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    Heihachi by The Wu 2003

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         MMMX            M     MMMM       M  M M:              
        MM    MMMM MM MM M    M      MWM  M    MMM  MB M  MMM  
          rMM M  M MM WM M    M      @ M  M  M M  i MM M M     
        MMMM  MMMM MMWMM M    WMMMM  MMaM M  M MMMM M8MX M      
                             MX             M   
                            MM             WM 
                            M;             MS 
                           MM             @M
                           M              MB
                          MM             WM  
                          M              M0 
    (yes, I know. Worse SCII ascii art ever.)    
    Copyright stuff
    Heihachi Soul Calibur II FAQ, Written by Christopher C. Wu 
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission.
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display 
    is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This FAQ = Copyright 2003 Christopher C. Wu   
    09/02/03 - Started the FAQ
    09/05/03 - First update, added profile and more in moves and strats section.
    Point of this FAQ: To teach you how to play as Heihachi, mostly vs Humans.
    If you want to know how to get through WMM, look at cjayc's guide.
    Applys to all versions.
    ------------Indepth look at moves
    ---------------Basic anti-CPU
    Basic Conventions
    from www.soulcalibur.com
    7 8 9		7 = u/b  	8 = u		9 = uf
    4 5 6		4 = b   	5 = N   	6 = f
    1 2 3		1 = d/b 	2 = d   	3 = d/f
    8W= During 8way walking
    A=Horziontal Slash         B=Vertical Slash
    K=Kick                     G=Guard
    a,b,k=Small letters means tap the button slightly, 
          then quickly onto the next command
    Character States:
    FC=In Full Crouched
    WS=While standing from crouched
    WR=While Running
    Other conventions:
    GI=Guard Impact            CH=Counterhit
    SC=Soul Charge             []=Press and hold
    GB=Guard Break             _= or
    WGF=Wind God Fist          EWGF=Electric Wind God Fist
    CD=Crouch Dash             WD=Wave Dash
    LD=Light Dash              TGF=Thunder God Fist
    Hit levels
    L=low                      M=Mid
    H=High                     S.M=Specal Mid
     (does anyone actually read this stuff?)
    Name: Mishima Heihachi
    Age: 75
    Birthplace: Claims to be Japanese(denied by Japanese government)
    Hight: 5'10"
    Weight: 176 lbs.
    Birth Date: Unknown
    Blood Type: B
    Weapon: His Body
    Discipline: Mishima-Karate
    Job: Head of Mishima Zaibatsu
    Family: Pet/Kuma
            Grandson/Jin Kazama
    The "Story"
    After completing his ountain training with Kuma,
    Heihachi stopped by a hot springs resort to recuperate.
    There he encountered an ancient metallic fragment.
    According to old picture scrolls, this shard was a piece
    of Soul Edge, a notorious sword from medieval Europe.
    Heihachi grabbed teh fragment in excitement and accidentally
    cut his fingertip.(ed: gasp liek omg ... ~ ~;)
    After a moment of dizziness passed, Heihachi looked around
    around at his surroundings. A feeling of uneasiness washed over
    him. He was no longer at the resort he had been at just a few 
    ago. Heihachi was stunned, but nevertheless remained collected.
    After he wandered around for a while(ed: not in his T4 outfit 
    I hope. =P), he came to the conclusion that he was no longer in
    modern-day Japan. He has somehow traveled back to ancient times.
    Apperently, he was in the latter half of the 16th century.
    Regardless of the situation, Heihachi had to find a way to 
    return to his time.
    There was a part of him, however, that was trembling with
    anticipation of what was about to transpire. He knew the history
    behind the fragment, which was rife with battles between
    warriors fighting for its possession. Now, he was right in the
    mist of it all.
    What better way to test his strength then in a warring era
    ruled by power?(ed: jeeze, time travel for a challange.... lol
    just have a few rounds with T4 Jin.) A fighter could not ask
    for a better challenge!
    History of Games
    Tekken 1
    Tekken 2
    Tekken 3
    Tekken Tag Tournament
    Tekken Card Challenge
    Tekken 4
    Soul Calibur II(PS2)
    also in one of namco's all star racer games.
    Command---Name---Hit level
    Section 1: A
    AAB         Thunder Twin Hammer               HHM
    AA[B]       Thunder Twin Hammer(hold)         HHM(GB)
    AK          Thunder Demon Kicker              HM
    6AB 8_2     Demon Shout Feint                 HM
    66A         Phoenix Wing                      M
    3A          Dark Impact                       M
    2A          Body Hook                         S.M
    1A          Rock Smasher                      L
    4A          Demon's Boar                      M
    44A         Hilt Crush                        M
    3AB         Uppercut                          M
    A+B         Demon Breath                      M
    4A+B        Twin Hammers                      M
    4[A+B]      Twin Hammers(hold)                M(GB)
    6A          Phoenix Wing                      M
    8W3_9A      Twin Helix                        HH
    8W8_2A      Oni Killer                        H 
    4_8W7_1A    Hilt Crush                        M
    WR6A+B      Running Cross Arm                 M
    WSA         Raising Hook                      H
    FCA         Low Hook                          S.M
    Section 2: B
    BBA         Demon Slayer                      HHH
    BBAB(8_2)   Demon Executioner(Fake)           HHM
    BBK         Demon Kicker                      HHH
    6BBB        Flash Punch Combo(delay able)     HHM
    6B4AB       Demon Massacre                    HMM(GB)
    6B4AK       Demon Lair                        HMM
    B6A         Demon Backhand Spin               HH
    B6AB        Rage Demon Breath                 HM
    B6AB8_2     Rage Demon Breath Feint           H
    66B         Demon Upper Cut                   M
    66[B]       Demon Upper Cut(hold)             M(GB)
    3BB         Twin Pistons                      MM
    2BB         Hammer Punch~Iron Hand            MM
    1B          Body Blow                         S.M
    4B          Alter Splitter                    M
    44B         Brick Breaker                     L
    236B        Iron Hand(aka deathfist)          M
    623B        Rising Uppercut(WGF,or quickEWGF) S.M
    623[B]      Dragon Uppercut(hold)(aka TGF)    M
    2B+K        Lightning Hammer(g-cancelable)    M (!)
    66_8W9_3 B  Demon Uppercut                    M
    66_8W9_3 [B]Demon Uppercut(hold)              M(GB)
    8W8_2 BB    Hammer Hand~Iron Hand             MM
    8W7_1 B     Demon Chop                        M
    44B         Brick Breaker                     L
    WSB         Dark Thrust                       M
    FC3B        Single Piston                     S.M
    FCB         Body Blow                         S.M
    FC1B        Low Jab                           S.M
    Section 3: K 
    K2          Geta Stomp                        L
    6K          Right Splits Kick                 M
    66KK        Hell Axle                         MM
    3K          Sidekick                          M
    2K          Sweep Kick                        L
    1K          Lowkick                           L
    4K          Back Spin Kick                    H
    44K         Lighting Crush                    K
    62[3]KKK    Spinning Demon                    LLL
                (~any point in 62[3]KKK)
                 ~5 KK  Tsunami Kick              MM
                 ~B     Uppercut                  M  
    8K          Hopkick                           M 
    6235 K      Jumping Mid Kick                  M
    6235 K2     Jumping Low kick                  L
    9KK         Rising Sun                        ML
    kB          Demon Scissors                    M
    WSKK        Tsunami Kick                      MM
    FCK         Low Left Kick                     L
    FC1K        Low Kick                          L
    Section 4: Throws
    From Front:
    A+G         Lightning Hammer                   
    B+G         Jumping Powerbomb
    66B+G       Head Carnival
    A+G_B+G     Atomic Drop
    Left        Guillotine Crop
    Right       Freefall 
    Section 5: others
    A+K         Heaven's Wrath                    GI
    While on ground...
    A+B         Rising Cross Chop                 M
    4A+B        BackRoll Cross Chop               M
    B+K         Spring Kick                       M
    10-Strings(after A+B+K Soul Charge, any level)
    2KBAKKBKBAK    10-string 1                    MHHLLMHHMM
    3KBAKKBKBAB    10-string 2                    MHHLLMHHMM
    3KBAKBBBBB     10-string 3                    MHHLMHMMM
    Also from HNIC:
    Shadow Step - SC(lvl 3), 4+A+B+K (up to three times)
    Demon Scissors - at SC(lvl 3), this move becomes unblockable
    (((In-depth look at most useful moves)))
    Now these are the attacks that are note worthy, 
    and should be in your mind as you play as 
    Heihachi. Keep in mind, you're going to be using
    ALOT more Bs then As, as Heihachi's best attacks
    comes from B.
    command-range, damage
    1B  SM  15
    1K  L   15 
    2K  L   14
    3K  M   17
    Your basic Pokes to annoy your oppn. All these moves are faster
    then most moves, so you should use them to setup for your bigger
    6BBB - HHM 12-10-25
    This is one of your main Poke Strings. On CH, 
    all three hits will hit if the first one connects, 
    and just the first two are very good poking tools.
    2BB  - MM  20-34
    His 2B by itself has nice range, and again on CH, 
    the iron palm is just about guaranteed. Good Pressure
    3BB  - MM  16-30
    One of his main launchers, If the first hits, then
    the follow up is guaranteed. Great speed, okie range, 
    this is one of the best moves Heihachi has in close range.
    A+B is a good follow up after they are in the air.
    236B - M  54
    This Heihachi's DeathFist of DOOOOOOOOOOM@!!!!
    hehe, but really, this is Heihachi's powermove
    from standing, and it has great range, with or without
    the 236 dash. Next to a wall, it does about 70.
    Useful for those expecting a low after you 236/623.
    623B - M - 35
    His EWGF... THE launcher for it's range and damage.
    the CD by itself is pretty fast, and can be strung
    together for a WD, which covers alot of ground.
    After a EWGF, a 236B combos, which would bring the
    damage total to a little over 70 damage. Pretty 
    Safe on block, and ducks under some highs during CD.
    Great move.
    623K(and followups) M 20
    His long range low attack. Quick, and on CH it trips.
    After the CH, you can continue to have the rest of the
    string guaranteed, for example, 623KK5KK.
    Mixups with 623B and 236B.
    9KK ML  26-21
    There was some debate about this move in forums.
    Apperently, if you block the 9K upclose, you would not
    be able to block the low sweep followup. 
    After testing and testing... I have concluded that:
    Blocking 9K upclose would give ALOT of frame advantage...
    but you CAN still block the low if you buffer 2 while blocking
    the first hit. =P However, if you use it once in a while, 
    your oppn would not have time to react that quickly, giving
    you a free sweep.
    AAB_[B] HHM 13-22-25_[40]
    This is a okie string, but if you train your oppn to block
    the whole thing, you can charge up the last hit for a GB.
    Good for applying pressure while moving foward.
    66B M  40
    His move is his "power launcher", and you can follow up with
    236B. This move is basically for those GI happy fools, so
    you can charge up for a GB if you think a delay may throw them 
    A+B   M  40
    4A+B  M  40
    B+K   M  30
    Your "suprise" ground moves. All of these ROs, and on block
    it would put them in a huge guard stun. (looks around..+8frames)
    8W8_2 A   H  38 (horziontal from his right to left)
    8W9_3 A   HH 17-25 (horziontal from his right to left)
    The sidewalk moves you'll be using. 8_2 Knocks down(rings out pretty
    well), and 9_3 seems to give you advantage on block/hit.
    8W7_1 A M 26
    On hit, this will knock them slightly sideways, where you can go for
    things like a sidethrow. On CH, it'll spin-stun them. Look okie
    on block.
    I will only list combos that are practical, 
    as wiffing in juggles can mean losing your 
    groove, and may turn the tables around.
    Normal combos
    Note: After a counter hit WS B or 4K, you can follow up with 
    3BB and the juggles afterwards.
    Air combos
    CH 62[3]K
    -5K 2B
    -5K EWGF
    Wall combos
    TGF(623[B]), EWGF, or 3BB
    -3A(on 3BB, timing may be hard)
    General Strats
    Heihachi is a powerhouse, no doubt about it.
    However, in order to do damage, he needs to get
    in close, and without letting the oppn attack 
    to push him away. If he is kept out of his attack 
    range, it maybe hard for him to get back in if 
    your oppn has started to flow with attacks.
    Therefore, you need to learn how to get in close,
    and stay there.
    Getting inside the range
    Of his moves, these are the best ones that leave Heihachi
    safe while moving him forward.
    1K(WS B)
    236/623(just the dashes)
    With those moves, you should be able to get close enough to 
    pressure with 623623623 or so and into EWGFs, 3BBs, 6BB, and 
    his 623K hellsweeps. Also keep in mind if they start turtling
    you may want to do his AA[B] or just 4A+B GB on them. If they
    are close enough, after the GB, you can try to 623B or 236B.
    The only way they can dodge is by GI, but if you trained them
    correctly, they'll not have enough time to react. 
    The 623-repeat dashes are much very quick, and ducks unders 
    hi slashes if you do it fast enough. You can cancel it anytime
    into a GI, so you don't have to worry about big giant attacks
    pushing you back.
    Staying in Range
    A good Heihachi is one that would not let them have
    any room to breath. With moves like 6BB and 
    the CD mixups, you can keep inside and apply the pressure.
    With Heihachi's great wall combos, try to use 6BB and 3B to 
    push them towards it.
    After launching them into the air, consider the juggle ender.
    Is it going to push them out of range? or would it direct them
    near a wall so I can corner/RO them? So, instead of doing 236B
    in the open and push them so far away you may want to just do
    3A instead, depending on what launcher.
    Also, for those that just stay on the floor, don't push them
    too far away with 2~3 hell sweeps. One will do just fine, as
    they can block the second one if they don't get CHed trip, 
    they can GI the rest of the string.
    For those that likes to stand and block right after knocked down,
    you can get them with a low hit. 623K5KK is good, as well as
    using K2 once in a while. K2 has a slight delay, and he doesn't
    really look like he's going for a low attack. If they get CHed from
    it, they'll hold their foot in pain for a while, leaving them open
    for a quick attack like A+B.
    Also take note of 623KB (and 623KKB). Unlike in other tekken games, 
    Heihachi's uppercut comes out much faster, letting you have a good,
    short mixup from 623K. Just watch out if you decide to use the full
    string though, as at the end, it's easily GI-able, stopping your
    movement and flow.
    BBA+B(8_2) is a great way to circle around/confuse your oppn. If
    You do decide to spin though, make sure you don't do it too much.
    The lag after spinning seems to be in their favor... but if you
    do this in the middle of a rush, there may be a -slight- headlights
    effect, giving you time to attempt a throw.
    Anti Step/8W
    Moves that are good against step(and 8W)
    8W 8_2 A
    8W 8_2 K
    After GI:
    Delay hits
    Quick hits
    Hits that have weird/twitch animation that my bait a failed GI
    Ring out
    As we know, SCII's (standard) arena's are kinda big(cep egyptian one).
    However, once in a while, fights will get near the edges, and Heihachi
    definetly has the moves to take advantage of that.
    Knocks back Close range:
    623KB: The hellsweep to upper. This one ROs in front of Heihachi.
    EWGF: the standard juggle starter is something an oppn should fear.
          a simple EWGF A+B or 236B can well enough force them out of the
          Ring easily.
    1A: This move only ROs when reeeeaaaly near the edge. But it hits low
         so it may hit.
    4K: Hits high, a quick spinning kick. One of the simple, easy way to RO.
    Knock back Far range:
    8W 8_2 A: When your oppn's near the edge, they may panick and try to 8Way
        away from it. This is your chance to ring them out with your own 8way 
        attack! This think knocks back pretty far, and slightly to the left of
    236B: The far range, mid hitting death fist.
    TGF(623[B]): The good thing about this move is, it's pretty hard to air
        control after getting hit by it, as it's foward force is pretty good.
    Against WMM CPU(or, artificial ignorance)
    With Namco making yet another crappy AI, Heihachi kinda rips through
    everyone... esp in WMM. This section is going to be short, because 
    it doesn't take much to beat the WMM AI with heihachi.
    Start the round by wavedashing quickly towards... 
    Then hellsweep all the way, ending with tsunami kicks.
    More then likely, the computer would eat just about ALL
    of the hellsweeps. Repeat by 623K-ing them as they get up.
    If you are near a ledge, do 623KB instead. More then likely, 
    They'll be ringed out. If not, use moves like 3BB or EWGF, and
    8W 8_2 A.
    =P I went through WMM easily with this... even in chapter 4
    mission 3, all I had to do was run to the ledge, 8 way/BBA8_2 
    around them, and then do hellsweeps or 236B. Against Taki I did 
    a bunch of 3BBs and RO her with A+B afterwards.
    Well, this is as much as I have personally found out during
    matches against friends and in practice. Hopefully in the 
    next section, there'll be setups and such added.
    You can find me on Gfaqs as "The Wu 2003" or on 
    AIM as "Nyawu".
    Much Thanks to everyone who have told me stuff about SCII, 
    as well as how broken Stepguard was, and how GI is kinda next
    to useless."Except Asta."</zig>
    Thanks also goes to cjayc and Gamefaqs for hosting this faq.

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