Review by jetta42

Reviewed: 12/28/04

Happy Gilmore on the PS2 = Perfect 10

Wow...I just happened to stumble onto this game by surprise. This Christmas I knew I wanted a game. The problem was what...In a season of GTA:SA and MGS 3, I wanted something different. I was at EB shopping for what I wanted and came across Hot Shots Golf 3 with a price of $12.99. I read up a little on it here on gamefaqs, and I made the purchase. And now, it being 1 in the morning on Christmas day, and nothing to do at the moment, I decided to write this after getting my first chance to play.

Gameplay: 10 of 10

It's a golf game. You should expect what type of game your getting into here. You have your basic modes to play with your friends with all the little extras. There's the tournament mode. From what I've counted there's at least 25 tournaments to enter, possibly more. There's also at least 10 characters to unlock by golfing against them. That alone offers so much gameplay. The game throws so much at you to do, and you can do it however you like. There's a shop to go buy extras from once you earn experience points. There's tons of things to buy there. This game is so remarkable.

Sound: 10 of 10

There's background music. It's decent, what you'd expect of background music. What gets this a 10 is the sound effects. You'll hear bugs buzzing. You'll hear the sound of the wind rushing through the course. You'll hear the sound of water splashing when you hit into a water hazard. You'll hair the sound of sand...if there is a sound...when you get a bunker. It's so realistic.

Graphics: 10 of 10

This game is older now on the ps2. It's been out for about 2 years. The characters are cartoonish. I like that look. This game is meant to have fun. That's why the cartoonish characters work so well. The actual layout of the courses though, thats where the graphics really shine. It's so realistic. The water sways back and forth with amazing realism. Heck, theres actually fish in the water. These little things rock my world. Trees and sand traps look real too. They have such a great look to them. It's great.

Replay: 10 of 10

The fact that there's so much to do, you might not even finish the game for a while. Win tournaments, unlock characters, buy everything in the shop, beat your records for the courses, and etc. You may never finish the game from what it looks like. And suppose you accomplish everything. Then you call your buddies over and play some short round golf. They specifically made a section of the game with just 3 par holes, to play quick games with friends. Clap Handz really went above and beyond with everything.

Overall: 10 of 10

Final Word: This game is over 2 years old. You'll find it no matter what for under $19.99 since its greatest hits now too.

I don't even golf. I play some miniature golf here with the girlfriend every now and then, and sometimes the driving range once or twice in the summer. That's the extent of my golfing expertise. Thats who this game appeals to. If you love the movie Happy Gilmore, the definitely pick up this game. That's all there is to it.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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