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    Berserker by Skyrax

    Version: 0.2 | Updated: 08/23/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Soul Calibur 2 Berserker FAQ
    By Skyrax (skyrax@yahoo.com)
    0.2: Added info in Combo section, added extra notes in "Who is 
    Berserker?" section. Credits updated.
    0.1.5: Added Berserker Vortex moves, info on throw mixups.
    0.1: Initial draft
    1. Introduction
    2. Legend
    3. Move List
    4. Combo
    5. Frequently Asked Questions
    6. Credits/ Legal Info
    -Why write a Berserker FAQ?
    For one thing, Berserker's moveset is not documented in the game in any 
    modes. This, in addition to all the new stuff they've added over the 
    original Soul Calibur makes Berserker an awkward choice to use. 
    Hopefully this eases the transition.
    -Who is Berserker?
    Berserker is a new character added to the Japanese version of Soul 
    Calibur 2. He was playable in that version only through a code. He was 
    made playable normally in the US version. His lack of story, added to 
    the fact that he can only be used in versus and practice modes, 
    indicates that his presence is not SC2 canon (he has no voice, no 
    backstory and no ending).
    Berserker's moves are based directly off Rock's moveset, which is in 
    turn based off of Astaroth's, without some of the throws.
    And he's NOT Rock all gussied up in gladiator gear. Rock's whereabouts 
    are not mentioned in Soul Calibur 2, but it is highly unlikely that he 
    is Berserker. Berserker is too large, the weapon is not Rock's, and 
    even though Rock may have gone to Rome (as may be evidenced by his SC1 
    level), I doubt he was enamored enough to change his entire getup and 
    resort only to feral growls and hisses. This is not to say that Rock is 
    dead. If the Soul Calibur 1 ending is anything to go by, he's very much 
    alive. More than likely, however, Berserker is either another golem 
    made by Fygul Cestemus or another cult (unlikely), or simply a warrior 
    driven mad by a shard of the blade (this sounds more believeable). 
    Either way, I don't see Berserker's origins resulting in fights 
    breaking out.
    And on a side note, Berserker's weapon is named the Great Axe, which 
    coincidentally also was Rock's Ultimate Weapon in the original Soul 
    Blade. However, this might simply be a reference to the design of the 
    Axe, since Rock's Great Axe was markedly different.
    You see your numeric pad often indicated on right side of keyboard?  
    Well if you cannot see your number for some reason, here is another way 
    to know what I'm talking about.
    7 8 9		7 = up+back	      8 = up	9 = up+forward
    4 5 6		4 = back	      5 = neutral	6 = forward
    1 2 3		1 = down+back	2 = down	3 = down+forward
    A = Horizontal
    B = Vertical
    K = Kick
    G = Guard
    WC/FC = while crouching / fully crouched
    WR/WS = while rising / while standing
    8WR = 8-way Run
    + = simultaneous input (i.e. A+B, B+K)
    ~ = slide input (accompanied by small letters, a~B, b~B, a~K, etc.)
    ( ) = optional input
    [ ] = hold button
    * = can be delayed
    _ = OR (as in either this direction OR that direction).
    L = low attack
    M = mid attack
    H = high attack
    SM = special mid attack (can be blocked high or low)
    UB = unblockable attack
    GB = guard break
    GI = guard impact with types of attacks specified
    SCUB = unblockable upon full (blue) Soul Charge
    Crumple	after attack, enemy is falling to ground
    Collapse	after attack, enemy is instantly on ground
    Turn Away	after attack, enemy steps in another direction
    Launch	after attack, enemy is in air for generic juggles
    Airlift	after attack, enemy is in air, but little to no air time
    Bounce	after attack, enemy bounces off the ground and into the air
    Low Fall	after attack, enemy catches self near ground
    Knock Down	after attack, enemy falls in a certain way, direction specified
    Spin		after attack, enemy spins round, could be short or long
    Hop		after attack, enemy holds their foot in pain and falls down
    Notes: All of Berserker's grabs do 3 pts of damage when he touches 
    them. This is before he starts the actual throw, so instead of doing 60 
    pts of damage on his Berserker Slam, he does 63.
    Berserker can also grab twice before doing anything. This means he can 
    grab and change his mind on the throw to mess with the escape. For 
    example, if the opponent has been escaping his berserker slam, 
    Berserker can grab with A+G but change the throw to Berserker Crush.
    To change a throw, press A or B after A+G or B+G.
    If you press A+G, B, Berserker will perform his B+G throw instead.
    If you press A+G, A, Berserker will perform his A+G throw.
    If you press B+G, B, Berserker will perform his B+G throw.
    If you press B+G, A, Berserker will perform his A+G throw instead.
    You can also use this to mix up his crouching throw. If someone has 
    been learning to crouch under your grabs and double grabs, you can 
    surprise them.
    If you press A+G, 2A_2B, Berserker will perform a standing grab then a 
    crouching grab.
    If you press B+G, 2A_2B, Berserker will perform a standing grab then a 
    crouching grab.
    This does not work with his prone throws Get Up! and Berserker 
    A+G: Berserker Slam
    Escape: A when the throw connects
    -Berserker lifts the opponent up with one hand, and then slams them 
    HARD. This throw can ring out.
    Not much to say about this, it's a throw. Use it when you want to set 
    your opponent up for mind games, or if you want to ring them out.  
    B+G: Berserker Crush
    Escape: B when the throw connects
    -Berserker headbutts the opponent, forcing them to lie on the ground. 
    He then readies himself and jumps on the opponent, landing in a sitting 
    This throw does the same damage as the Berserker Slam, and doesn't ring 
    out. It also makes Berserker switch sides with his opponent, which can 
    be a good thing or a bad thing depending on where you are. You don't 
    want to end up with your back against the ring edge.
    214B+G: Berserker Vortex 
    Escape: B when the throw connects
    -Berserker grabs the opponent with one hand, and tosses them straight 
    up. The throw can not be Air Controlled out of. This is a multipart 
    throw, and can be followed by the next move.
    (after Berserker Vortex)8_2A+B: Batter Up
    -Berserker rears back and performs a powerful horizontal strike. This 
    hit can ring out.
    By itself, Berserker Vortex is very similar to, if not identical to, 
    Astaroth's B+G4. It doesn't do a whole lot of damage, and since 
    Berserker doesn't have any midair grabs it may seem useless. This is 
    not true. Vortex allows for some pretty decent combos, and the Batter 
    Up hit is good for ringing out, as mentioned before. But don't rely on 
    it for pure damage alone, or you'll be fighting a losing battle. Use it 
    to mess further with your opponent's game by comboing it off your 
    standing A, then adding a decent ender like 8WR 2_8B. Don't overdo it 
    3A+G: Berserker Driver
    -Berserker grabs his opponent by the waist and piledrives them into the 
    dirt. This throw hits mid, and will ONLY catch a CROUCHING opponent.
    It only catches a croucher. If you use Berserker's throws to 
    essentially force your opponent to crouch in anticipation, then use 
    this once in a while. Or if the opponent whiffs a move that leaves them 
    crouching. Don't expect to be abusing this a lot.
    2A+G_B+G: Berserker Dynamite
    Escape: B to escape 2A+G, A to escape 2B+G.  The escape MUST be 
    executed at the start of the throw.
    -Berserker grabs an opponent's leg and slams them twice into the 
    ground, then swings them into the air, and upon landing they take 
    damage. This move, despite how it looks, will not ring out.
    It does good damage, and has some pretty good moves it can come after. 
    The opponent doesn't technically have to be lying fully on the floor. 
    Berserker can nab them a slight inch or so above it. Strange.
    Left Side throw: Berserk Fling
    Escape: depends on buttons used for throw. Must be done just before 
    throw starts.
    -Berserker digs his horns into his foe, and then rears up, tossing them 
    over his head. This move will ring out if Berserker's back is close 
    enough to the ring edge.
    If you're good enough to expose your opponent's side and forget a combo 
    to pull off, the grab is as good as any.
    Right Side Throw: Axe Slam
    Escape: depends on buttons used for throw. Must be done just before 
    throw starts.
    -Berserker grabs his opponent with one hand, and slams them into the 
    flat broad part of his axehead. He then lifts them up and throws them 
    to the floor. The throw can ring out if Berserker is close enough to 
    the edge.
    Ditto this throw. Good damage, but Berserker has problems getting the 
    opponent to show their side due to his bulk.
    Rear Throw: Maximum Berserker
    Escape: depends on buttons used for throw. Must be done just before 
    throw starts. Can only be escaped by Voldo and Astaroth.
    -Berserker grabs the opponent in a vicious stranglehold. He lifts them 
    up and performs a body drop.
    If you get the chance to do this, good. A few combos can leave the 
    opponent's back open, or if they whiff a move (Cervantes 4B+K is one).
    2A: Get Up!
    Escape: Inescapable
    Note: Only works when opponent is prone.
    -Berserker kneels and forces a prone opponent to get up by lifting them 
    to their feet with his blade. 
    If you want to be merciful and just pick them up, I suppose this will 
    suffice. It doesn't leave any room for any decent combos though.
    A: Single Slash
    Property: H
    Note: Hold A to delay motion and add weight to swing.
    --Berserker swings his axe to the left.
    A bread and butter move. It's simple yet effective. Good for chipping 
    away at the opponent while you choose to follow up with any of his 
    options, like AB or A~214B+G.
    A~214B+G: Slash to Berserker Vortex
    Property, H,H
    Note: First hit can be delayed by holding A. Second motion can be done 
    at any time until first hit fully connects. See Berserker Vortex for 
    -Berserker swings his axe to the left then suddenly reaches out and 
    grabs the opponent.
    This move is useful for creating a surprise opportunity for a 
    devastating combo or messing with the flow of an opponent. Since the 
    grab motion can be delayed somewhat by execution, you can catch enemies 
    off guard with careful use.
    A,A_[A]: Double Slash
    Property: H,H
    Note: Both commands can be held for a Maximum Delay. If you give both 
    commands maximum delay, then the property changes to H, UH.  Second hit 
    switches to Attack Throw on max charge and switches side with 
    -Berserker performs two side-to-side swings.
    The swings naturally combo, but they both hit high. Good for punishing 
    sidesteppers, rather weak however.
    A,B: Cannon Swing
    Command: A,B
    Property: H,M
    Note: Hold the A Button to delay the motion of the first attack.  The
    second hit staggers blocking foes.  The second hit may gut stun on
    -Berserker performs a horizontal axe swing followed by a stab.
    This is also a natural combo. If you're stuck in a clutch situation, 
    this simple combo can create the breathing room you need. Use it a lot.
    A,B,B: Cannon Thrust
    Property: H,M,M
    Note: Hold A to delay first hit.
    -Berserker performs a horizontal swing followed by two axe stabs.
    Only the first two hits naturally combo. The last stab does not and 
    will not, even on counterhit.  It can be easily stepped and air 
    controlled out of. So stick with the first two.
    6A,B: Crater Grip
    Properties: H,M
    Note: You can hold the B Button to delay the motion and increase the
    Second Hit's weight.  Second hit staggers blocking foes.  Second hit
    may or may not start juggling combos.
    -Berserker does an Axe Butt into an Axe Uppercut.  
    Not one of the more effective moves because the first hit doesn't have 
    good range. Yet it can combo on counterhit and it launches. Sadly not 
    high enough for a move like 8WR 2_8B.
    66A: Scythe Tap
    Property: M
    -Berserker performs a swing at the opponent's ribcage.
    This move, by itself, is not that great. The arc at which he swings it 
    will ensure that you tag anyone sidestepping to Berserker's right, but 
    it doesn't combo well and it's not exceptionally strong. On a 
    counterhit it causes crumple stun, which has its uses...
    66[A],B: Tornado Spike
    Properties: M,M
    Note: Second hit will Guard Break. If first hit is CH, second hit is 
    --Berserker performs a horizontal swing and then a crushing overhead 
    The second hit can Guard Break, but even if the opponent is hit 
    normally by the first swing they can GI the second move. However if you 
    catch them in a counter, the second hit is GUARANTEED. This is one of 
    the moves that, when used at the right time, can turn the tide of a 
    match and severely mess up your opponent's game. Newbies often quake in 
    their boots at the sight of this move, but experienced players know how 
    to get around it, so be careful.
    3A: Typhoon
    Property: H
    Note: Hold A to delay and add weight. At max delay becomes UB H.
    -Berserker turns sideways slightly and charges up, then releases a 
    massive sideways swing.
    It is hard to catch almost anyone with this move if you charge it. The 
    basic uncharged version can be used a quick surprise move to catch 
    someone off guard, or simply force them to block giving you time to 
    reorient yourself. DO NOT abuse this move.
    2A: Horizon (A Shin Slash)
    Property: L
    Note: Recovers crouching.
    -Berserker slashes at the opponent's feet.
    A weak low slash. It's useful for poking your opponent and forcing them 
    to try and rush you, allowing you to counter accordingly.
    1A: Cyclone
    Property: L
    Note: will trip opponent.
    -Berserker crouches low and spins round, axe outstretched.
    This move has surprisingly good range, and covers a 360 degree arc. If 
    opponents see it coming they can block, but it makes a good soace-maker 
    if you need it.
    1[A], A: Double Cyclone
    Property: L,L
    Note: will trip opponent.
    -Berserker crouches low and spins round twice, axe outstretched.
    It takes a while to charge up, but if the first hit connects the second 
    one is guaranteed, counter or no. Use it if you see the opening for it, 
    otherwise don't bother.
    1[A], B: Cyclone Smash
    Property: L,M
    Note: First hit trips. Even if first hit connects, second can be 
    -Berserker crouches low and spins round, axe outstretched, and then 
    performs a crushing overhead blow.
    Pointless. The second hit is similar to his 66[A],B except it does less 
    damage and doesn't Guard Break. And worse, it will never connect on 
    anyone who knows how to block, even on counter. Stick with A,A.
    4A: Reverse Break Axe
    Property: H
    Note: Side-lunge Knockdown
    -Berserker performs a horizontal slash to the opponent's chest.
    It knocks down if you need it, but there are so many other options to 
    do that. Don't bother.
    4[A]: Switch Axe
    Property: H
    Note Attack Throw. Will switch sides with Berserker.
    -Berserker performs a horizontal slash to the opponent's chest. Upon 
    connecting, Berserker uses momentum to drag opponent to other side.
    If you wish to switch sides, then do this. It's not the greatest of 
    moves, but it has its advantages, and since Berserker doesn't have B+K 
    like Astaroth does, it's his only method, save throwing.
    44A: Tomahawk
    Property: H
    Note: will cause opponent to spin.
    -Berserker charges up for a moment then performs a wide slash.
    It hss good range to tag sidesteppers. It causes a spin but doesn't 
    allow any time for any guaranteed follow-ups, which means you'll both 
    be back where you started.
    44[A]: Tomahawk Spin
    Property: H
    Note will cause opponent to spin multiple times.
    -Berserker charges even longer, and swings with more gusto.
    It does more damage and gives more spins. But you still can't get 
    anything really worthwhile off it, except maybe 66B if your opponent 
    doesn't react fast enough.
    214A~214B+G: Spiral to Berserker Vortex
    Property: M,H
    Note: Can only be done up to and during first hit of Spiral. See 
    Berserker Vortex for followup.
    -Berserker rears back and lets loose with a spinning attack, before 
    stopping and grabbing the opponent.
    If you use this, be careful to follow it up with something for all that 
    hard work. It's a decent mixup if alternated with 214AAAA, as the grab 
    hits high, and the AAA series hits mid. However, simply doing the moves 
    by themselves net little damage, so follow it up!
    214A,A,A,A: Spiral
    Property: M,M,M,M
    Note: Enables free movement in all 8WR directions while Berserker 
    -Berserker rears back and then lets loose with multiple spinning 
    You can alter his trajectory the instant you complete the motion and 
    before he starts swinging. You can also mix it up with his Berserker 
    Vortex for fun. However do not abuse the move. It's all too easy for an 
    opponent to simply block high and then escape the grab. It's no 
    Poseidon Tide, so don't expect any fancy damage from the move. 
    [G]7_8_9 L+A: Shin Slicer
    Command: [G]+u L+A
    Property: L
    -Berserker jumps, does nothing and then lands and performs a low shin 
    Good to avoid a low attack with style and counter with one of your own.
    7_8_9A: Decapitator
    Property: H
    Note: Staggers blocking foes
    -Berserker jumps and performs a wide swing to the left.
    Good to create space. Not recommended as a counter for low attacks 
    because more often than not the opponent would be crouching too. But if 
    you can do both, then cool.
    WS A: Reverse Spiral Axe
    Property: H
    Note: Staggers blocking foes and chest stuns foes on counterhits.
    A quick turnaround axe swing.
    If you duck under a high attack, you can use this to counter with 
    authority. Don't try to do this move just for doing it: it hits high, 
    so if an opponent crouched in anticipation of a low attack they're safe 
    and can counter while you whiff the attack. It is good for tagging 
    sidesteppers, as the actual move is quite fast.
    B: Overhead Smash
    Property: M
    Note: Hold B to delay motion and add weight. Guard Break on SC.
    -Berserker performs a standing overhead downward swing with his axe.
    Basic swing. Bread and butter move, good for poking.
    B,A: Berserk Steer 1
    Property: M,M
    Note: The B Button Command can be held to delay the attack and to
    increase the weight of the move.  Second hit side-staggers blocking
    -Berserker does an overhead slash, and then pulls the opponent to the 
    right side with a horizontal slash.
    It naturally combos, and if you alternate it with his other Berserk 
    Steer you can use it to position your opponent as you wish.
    B,2A: Berserk Steer 2
    Property: M,M
    Note: Follow the same principle as with Berserk Steer 1.
    Same thing as with Berserk Steer Number 1, but steers to the left side.
    Use it for positioning and quick comboing.
    B,B: Double Threat
    Property: M,M
    -Berserker does an overhead swing into a stab with his axe.
    It doesn't quite combo but it works more often than it should. It does 
    a little more damage than the Berserk Steer, but I honestly wouldn't 
    use this move over that one.
    B,B,B: Triple Threat
    Property: M,M,M
    Note: cannot be delayed.
    -Berserker does an overhead swing into two forward stabs with his axe.
    Pointless. It doesn't combo, even on counter. Good if you want to 
    pressure a blocking opponent and force them to GI, allowing a mixup.
    B6: Berserker Grip
    Properties: M
    Note: Hold the B Button to increase the weight of the attack with a
    Motion Delay.  Staggers blocking foes.
    -Berserker hits the opponent with the butt of his axe.
    It's quick, and its range is very close range. Use it to punish someone 
    who tries to remain in your face all the time. 
    6B: Axe Side Cannon
    Property: M
    Note: Gut stun on counterhits and staggers blocking foes.
    -Berserker stabs the opponent in the gut with his axe.
    Good surprise move. Use sparingly, because like all vertical moves it 
    can be sidestepped.
    66B: Gravity Crash
    Property: H
    Note: Staggers blocking foes. WARNING: FOES CAN CROUCH UNDERNEATH
    THIS MOVE! Guard Break on SC.
    -Berserker slides forward with his axe perpendicular to the ground to 
    his with the blade.
    This is one of Berserker's all round best moves. Even though it hits 
    high, it combos so well off of juggles and stuns, and comes out so damn 
    quickly you would be a fool not to use it. In any situation where you 
    gain a sudden advantage and don't know what to do, do this move. You 
    could do SO much worse than this one.
    3B: Axe Volcano
    Property: M
    Note: Hold B to motion delay and increase attack's weight. If you 
    slight delay this move, then it will stagger blocking foes. On max 
    delay turns to UB M. Press G to cancel if being delayed.
    It's hard to get anyone with the charged version, but if you do it 
    launches high enough for a quick juggle. The basic version is a good 
    move to pressure the opponent out of the ring.
    2B: Mountain Crusher
    Property: SM
    Note: You can hold the B Button to delay the motion of the attack and
    to increase the weight of the attack.  UB M on SC. Recovers crouching.
    -Berserker performs a crouching overhead slash.
    This move is useful for punishing rising opponents or for faking out 
    people who GI in anticipation of 3B. Otherwise, its close range and 
    slow execution make it a risky choice in short range battle.
    1B: Hill Crush
    Property: L
    Note: Recovers Crouching. Knocks opponent face down.
    -Berserker stabs deep and low.
    It is a good move to toss out once in a while, or to stop people to try 
    to rush at you and slide kick you. It's unorthodox hit properties make 
    it hard to use all the time. Can also ring out.
    4B: Lion Fang
    Property: M
    Note: You can hold the B Button to delay the motion of the attack
    and increase the weight for even more damage.  Motion delay version
    staggers blocking foes.
    -Berserker steps forward and performs a combination foot stomp and 
    I thought it useless at first, but the Lion Fang as very good close 
    range potential. It instantly grounds opponents, giving the upper hand 
    and it even has quite a few combo follow-ups. Nice.
    44B: Berserk Hammer
    Property: M
    Note: Staggers blocking foes. 
    -Berserker holds his axe as high as he can and then slams it down.
    Surprisingly good range, but can be sidestepped with ease. Don't use it 
    unless you're trying to show off.
    44B, 2_8K: Hammer to Runabout
    Property: M, M
    Note: Cannot be performed off delayed version.
    -Berserker raises his axe as high as he can, slams it down, and then 
    runs about in a circle.
    If you miss with the first hit, this second hit allows you to push the 
    opponent back. Or run all over them. Either is good.
    44[B]: Berserk Crasher
    Property: UB M
    Note: Can be cancelled at any time before max by pressing G.
    Unless you're showing off, don't. Use the cancel to fake out opponents. 
    Don't risk whiffing.
    [G]7_8_9, L+B: Hill Splitter
    Property: M
    Note: Recovers crouching and staggers blocking foes.
    -A delayed leaping overhead crash.
    Good for avoiding low attacks in style. Also a decent fakeout. But 
    merely average.
    7_8B: Hill Chop
    Command: u+B
    Property: M
    Note: Staggers blocking foes
    -A faster leaping Siamese cut.
    Like it says, merely faster. Good to vary your game, but don't rely on 
    it to win.
    9B_[B]: Power Crash
    Property: M
    Note: Hold B for delay and greater power. On max delay, Guard Break 
    -Berserker takes a GIANT leap forward and crashes down with his axe.
    This move is good for avoiding attacks that would be troublesome 
    otherwise (like Ivy's Serpent Embrace A+B when you're against a wall), 
    but don't waste your time otherwise. It has noticeable startup, doesn't 
    track, and it easily avoided by sidestepping and blocking .Cervantes 
    can counter with B2, Astaroth can grab you, as can Ivy. Yoshi can 236B 
    and beat you, as can Seung Mina with 9B+K. Astaroth and Berserker can 
    even counter it with 6B+K. So, don't. Even as a Guard Break it doesn't 
    offer much of an opportunity to follow it up.
    WS B: Coliseum Demolition
    Property: M
    Note: Staggers blocking foes.
    -Berserker jabs straight up with his axe while rising.
    Can be sidestepped. No real advantage to this move, as opposed to WS A 
    or even FC B.
    K: Sole Butt
    Property: H
    Note: Hold the K button to delay the motion of the move and to increase 
    the weight of the attack. On max delay, pushback knockdown.
    -Berserker performs a high forward kick.
    AS mentioned before, if you charge it it will knock the opponent down 
    and send them sliding. It is not an Attack Throw like Astaroth's. Use 
    it sparingly, like when you need to create space.
    K~B: Kneel Kick
    Property: M
    Note: Staggers blocking foes.
    -Berserker performs a side flip, hitting with his knee.
    This move is decent. It can also hit grounded opponents, and can 
    sometimes track sidestepping opponents. Not worth the risk considering 
    how you end up and the little damage it does. It can sometimes be used 
    as a followup to 3B, but then again, there are other moves...
    6K: Kneecap Butt
    Property: M
    Note: Shove Knockdown on counterhits.
    -Berserker hops forward and smacks the opponent in the chest with his 
    This move launches on counterhit. And since Berserker doesn't have an 
    air throw, you'll have to decide how best to follow up. It can ring out 
    if you're very close to the edge.
    66_[6]K: Shoulder Tackle
    Property: M
    Note: Hold the K button to delay the motion and to increase the weight 
    of the move! You can also execute this move via WC 3K.  The alternate 
    version will stagger when blocked. At close range, move will knock 
    opponent straight up to face facedown head towards Berserker.
    -Berserker performs a low football-style tackle.
    At a distance, this move will knock the opponent backwards, allowing 
    you to ring out fairly well. When fully charged, at close range the 
    opponent shoots up and falls behind Berserker. If you're deft(not 
    daft!) enough, you can follow up with some good combos. It can be 
    sidestepped once the move has started, but otherwise Berserker can 
    track fairly well. A good move, but like I always say, don't rely on 
    3K: Shot Kick
    Properties: M
    Note: Hold K to delay and increase damage.
    -Berserker performs a straight kick.
    BY itself, it's a simple kick. It hits mid, which is good, but it is 
    otherwise useless. Berserker's kicks are not his strength: don't go toe 
    to toe using kicks. You'll lose. Badly.
    3K,A: Kicking Vortex
    Properties: M,H
    Note: If A is delayed, move changes from H to M.
    -Berserker performs a kick into a turnaround whack horizontal smash 
    that sends the opponent flying to the left of Berserker.
    If You use this move a lot in your strategy, be sure to try and charge 
    it from time to time. It not only messes up your opponent's timing, it 
    forces them to play a guessing game. Also, the second hit can be used 
    to position your opponent close to ring edges.
    2K: Lion Kick
    Property: L
    Note: Recovers crouching
    -Berserker crouches and kicks his opponent's ankle.
    This move is a weak low that has less range than his FC A. It is quick, 
    and I suppose if you want to give him a decent all-around workout then 
    use it. But this isn't aerobics, it's a fight, so don't.
    1K: Horizontal Clip
    Property: L
    Note: Recovers Crouching
    -Berserker performs a sweep kick. Will not hit opponents lying on the 
    This movies decent for hitting close range sidesteppers, but even on 
    counterhit it doesn't knock down. It's more annoying than anything 
    else. But that doesn't make it a good move.
    44_[4]K: Stomp Kick
    Property: M
    Note: Staggers when blocked. 
    -Berserker takes a step forward and stomps the ground with his right 
    Use to pressure your opponent if they block, or hit a grounded 
    opponent. But there are always better options when moving back, like 
    44A or a G-cancelled 44[B] for playing games.
    [G]7_8_9~N K: Shin Buster Kick
    Property: L
    Note: Knockdown on hit.
    -Berserker performs a delayed low kick.
    Good Lord, why bother? The only thing it has going for it is knockdown. 
    However, when you consider the pithy range of the move, it means you 
    have to get UP close. And unless you are MIGHTY sure of yourself and 
    your skills, you don't want to be doing this. Avoid. Please avoid.
    7_8_9 K: Gut Buster Sole Butt
    Property: M
    -Berserker hops and kicks the opponent's chest.
    Whee. A hopping kick. Waste of a move. Doesn't track. Very vulnerable 
    if blocked. Next.
    WS K: Round Kick
    Property: M
    Note: Staggers blocking foe.
    -Berserker performs a kick that looks high but hits mid.
    It's a deceptive move in that it looks high but hits mid, and it can 
    track as it's a spinning move. It also has a decent followup.
    WS K,A: Round Vortex
    Properties: M,L
    Note: Both hits staggers blocking foes.
    -Berserker performs a deceptive kick and then a low spin slash that 
    knocks the opponent off their feet.
    This move is not a natural combo, but at close range most opponent's 
    won't think to block high then low, meaning you at least get one hit 
    off usually. If they do block both, however, then don't use it again. 
    Unless you know it won't be GI'ed. Then use it sparingly for pressure 
    A+B_9A+B: Storm Gust
    Property: M
    Note: Staggers blocking foes. A+B swings opponents to Berserker's 
    right, 9A+B to the left. At max range, axe knocks down opponent.
    -Berserker swings his axe in a wide horizontal arc. 
    If the shaft of Berserker's axe hits the opponent, they will be stunned 
    but remain standing. If they are hit by the blade of the axe, however, 
    they will be sent flying in the direction the axe was swung. This makes 
    an excellent opener as it immediately knocks the opponent down or 
    forces them to go on the defensive. Use the alternate motions to 
    position your opponent. And yes, it does ring out.
    3A+B: Axe Tossup
    Property: M
    Note: Hold A+B to delay motion and increase weight. At max, move knocks 
    opponent over and behind Berserker. Guard Break at max delay with SC.
    -Berserker holds his axe parallel to the ground and pushes up and 
    forward with the hilt.
    This move has lost the Attack Throw properties that Astaroth's had, and 
    since he has no air throw, it limits his options after the move 
    connects. It's alright to toss this out when you're against the edge, 
    because on counter it will send them over Berserker's head and out of 
    the ring. It also has a few follow ups for the quick of mind.
    4A+B: Tidal Wave
    Property: M
    Note: Guard Break with SC.
    -Berserker takes a step forward and performs a crushing hug.
    This move also has no Attack Throw properties. It is useful though: it 
    knocks the opponent down, can ring out and has a good followup.
    4A+B,K: Tidal Crash
    Property: M,M
    Note: Hold K to delay motion. See Shoulder Tackle for more info.
    -Berserker performs a hug and then a Shoulder Tackle.
    In one seamless combo, Berserker dominates in pushback. I'm not saying 
    this move is a whoreable move or it's a godlike one, but regardless of 
    whether it's a counter or not, you will be able to hit with both hits 
    assuming the opponent is not jumping. It also has crazy ringout 
    potential. And all Shoulder Tackle advantages apply, such as the 
    launching and whatnot. However, that assumes the first hit is blocked 
    and the second isn't. A good move for Berserker, and Astaroth doesn't 
    have it!
    2A+K: Foot Sweep
    Property: L
    Note: This version knocks down and can hit grounded opponents.
    -Berserker performs a foot sweep with his left foot. This move looks 
    like Horizontal Clip in reverse.
    This is a very deceptive move. It looks like a Horizontal Clip in 
    reverse, but does everything the Horizontal should have done. If you're 
    into foot sweeps, then this is pretty much your only option. Use it 
    6B+K: Flying Press
    Property: H
    Note: Hold B+K to delay motion and increase weight. Can GI. 
    -Berserker jumps forward and attacks opponents by bodyslamming them.
    This move will GI any vertical that comes in contact with Berserker's 
    chest while it glows purple. This includes stabbing moves, but not 
    unblockables. On max charge, it has some nice followup moves as it 
    knocks the opponent down but Berserker recovers faster. Use carefully. 
    If blocked it takes a while to recover. It can also ringout, but don't 
    be too close so you don't accidentally fall out yourself.
    236B+K: Ultimate Cannon
    Property: UB M
    Note: During the motion, press G to cancel the move.  
    -Berserker rears back and performs a massive fire-charged uppercut.
    If you G-cancel it, you can create some opportunities. If you actually 
    get it to connect, then it has some awesome follow-ups that will pretty 
    much guarantee victory, or at least a large lead. It can ring out. 
    However, it's hideously slow, and it's vertical. Use at your own risk.
    BT B+K: Back Side Grip
    Property: M
    Note: Gut stun on counterhit.
    -With his back turned, Berserker performs a stab to his rear with the 
    butt of his axe.
    If you're adept at creating situations where you can use this, then use 
    it carefully. Otherwise don't bother. 6B on counterhit does the same 
    thing, remember?
    Eight Way Run Moves are stronger versions of some of the Normal Moves 
    that Berserker can use.  There are also some moves that Berserker can 
    only execute during an Eight-Way Run.  Please be aware that some of the 
    Eight-Way Run Moves can be more harmful than helpful if you are not 
    careful with them. While Eight-Way Running, you are not restricted to 
    run in one direction.
    8WR 6A: Axe Shot
    Properties: M
    Same thing as non-8WR version.
    8WR 6[A],B: Tornado Spike
    Properties: M,M
    Note: Both hits staggers blocking foes
    Same thing as with the original version of the move. Be careful.
    8WR 2_8A,A: Hunting Roar
    Properties: M,M
    Note: Second hit staggers blocking foes
    -Berserker holds his axe close to his waist and spins round twice.
    A good move if you're afraid of a stepping opponent. It covers his 
    whole body. However it's not the greatest move in terms of range, 
    damage or comboability.
    8WR 1_7A: Cyclone
    Properties: L
    Note: To execute the delayed version of this move, 8WR [1+A].
    Same as the original version of the move.
    8WR 4A: Tomahawk
    Properties: H
    Note: If you hold the aforesaid command, then you can delay the
    motion of this move to increase the weight of the attack for more
    Same as with the original version of this move.
    8WR 6B: Gravity Crasher
    Properties: H
    Note: Staggers blocking foes.
    Same as the original version of this move. When in doubt, use it if you 
    see an opponent whiff a move.
    8WR 3_9B: Axe Volcano
    Properties: M
    Note: Delay by holding the B Button. At max delay, move becomes UB M.
    Same as with the original version of this move.
    8WR 2_8B: Hunting Breaker Wave
    Properties: M
    Note: Lift staggers blocking foes. Guard Break on SC.
    -Berserker performs an all-out uppercut that knocks opponent really 
    high into the air.
    This move is an awesome move. It has great range,and it works well in 
    several combo situations. However, by itself, it can sidestepped, and 
    it is very VERY hard to follow up with any combo without using walls.
    8WR 4B: Berserk Hammer
    Properties: M
    Note: Delay by holding the B Button. At max delay, move becomes UB M.
    Same as with the original version of this move.
    8WR 4B, 2_8K: Hammer to Runabout
    Properties: M
    Same as with the original version of this move.
    8WR 1_7 B: Discus Slam
    Property: M
    Note: Hold B to delay motion for more weight. UB M on SC.
    -Berserker swings his axe over his head and lets it hit the ground at 
    an angle.
    This move has a weird trajectory. It tends to miss opponents right in 
    front of you, so aim to connect with where the head of the axe will 
    strike, not the shaft. It's an alright move to use, as it will more 
    often than not hit a sidestepping opponent. But as with all 8WR moves 
    don't abuse it.
    8WR 1_7 B, K: Slam to Runabout
    Property: M,M
    Note: Hold B to delay motion for more weight. UB M on SC. Second hit 
    staggers on block.
    -Berserker swings his axe over his head and lets it hit the ground at 
    an angle, then runs around in a circle.
    This set allows you to punish sidesteppers who get in your face. 
    However, due to the 8WR startup, it may miss if the opponent senses it 
    8WR 3_9K: Shoulder Tackle
    Properties: M
    Note: The move can be delayed for an increase of weight and damage like
    the original version of this move.
    Same as the original version of this move. Remember, it can be 
    sidestepped (even though it rarely is).
    8WR 2_8K: Hunting Quake
    Properties: M
    Note: Hold K to delay motion and increase
    weight of the attack. 
    -Berserker flips his axe upside down and puts his foot on it before 
    stomping the ground.
    By itself, useless. Looks cool but useless. However, there are certain 
    combos where this move is guaranteed, and it is only in those 
    situations that you should use it.
    8WR 4K: Berserker Stomp
    Properties: M
    Same as with the original version of this move.
    8WR 2_8A+B: Axe Hurricane
    Properties: H
    Note: If you hold the command following the 8WR, you can delay the 
    motion and increase the weight swing.  At max delay the move becomes UB 
    M. 2A+B knocks opponents to the right, 8A+B knocks opponent to the 
    Same as with the original version of the Axe Hurricane.
    8WR 6B+K: Berserker Press
    Property: H
    Note: Hold B+K to delay and increase weight and damage.
    Same as with the original.
    Berserker does not have any stances.
    First things first: Berserker is not Astaroth. Just as you would not 
    play Yoshimitsu like Mitsurugi, Kilik like Seung Mina and Assassin like 
    Yunsung, Berserker's style of play is not a simple style of mix and 
    For one things he lacks a lot of move properties of Astaroth. Most 
    noticeably his 214A. He doesn't have the same properties on his [A], 
    [K], 4[A+B] and countless others. He lacks the countless throw mixups 
    of Astaroth. He has no air throw. Certain other moves like 3B+K are 
    Berserker, as a result, relies a lot more on combos and guarantees than 
    anything else. He has to struggle with the spacing issues that Astaroth 
    has, but is also handicapped by the lack of good reliable moves. And he 
    is a freakin' big target. Bigger than Astaroth, effective sidestepping 
    is not one of Berserker's strong suits. 
    He is quite strong though, and I would say a little stronger than 
    Astaroth overall, especially in the throws department. For what little 
    throws he has, he does good damage.
    To use Berserker, you have to do away with most of his moves and focus 
    on a core set of moves. Everyone plays differently, but I would 
    recommend using: 
    44B, 2_8K
    FC 3K
    8WR 2_8B
    AB is one of Berserker's bread-and-butter combos. It's basically 
    guaranteed if the move connects.  It doesn't do a lot of damage and it 
    hits high, but it's reliable and quite fast.
    66B and 4B are among Berserker's fastest moves. 66B has greater forward 
    range, and 4B keeps opponents close to Berserker for a kick followup. 
    Remember that 66B hits high, so if you just throw this out, you stand 
    the chance of catching a crouching attack or a devious juggle move like 
    Ivy's FC 1B.
    66[A]B is an excellent move assuming the move connects on a counterhit. 
    It does incredible damage, often enough to cause the opponent to quake 
    in fear and lock up. By itself, however, 66[A]B is GI fodder. Even if 
    the first hit connects, the second hit can be GI'ed with exceptional 
    ease. Depending on your GI skills, this may not be a bad thing, but it 
    can mess up the flow of your game. On a blocking opponent, the Guard 
    Break allows you follow up with a 66B if you're within range.
    214AAAA is basically a spacing tool. Since Berserker is capable of full 
    8WR motion during the move, he can use it to retreat or move to a safer 
    part of the arena (if you're trapped against a wall or somesuch). You 
    can stop the move at any time, or even go fro a 214AAAA into another 
    214A to frustrate your opponent. Beware, you can be hit by low moves 
    like slide kicks or Voldo's Caliostro Rush A+B.
    A~214B+G and 214A~214B+G are alternates to his AB or 214AAA attacks. BY 
    varying or delaying the timing of the throw cancel, you can avoid 
    potential GI's. If you use the followup aerial smash, do it only to 
    ring out. There are more devastating follow-ups to this throw, detailed 
    in the Combo section. Be careful of someone who is adept at escaping 
    4A+B, K is an excellent surprise maneuver. It's actually quite fast, 
    and at close range can beat out many attacks. The K followup is best 
    used uncharged.
    44B, 2_8K is used to lull your opponent into a false sense of security. 
    You have to basically pretend to miss with the 44B. As the opponent 
    tries to counter, you flatten them with the K. Remember, this is a 
    surprise tool, so if you abuse it you kill any use of the move.
    1A is used to catch sidesteppers and control spacing. If you want to 
    and if you're sure of your timing, you can charge it, after which point 
    use the A followup ONLY. The B followup will never connect against any 
    opponent with adaptive skills.
    2A+K is another good move for in close game. It trips the opponent, 
    allowing for a quick 4B if you're lucky. Either way, it forces the 
    opponent to scramble to his feet, allowing you to pull back if you need 
    FC 3K is another good surprise move, and works beautifully for ringing 
    out. If you duck an attack and you're quick enough, a FC 3K will take 
    them down. Fast.
    8WR 2_8B is good for countering verticals or when you step an attack. 
    It has good range, but is not a super abuseable move. Followups after 
    this attack are very hard to pull off.
    As far as WS moves go, I recommend using WS A. If you get WS K on 
    counterhit, you may try for the full combo. But WS A is quite fast and 
    has good tracking.
    If you absolutely must use a jumping move, then use 7_8_9A. 9B is 
    easily telegraphed, as awkward range, and be GI'ed and sidestepped 
    Perform 214B+G, then either:
    -8WR 2_8B for 90 points of damage, or
    -4[B] for 86 points.
    Perform a fully charged [A], then:
    -8WR 2_8B, then 66B for 119 points. Note that the combo can be 
    unreliable on a deep or a shallow hit. You can also try
    -4A+B,[K] for 101 points of damage. AS before, , it can be unreliable 
    on a shallow initial hit. You can also try following the [A] by
    -dashing up, 2A+G_B+G for 85 points of damage. As the throw is a 
    Berserker Dynamite, be warned that your opponent can escape throw.
    Also try:
    -8WR 2_8B for 69 points of damage. It's simpler than the first combo, 
    though does less damage.
    From a fully charged 4[A] from the opponent's back:
    -6K, 2A+G_B+G for 114 points of damage. As before, your opponent can 
    escape the throw. For a little less damage or simply to mess with 
    timing, try
    -dashing forward, 3A+G_B+G before they recover for 101 points of 
    damage. Your opponent can escape the throw. For more simple follow-ups, 
    -66B for 83 points,
    -66K for 64 points, or
    -4B (uncharged) for 60 points.
    Off a CH B6K, follow up with
    -2A+G_B+G for 103 points of damage. Be wary of an escape attempt from 
    the throw. You can also try
    -66B for 81 points, or
    -66K for 69 points. This particular combo is suited for ring outs.
    After a successful CH 6B, try 
    -8WR 2_8K, 8WR step to the right, then B for 123 points of damage, or
    -8WR 2_8B for 81 points of damage.
    From a successful 3B, simply try
    -2A+G_B+G for 92 points of damage. Like all throws, it can be escaped.
    Off a CH 3B or a fully charged 3[B], try
    -2A+G_B+G for an extra 9 points at 101 points of damage as opposed to 
    an uncharged version. There's also 
    -66B for 79 points, or
    -66K for 67 points. However, this last move as better ring out 
    After 8WR 2_8B to the opponent's side or back, follow up with
    -66B for 104 points on the side, or 94 damage on the opponent's back.
    From a WS B on a crouching opponent's side (don't know how often that 
    will happen), try
    -8WR 2_8B for 72 points of damage, or
    -4[B] for 69 points.
    After hitting with WL B on the opponent's side or back, follow with
    -66B for 92 points on the side or 97 damage on the opponent's back.
    From a fully charged [K], use
    -2A+G_B+G For 83 points of damage. However, this works only if the 
    opponent's back was to the wall prior to the [K] connecting. The throw 
    is escapable.
    After a CH 6K, try 
    -2A+G_B+G For 86 points. Throw is escapable.
    -66B for 64 points of damage, or
    -66K for 52 points. Low damage is offset by much better ring out 
    After connecting with a fully charged 66[K], 
    -Turn around immediately, 8WR 2_8B for 106 points of damage. This combo 
    is tricky to pull off.
    From a successful CH 1K, try 
    -66B for 68 points of damage.
    From a fully charged 8WR 3_9[K], 
    -Turn around, then 8WR 2_8K, 8WR 2_8B for a whopping 166 points of 
    -Turn around, 8WR 2_8B for 122 points of damage, or
    -Turn around, then a fully charged 4[B] for 18 points.
    8WR 2_8K allows you to try
    -8WR 2_8B for 99 points of damage, or
    -fully charged 4[B] for 95 points.
    From a CH WS K, try
    -2A+G_B+G for 81 points of damage. Throw is escapable. You can also try
    -8WR 2_8B for 65 points of damage.
    After a basic 3A+B, try 
    -66B for 74 points of damage.
    After a CH 3A+B, use
    -2A+G_B+G for 105 points of damage. Throw is escapable. If you do this 
    follow up after a fully charged 3[A+B], you get one more point of 
    damage at 106 points.
    Off a CH 6B+K, you can 
    -Dash forward, then use 2A+G_B+G for 96 points of damage. Your opponent 
    can escape the throw. You can also try
    -8WR 2_8B for 77 points of damage.
    If you ever manage to get 236B+K to connect (ever), try
    -8WR 2_8K, Dash forwards, 2A+G_B+G for an insane 203 points. Opponent 
    can escape your throw.
    -8WR 2_8K, 8WR 2_8B gives you 187 points of damage.
    -2A+G_B+G simply gives you 164 points. Throw is escapable. You could 
    also try
    -8WR 2_8B for 148 points.
    Q: How do you unlock Berserker?
    A: Complete Stone Temple in Schedar, The EXTRA version. That means you 
    have to FINISH Weapon Master Mode once i.e. Complete Chapter 10, then 
    go to Schedar and play the new mission there. Completing the normal 
    version of Schedar is NOT required to unlock Berseker.
    Q: Does Berserker have any extra weapons/outfits?
    A: No. He only has one weapon, and two outfits with three colors each. 
    Q: I can't use Berserker in Aracde Mode, why?
    A: Bersrker is unusable outside of Practice, Versus and Team Versus 
    Battle, Extra Mode only. To use him elsewhere requires a cheating 
    device and the risk of crashing your game and corrupting your memory 
    Thanks go to:
    Zigmover for the combos for Berserker, not to mention general tips on 
    being a better player.
    Tube Man for bringing up some more info on Berserker's possible links 
    to Rock.
    Copyright 2003 Afolabiyi Okubanjo (Team Sky City). This FAQ and 
    everything included within this file cannot be reproduced in any way, 
    shape or form (physical, electronic, or otherwise) aside from being 
    placed on a freely accessible, non-commercial web page in its original, 
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      Furthermore, this FAQ may only be hosted here, on GameFAQS and cannot 
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    (including mediums not specifically mentioned) in ANY way, shape, or 
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    express written permission of the author, myself. This FAQ was created 
    and is owned by me, Afolabiyi Okubanjo. All copyrights and trademarks 
    are acknowledged and respected that are not specifically mentioned in 
    this FAQ.

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