?Differences between versions English-Japanese PAL-NTSC

  1. What differences have made in European, USA and JAPAN;
    does music chaged?
    Can I switch characters speak language (Japanese / English)?

    From me;
    The North American, Australian, and European versions of the game contained three unlockable limited-play characters loosely based on characters from Soulcalibur:

    Assassin (generic thug, with a move list derived from Hwang) - Dao (can be unlocked by clearing Stage 2 of Subchapter 3 in Extra Weapon Master Mode)

    Berserker (generic thug, with a move list derived from Rock) - Double-Edged Axe (can be unlocked by clearing Stage 1 of Subchapter 1 in Extra Weapon Master Mode

    Lizardman (generic lizardman from the army created by the cult order, Fygul Cestemus, in Soulcalibur, with a move list derived from Aeon Calcos, the series' primary Lizardman) - Sword and Shield (can be unlocked by reaching Level 72, clearing Subchapter 2 of Weapon Master Mode, and completing Extra Weapon Master Mode).

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    ananas20 - 5 years ago

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