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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Packing Heat

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/13/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

             +---+ +---+ +-+ +-+ +----+ +-++-+ +-++-+
             ++ ++  +-+   '          
                  +-+  .        ++    
                  +-+  ;        ++    
                  +-+             ++ 
                      '    ++         
              +-+  +---+ +-+ +-+ +----+ +-++-+ +----+
                W R A T H    O F     H E A V E N
     * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Version History
    1.0 Rikimaru Level 1 complete with maps, level 2 complete walkthroughs.
    Mission 1 - Punish the evil merchant
    Weapons: 1 Crimson Blade
      Rikimaru Level 1a                                   
              N                     /H\               
                                  +--+ +--+            
                                   +--+ +--+            
     K : Key                       +--+ +--+            
     S : Smokebomb                                  
     G : Grenade                 6                10
     H : Health potion             +--+ +--+            
      or = : Door/gate                        +--===--+  
     O : Starting point                       ____  9  ___
                                              +-++--     ---
                                               8       [] 
                                 :  :                     
         +--------------------       |________|4   5    
              1            G                          
                            H            K            
       O +------------------+--------------------+------+--
     _______________________                    ____S_  
    Firstly, jump up onto the roof ahead of you. In the courtyard is a pacing guard (1). Lay dormant until
    he turns away from you, then jump down and stealth kill him. Enter the door (marked red on the game's
    map) on the large building by your position. Follow it through until you find a Health Potion and a
    Grenade. There is also a tunnel that leads to the second section, but don't go down it. Return to where
    you killed the guard.
    Now walk between the 2 buildings, past the beehive. There is a dog in the vicinity, when the Ki meter
    pulses, the dog is near. Kill him with a single Crimson Blade, this will count as a stealth kill if he
    doesn't charge at you.
    There is now a guard pacing the north face of the smaller building (3). If you approach from the west,
    it's simple to sneak up behind him. Use the rooftops if you can't locate him. He has a spear weapon.
    Now get on the surrounding rooftop just north of the smaller building. Face east at the tall wall.
    Grappling hook your way up there. You can see the enemy waiting halfway down the slope (4). Sometimes he
    will turn to face you, so you should wait until his attention is elsewhere before approaching. He is an
    archer, so he can attack from a distance... be sure to take his bow & arrow once he is dispatched of.
    The guy by the gate (5) constantly faces south. From where you just killed the archer on the slope, leap
    down (it won't hurt) behind him for stealth kill number 5. From here, head south to the boundry. There's
    a tunnel that leads under the wall, crawl through it (or jump over the roof). Collect the Smoke Bomb on
    the other side.
    The key you need to locate to unlock the gate should have been shown to you by now. It's in the room on
    the south-east of the map (K). Run in from the east, nab the key, and run out. If you should happen to
    get spotted, get up onto the rooftop with your grappling hook. There's no need to use your smoke grenade
    as you can be in and out before they realise it.
    Head to the gate (it's on the north-east corner of the map) and use your key to unlock the gate. Enter
    the catacombs, but not too hastily. A guard armed with a spear weapon is waiting around the first corner.
    Back up against the wall so you can see when he faces the opposite direction, then kill him.
    TIP: if the camera doesn't swing around when you press your back up against the wall - so you can look
    around the corner - use the right analogue stick to move it manually. You can only move Rikimaru when
    the camera is facing him though. Use L1 to look around the corner whilst doing this.
    Proceed along until you go down a decline, then drop off a small ledge. Beyond the next corner is an
    archer guard. Again, back up against the wall y the torch and wait for him to head away from you, then
    run out and stealth kill him. If you're not quick enough, wait just below the ledge for another
    opportunity. Take his bow & arrow.
    Around the next corner is a woman, don't kill her. Wait until she's not looking, then jump on the boxes
    in the room. Use your grappling hook to reach the ledge and climb up onto the next floor - it's easy to
    get past her without her spotting you, but no harm will come if she does. On the next floor is a Ninja
    Rebirth - that little red box on the floor. This is like an extra life, should you die, and it works
    automatically. Now look up at the ceiling for an opening. Grappling hook up there so you're clinging on
    to the ledge facing north on the map. You are now in the area 2 of the map. See that guard?
    Wait until the guard walks away from your position before emerging from the hole (6). When he's dead,
    relieve him of his spear weapon (unless you already have one, in which case, you can't carry another).
    Proceed north along the 4 small buildings, stop at the last one and look around the corner. There's a
    guard with a spear weapon (7) He will pace from east to west... wait until he walks east then attack. On
    the picnic area (or whatever it is), lay 2 health potions. Two of the four small buildings are enterable.
    Both have tunnels within leading to the large building where you acquired the key... and to the corner of
    the courtyard where you are now.
    Get up on the surrounding rooftop next to the guard you just slain. Head south towards the enemy guarding
    a gate. Use this rooftop to drop down behind him for another stealth kill (8). He has a spear weapon.
    Two more enemies are guarding the main building in this area. One guards the main doors, the other
    patrols along the east wall. Get on the balcony roof just above the guard by the doors (9). When the
    other guard walks out of view, drop down behind the stationary guard and stealth kill him.
    Run round the corner to find the other guard facing the opposite direction, and stealth kill him (10).
    Both of these guards have spears. By now, all the symbols on your Kuji meter should be glowing and you
    will receive a new move - the shoulder thrust.
    Enter the main doors of the building. We are now using Rikimaru Level 1b map, which is below.
                 +-------------+     +-------------------------+
      Level 1b                                              
                      *       +--+         +-----------------+
         N                               +-----------------+
     W---+---E                    -+--+    #####       
                             +--+  +----+--+  #####       
         S       +-------------+                #####       
                     +-----------+              +-----+       
      * : Goal                          B                   
      B : Boss                                             
       / = : Door                            -+-----+       
      O : Start                                            
                          +--------------------+    +--+     
                     +------------+ +-------------+          
                     +------------+                +-----+   
                             +------+               #####   
                                         +-------+-+# 3 #   
                     +-------+                     +-----+   
                                   -----+   ++   -+------+   
                            +    --+-       -+       2      
    Pass through the first set of doors and head to your left. Back up against the wall and look around the
    corner. There's a guard armed with a spear pacing inside the room (1). When he turns away, take his life.
    Head back to the entrance and take the other route. Pass through the doors under the mask on the wall,
    then look round the corner. There's an enemy in this room (2). He gives little opportunity for a stealth
    kill, so run in quickly when he turns away. Pass through the next set of doors. Take the door on the
    left side of the corridor, don't go through the one at the end, there's nothing up there.
    Drop down into a room with some cluttered junk, a sleeping guy and his cat. You can't kill the cat, try
    as you might. Stealth kill the guy before he even wakes up (3). At the other end of the room is a ledge
    high up on the wall. Use your grappling hook to get up there.
    TIP: if you ever get lost in Tenchu, just look up...
    At the top you'll find a Ninja Rebirth. Through the doors you will have a battle with a boss character
    (B). He's armed with a sword and a gun, and has some nasty attacks, but poses no real problem. Simply
    block, then attack. If you should happen to fall victim to his sword, your Ninja Rebirth will set you
    back there to deal him an arse whooping. If you still have a spear, use it, it'll do a lot more damage
    and is harder for him to block.
    Killed him? Out the door, and up the stairs. We are now using Rikimary Level 1c map, which is below.
    It's the upper levels of the building, with a new layout. I have marked where you will start at the top
    of the staircase.
                      +------------+---+  +------------------+
      Rikimaru                  4                        
      Level 1c                                           
                             +----+---+        +------+   ++
                                                   ++   ++
          N                 -+----+---+                  
      W---+---E                   +---+             +-----+
          S                       +---+                  
      N : Ninja Rebirth             +-----+                
      H : Health potion                                   
      O : Start point                                +-----+
      C : Cabinet to next level                 
                                          ++   -+-----------+
                         +--------+                     H 
                                -+-+      +-----------------+
                +----------+        +-----------+-----+     
                +----------+        +-------+---+  3       
                +----------+                       +-+    
                +----------+           C                  
                +----------+        +-------+   +------------+
    Through the doors, a guard will be pacing the corridors to the left. Wait against the wall for a clear
    run at him. He stands still for quite a while, so don't be afraid to run up to him (1).
    Now you are faced with two doors. The one on the left hides a sleeping enemy (hopefully). Run in for an
    easy stealth kill (2). There is also a health potion on the floor.
    Go through the other door. Crawl through the gap by the cat. On the other side, there's a door on your
    left. Walk through and stealth kill the sword weilding enemy (3). Go back through, to the cabinet in the
    corner (marked C on the map). Use your grappling hook to reach the loft above your head. There is no map
    for this area as it's simple enough.
    Walk through the first door. The next room has an enemy within. He's behind the dividing wall.
    Follow the path along to the end, at which lies a hole in the floor. Below is an unsuspecting bad guy.
    Drop down behind him for stealth kill number 5 (4). In the next room is a Ninja Rebirth. Drop down to
    the floor below, where, after a short FMV, you will encounter the second boss.
    This boss calls in 2 bodyguards armed with swords. They're easy to despatch of, just block, then
    attack on the rebound. The old guy should be easy too. If you give him space, he will use smoke bombs.
    But if you're relentless - block, attack, block, attack - he'll be gone in no time. When he begs for
    mercy, chop him down. Job done. (Is that Maralyn Manson who shoots the poison dart?)
    Mission 2 - Execute Hamada and return to Lord Godha
    Weapons: 1 smoke bomb
    Before dropping down, run round the corner and collect the Smoke Bomb. Immediately drop down through the
    hole to the floor below (not the hole where you start, the other one).
    Stealth is paramount during this mission. You mustn't kill any of the guards. It's easy to get lost on
    this one. Collect the Ninja Rebirth and go through the gap to the rocky floor. If you enter the room
    on the right, you can see Hamada talking with someone at the end of the corridor. Proceed up the rocky
    path and stop before you jump up to the proper floor. There's a guard to the right (a). Wait until he
    walks to the left, then hop up behind him and run to the right.
    Proceed round the corner until you get to the corner with a yellow decorated screen. In the next room is
    a sleeping guard. Tip-toe past by holding R1... he may sneeze, run if he does. Exit the room and take
    the left route. Follow it past the chicane, where there is a door on your right (just before the
    lamps on the floor.
    Run through this door to find Hamada. A cutscene will take place showing Rikimaru execute Hamada, and
    some enemy Ninjas that have now overrun the building. You can kill these suckers. Collect the Key from
    the red box on the table before leaving the room.
    There's a ninja right outside the door. They're armed with swords and finger blades. The first 2 will be
    aware of your presence, so it's just a straight fight. Keep blocking. It's a good idea to use your smoke
    bomb here, then just mince them with your sword combos.
    Continue north up the corridor, take a left, then stop at the opening. There's a ninja on the rocky area
    to the left. Wait until his back is turned and move in for a stealth kill. On the west side of the rocky
    area, is a crawl space under the walls (by the candles on the floor). Crawl through it to the next
    clearing, collecting a smoke bomb along the way.
    At the next clearing, use your key on the door (the lock will be flashing). There is a ninja pacing
    around inside. When it is clear to do so, run in and stealth kill him. Run up the stairs to the first
    floor. There is no map for this section, it's small and easy enough.
    At the top of the stairs is a door. Don't go any further, as there's a ninja to your right walking along
    the corridor. Wait several seconds for him to leave, then run through the door. Collect the Health
    Potion from atop the desk. The other door in this room should now have the ninja waiting outside. Open
    the door then stealth kill the ninja.
    To your right is another room with another ninja inside. Wait until his back is turned and launch your
    attack. At the other end of this room is another set of stairs. Walk down them.
    To your left is a room. In that room is an enemy ninja. Back up against the wall, when the opportunity
    arises, sneek up and kill him. There is a door in this room leading to another room. By the armour in
    that room a secret passage that will take you to the room where you killed Hamada. Don't go through it.
    Go back out to the corridor at the bottom of the stairs. In the next room is another ninja. Wait until
    he walks into the center of the room, then run to the entrance of the room, don't go in. A few seconds
    later he will face away, now's your chance.
    Head to the door at the other end of this room. Get close enough for it to open. Look to your right,
    there's another ninja. He'll face the other way after a few seconds, run up and slit his throat. Walk
    up the stairs.
    On the next floor is a door. In the room beyond is yet another ninja, he's towards the back of the
    room so you'll need ample time to run across and stealth kill him. You can get away with standing in
    the doorway and him spotting you as long as you close the door straight away. When you open the door
    and he's not there, run to the end of the room and wait by the doorway for him to return. In this room
    is a window. You can go out onto the surrounding rooftop if you want to, but there's no reason to.
    Continue down the corridors. Behind the next door is another ninja. He should be the ninth stealth
    kill of this level, and you should receive a new manouver - the Ninja Block. He turns around quite
    quickly though, so be fast. Walk against the wall until the door opens and you can get a good look
    inside for a killing opportunity to arise.
    Past the divide of this room is a large room with another ninja. He's towards the back. He should
    face the far wall, that's your chance. (You don't appear to be able to pick up that sword).
    Through the next door, there's a ninja in the corridor. If he spots you, another ninja will join the
    fight. He'll walk towards your position, then turn around. Kill him then. If you do get into a fight,
    use your smoke bomb.
    After a couple of turns in the corridor is the last ninja. Dispatch of him and run down the stairs
    into a nice yellow room. A cutscene will take place and you've finished the level.
    (c) Packing Heat

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