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Hot Shots Golf was awarded by PSM the award “Most Addicting Game” so one Christmas I received and checked it out. Right from the start I knew this was a huge golf game. Just recently I thought I beat Vs. mode and the game gives you another 15 characters to play against. I was in awe, this game is not as addicting as you may have read but it's probably the best Golf game available. Though it did not make the top 10 of 2002, it's still a game that you need to check out. This is golf for the people, go out there and play it.

You start with a few characters and you play one on one matches to unlock the rest of them. Hot Shots Golf 3 came up with a great bonus, instead of playing through 18 holes to beat an opponent. All you have to do is beat them on four holes and not have them beat you anywhere in between. This allows for fast games against weak opponents and leaves the long ones for the harder ones.
Multi-Player is a great addition, if you have friends over you can play with them on all types of courses. You can give the less experienced handicaps and make the game more interesting. National Tournaments allowed you to get a code and enter it and when you completed that round it would give you a code to enter back into the computer. This was the best way to do it before online came around and I was sad to see they ended it back in 2002. In tournament mode, you start off with beginner rankings and as you win tournaments you gain more points and become a pro. But the status screens is really what made me enjoy this game, for each hole there was a breakdown on all your records and told you the best scores for each hole. There is a shop where you can buy all sorts of items and equipment to add the enjoy ability of the game.

If you were to look at this game and judge it by its graphics, it would be a huge mistake. Ok so maybe they aren't Final Fantasy X quality, but it fits to weirdness of the game. I wouldn't want Final Fantasy graphics for this game, if I did I would go buy Tiger Woods PGA instead. Each character has many different clothing arrangements to choose from and no character looks remotely close to any of the others. Winning animations really show the graphics for this game and are generally funny.

The sound for this game is really superb, character voices are funny and suit them well, you never have one of those annoying moments where you don't like their voice. Music goes along with this game as well, it's nice and flows well. It's not loud and fast paced because that's not how this game is. Course sounds also are interesting as there are many secrets to be found in the game.

This is the ultimate Golf game, and if you are a true golfer then you should have picked up Hot Shots Golf Fore. But if you want to get a cheap game that you will have lots of fund with then 3 is for you. There are so many modes to play in and a whole lot of items to buy. Not to mention perfecting your stats to have perfect shots on each hole. There are a total of 30 golfers to beat to unlock them and the clothing. (The last 15 are just extra outfits) and a few caddies to get as well.

This game is only $20 and you should pick this up for some instant action and enjoyment. If you're willing to fork over and extra $20 then go ahead and pick of Hot Shots Golf Fore. Which is better and adds mini golf to the action. But you will have a lot of enjoyment with this game. I've had it for a year and am still managing to play it with GTA: San Andreas in my gaming library.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/21/04, Updated 07/16/06

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