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Reviewed: 02/09/03 | Updated: 02/09/03

How does this game own? Let me count the ways...

Intro:Back in the PS1 days I remember playing the original Hot Shot's until my fingers felt like they would fall off. Anyone could relate to it and anyone could play it, so I guess you could call it fun for everyone. While over at a friends house one day he popped in a demo disk to show me a development video for SOCOM, I ended up playing Hot Shot's 3 and was hooked. It was my first PS2 golf experience and the next day I went right out and bought it, and it's never failed to entertain.

The Golf Essentials

As a casual golfer myself(104 and lowering) I know how important the overall lay of a courses can be. HSG3 provides the essentials for a great golfing experience. Some course may leave you feeling like you're the second coming of a tour champ while others may end up making you want to find a real 1 Wood and throw it through your television Olympic Javelin style. With a little practice you'll find yourself acing every hole, regardless of wind water or sand trap depth.

Equipment:This game comes with the ability to tweak your clubs and balls to suit your characters needs and get rid of disadvantages. In golf it's important to use the right equipment, I use the same brand of golf balls every time I play(maybe that's why I'm shooting 104) and you may find yourself doing the same. Whatever works with your characters strengths and whatever works against their weakness'.

Golfers:While becoming a casual golfer in Hot Shot's you may find yourself picking a particular player and sticking with him/her.It may be because of skill, personal preference, you may relate to the character, or you may find yourself just being more comfortable with a certain person.(Hey that guy looks like me) That's one of the main strengths of the Hot Shot's series, the cast of characters supports the game fully.

Your Fairway Game:Okay, all this sweet stuff doesn't mean squat if you ain't got the skills, right? Wrong. With the equipment and character stats you can change it to suit your skills. The more you play, the better you'll get. Golf isn't a game of chance, it's a game of practice. It's a proven fact that 95% of golfers have never hit a hook shot, but every golfer living has hit at least one slice. You won't hit a hole in one on your first try, and you might even finish on the plus side, but you'll get it.

The Final Scorecard:9/10: There are some places that could use improvement, but they're few and far between. The tournament online stands out in my mind but that doesn't matter to the casual gamer. I would give this game a thumbs up to everyone, regardless of gaming taste.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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