Review by primalmayswindu

"My caddy was thrown in the water. Along with this game."

Ugh, how worse can a game get? The game is down right annoying. The noises are awful. They drive you crazy. There is NO story line. The game is so hard, even a master gamer would have problems. If your a fan of hot shots golf, you would like this game. Saying in the perspective of a fan, this is a GREAT addition to the series. But, I'm not a fan so this game stinks. Anyhoo, read my guide :) Thanks.

Alright... the graphics are good. I'll admit. Thats just about the only good thing about the game. Everything looks well... real! I mean, the characters are highly detailed. The landscaping is intensely detailed, I mean it looks so real. The trees look like trees, sand looks like sand and so on and so fourth. Even the birds eating the green, or the ant crawling in your hole. Its all great.

Story- -1/10
A -1? How can it be?! *Faints* Well, it is! The game has NO story! PERIOD! You just hit golf balls into holes! They *could* have made a story line, I mean damn it wouldn't of killed them. Hell, if they added a story it would be a far more interesting game. So yes, until you lazy people working on hot shots golf make a story, I shall forever hate your games =)

My god -_- The sounds are ANNOYING. The caddies just get on your nerves!
"Your ball is in proximity to the hole" What the hell is that?! I mean, the caddies don't have to make a smart remark after every hit. The main problem is just the caddies. The weather sounds nice, and the bird chirping is enjoyable. The bugs at the green are annoying... annoying as um..hell. I swear, how are you suppose to concentrate on getting an eagle with bugs buzzing your ear off! Somebody get some DAMN bug spray!

The gameplay is decent. I mean, you don't really use most of the buttons. X to determine your hit, Square to go into power mode, and the top buttons to select golf clubs. Simple and easy, as a game should be. But why do I make the score so low? Well, I don't like the game, thats why ;D

The good
The graphics

The bad
The noises

The ugly!
Just about everything else.

Rent OR buy?-Neither! Don't rent or buy! If you buy it, feed it to your dogs. Burn there crap! Rid the world of this game. Ha ha, just kidding (not really ;D)
I'd say rent. The game has its good, and it has its bad. If your looking for a game with decent graphics and controls, and of course if your a fan of golf then buy it. If you don't enjoy golfing games, then why the hell are you reading this? I would say just rent for 5 bucks. I mean, 5 out of 10 people would be disappointed. I was.. Anyhow, your choice. I can't make you (although I would ;D)

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 09/15/04

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