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"Goofy golfers and extremely repetitive lines makes this game more of an ear sore than eye sore."

Goofy golfers and extremely repetitive lines makes this game more of an ear sore than eye sore. If you're ready to give another golf game a try besides any of the PGA tour ones, then I would stay clear of this one.

The physics in this game are good, I'll give it that. The putting is lacking a bit. There's hardily anything there to tell you if the hole is on any kind of hill or exactly how much is needed to arch the ball in. The only way you can know is to look really hard at the green and hope that you did it correctly, and most of the time you fail. Teeing off is remarkably well done. You can position the marker where you want the ball to go, but again the ball may not go exactly where you want it to go. Setting the meter to 200 yards and then, even if you hit the ball right on the meter, it will still maybe go 190 or even 220, it's a shame.

The meter to hit the ball is made up of one bar that bounces back and forth. The first pass sets how much power you want on your ball and the second sets how straight the ball goes. This is simple enough. Again, you can totally screw up sometimes and still manage to pull off a decent shot, not really realistic anyhow.

The golfers range from a teenage Japanese kid with blue hair to an Australian bush man with a ponytail. The game says the characters are a wild bunch, but they seem well behaved. They only seem to throw tantrums when they lose or get a bogey, and there all the same. Even when they win or get a birdie they all do the same things over and over. Even the caddies, who by the way aren't trash talking at all. They don't even carry the golf bags and only seem to be like announcers.

The courses in the game are fantastic, finally they did something right. You got the beautiful sky, grass, some bugs and nice looking trees. The water is okay, although it looks thick and blurry. The putting greens are well done for a game like this. They're really rich and green with color, almost life-like.

There are many game to play in this one, being the best are tournament and versus. In tournament you play on a tour and must get the lowest score to progress through the different levels of difficulty. Each difficulty has four different season with each having a tournament. The more you win, the more experience you gain and the more stuff you can buy or win. Versus lets you play against computer players. You can unlock new characters to play by defeating them and also gain valuable points to spend in the shop.

The shop is sort of cool, because you can buy new clubs, balls, alternate outfits for characters, secret hints and many other stuff.

Hot Shots golf 3 is a pity attempt at a golf game for the most part. It can pull of some aspects of a golf game and appear to be fun, but overall it is just a wasted attempt.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 08/31/05

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