The demo CD lets you play through 3 holes in one course, and it got me interested. So I got my husband to bring the game home (one of his occupational perks) so I can test it out. I got hooked on it, and so, a couple days later, I'm the proud owner of Hot Shot Golf 3!

*lights up ''APPLAUSE'' sign*


There's no intriguing storyline you can lose yourself in, there's no things you can kill to relief your tension,
this is a Hot Shots Golf 3, it's a golf game, you play as a golfer, and you play golf. A really simple, and many would think, boring concept. just golf, only golf, and nothing but golf (oh, did I mention that it's about golf?)

It sounds boring, I'll admit that, but it's actually really entertaining, kudos to the developer for that. The game is loaded with different types of play so it's not so monotonous. There's the basic single and multi-players mode, so you can play it yourself, or square off with your friends, and we know playing with friends is always fun, or at least, interesting. But if you happen to be one of those people who has some kind of anti-socializing tendency, the single player option is full of different game modes that should be able to entertain one.

There's a VS mode that allows you to unlock the different playable characters so you won't get sick of seeing just the same people over and over again. And there's the tournament mode that allows you to open up new courses as your playing ground, and also rewards you with new caddies so you won't be laden with the weird monkeyboy all the time. There are other types, like short courses, training and blah blah. There's also a really interesting item option. Each time you complete a course, you're awarded points you can redeem stuff from at the store. Amongst these items are capsules that unlock certain things (objects, animals, insects etc) in certain golf courses. They don't really do much, but it's kinda fun hunting for them, gives you something to do outside the golfing.

The primary objective is to hit the golf ball so it goes into the hole with the minimal number of strokes possible, all the aforementioned are just little tidbits that make the game more entertaining and less repetitive.

The golf courses are beautiful, and they each have a new look for the different seasons, the character design is rather cartoonish, giving the game a light-hearted feel. Most of the characters are easy on the eye, a couple of them (monkey geekboy included) are goofy looking, it's good for a laugh, I guess.

My major gripe (well, it's not all that major, but it's the majorest amongst the gripes I have on the game) is the voice acting. Since there really isn't much background music/sound (well, there's the wind and the sound of the ball being hit, that's pretty much it), the voices is pretty much all that is in the sound department. I find myself turning down the volume of the TV to a barely audible level when playing the game because of it. It's annoying. Some of the caddie's commentary (well, not exactly comments, but they do speak when/after you take a shot) just grates on my nerves. It's not even that they're saying bad stuff or whatever, they don't have a lot of different lines, it's usually the same one for the same situation. I don't know, they just sound annoying, I guess.

The price of the game may seem rather steep (i think it is, at around $40), but it's full of stuff you can discover/unlock, I think it's kinda, almost, I don't know, worth it. I guess it all boils down to if you're into that kinda stuff. It's a good game to have around, sorta as a reserve, like when you're tired of your usual stuff, Hot Shots Golf 3 will be a good game to fill your time (rather than going out for walks, reading, chilling with friends, etc) with until you're ready to go back.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/31/02, Updated 08/31/02

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