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    Soul Charge FAQ by AshoftheBlacKWinD

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    Soul Calibur 2: Soul Charge Guide
    By Ash of the BlackWind
    (Ash BlackWind@AOL.com)
    Hello, I'm Ash of the BlackWind, and welcome to my Soul Charge FAQ.  Why a Soul
    Charge FAQ?  Why not?  For the most part I want to do something substantial,
    possibly something that will stand out, but the fact of the matter is I cannot
    do it on my own.  Not once, as I schemed to come up with this piece, did I
    really take into account what I was getting myself into.  Soul Charging is far
    more in-depth than I expected and I didn't take into account two things.  I own
    a GameCube, meaning I am limited only to research on the GC version of the
    game... I can't very well research Heihachi or Spawn's Soul Charge moves since
    my PS2 died and I will never buy an X-Box (due to my love of various game
    series that will remain PS2 or GC exclusives).  So I am going to attempt to
    have an early version of this published on www.GameFaqs.com hoping that someone
    will read this and assist me in filling in the gaps (missing guard breaks and
    unblockables/Heihachi and Spawn's Soul Charge Moves).  I have no intention of
    putting a Contributions section at the bottom of the page so any contributions
    I use will be credited under the contributors name at the top of the page along
    with my name.  Thank you.
    Version Info
    Ver .01 - 9/9/03
    Started basic outline, included base segments on Soul Charge/Levels.
    Included some Soul Charge lvl.3 Unblockables off the top of my head,
    as well as some lower charge lvl. Guard Breaks.
    Ver .02 - 9/11/03
    Added moves for Raphael, Talim, Taki, Link, Cassandra, Astaroth, Mitsurugi,
    Necrid, Yunsung and Berserker.  Added damage modifier info, legend and Intro.
    Ver .05 - 9/12/03
    Really worked a lot out today.  Added moves for Ivy, Nightmare, Seung Mina,
    Cervantes, Voldo, Sophitia, Maxi, Yoshimitsu, Kilik and Xianghua.  Changed
    some of the notations in the Legend to be less confusing.  Added Spawn,
    Lizardman, Assassin and Heihachi to the move list despite having no info
    available for their soul charge moves.
    Part I: Soul Charge
    The act of focusing one's power into their blade (or weapon) changes the aspect
    of fighting in the realm of Soul Calibur 2, and this act is known as a Soul
    Charge.  By pressing the Vertical (B), Horizontal (A) and Kick (K) buttons at
    one time you're selected character will begin a Soul Charge.  But accessing a
    Soul Charge is far easier than using the skill effectively and the animation
    (where you're flashing green and doing a little dance) is easy to spot and
    leaves you more than open for a player to interrupt, force you into the
    defensive or worse... The key is knowing where and when as much as what to do
    when you get there.
    There are 3 levels to Soul Charges, and with each the opportunity for
    attack/counters changes. Characters can move while Charging, but at a speed so
    decreased its only real purpose is to allow you to sneak to the next level. All
    Soul Charges maintain the ability to damage as counters, meaning no matter what
    level a charge you will always get Counter Hit damage from a successful attack.
     But higher-level charges allow for some moves to go beyond their Counter
    Hit/Guard Break properties, and there lies the Soul Charges true power.  While
    a Level 1 charge gives you Counter Hit strength, Level 2 adds 15% damage to
    every attack while level 3 adds a whopping 40% to every attack.  The levels of
    the Soul Charge are as follows-
    Level 1: By pressing Guard (G) just after starting a Soul Charge, or
    interrupting the charge with an attack or block shortly after it begins, your
    fists with glow slightly green and any attack landed will retain the Counter
    Hit property.  As with all Soul Charges this is best used in tandem with
    opportunity but also works to draw an opponent in, forcing them to attack now
    or risk allowing you to Soul Charge to a higher level. Level 1 Soul Charges are
    also effective after a break in aggressive playing (by either yourself or your
    opponent) as well as when your enemy manually changes stance. All this coupled
    with the ability to interrupt the charge and execute a soul charged attack
    immediately makes this level more of a mind game tactic than a death dealing
    Level 2: By waiting a few seconds after initiating a Soul Charge then pressing
    G, you will access the Level 2 Soul Charge and your weapon will glow lime green
    in color. This is the bread and butter level that seems to be the most cost
    efficient (time vs. effect) in that it still grants the Counter Hit/Guard Break
    properties but also allows some moves to transcend into more Guard Break
    opportunities, allowing for more opportunity to damage or just plain stifle
    your opponent. Charging to level 2 leaves you more open to an enemy attack so
    timing is critical. It is often a good idea to move while charging a level 2
    (backwards being the best choice for most situations) and it's often wise to do
    this while the enemy is preoccupied with other tasks (recovering from a stagger
    move, rolling up from the ground, distancing themselves). Using a level 2
    charge requires you to know the property change of the characters moves and how
    to use them to an easy advantage.
    Level 3: The final level of charge, obtained by allowing the entire Soul Charge
    animation to complete itself and offers the same abilities as a Level 1 or 2 as
    well as unleashing new potential Unblockables. Reaching a full charge takes a
    lot of time, cannot be interrupted, and offers you a do-or-die opportunity. 
    You can only attack once with a full charge and the charge time is enough to
    shy most away from using it regularly, while some only use a full charge for
    the Unblockable aspect and often give themselves away the second they get to a
    full charge.  The key to effective use is to mix things up. While a level 3
    charge will turn some normal moves into unblockables, sometimes going with the
    effective counter attack or Guard Break will open a person up, especially if
    they anticipate something completely different.  Each move has their own
    properties, and as such, the timing and opportunity of the new unblockables
    changes to suit the player's needs. Sometimes you can land the Unblockables
    every time, sometimes you can't land any of them at all.  The best ways to
    achieve a full charge is to know when you have the time and when you can get
    away with it.  A good launcher, followed 	by a charge, often leaves the
    opponent with little time to counter before you finish.
    Part II: Legend
    D-DF-F-UF-U-UB-B-DB-D - Directional Input, counter-clockwise, starting and
    ending at down (D).  So if the text says, D-DF-F it means down, down forward,
    forward.... a quarter circle.
    A/B/K/G - Using the same scheme as Namco, A is a horizontal attack, B a
    vertical attack, K is a kick and G is guard.  Now there may be some confusion
    with the use of B as both a direction and an attack button so, unless otherwise
    noted, the attack button will always come after the directional input.
    Ex. Necrid's Soul Strife - B-B+B, meaning two directional presses back + the
    Horizontal attack.
    Directions will always break with a + into attack buttons.
    Ex. Berserker's Unblockable Bear Hug - B+A+B means Back, then the Vertical and
    Horizontal attacks.
    Also, if an , is present then the following command (which 9.9 out of 10 will
    be an attack button) must be entered after the previous command.
    Moves that require only two attack buttons to be pressed will be between [ ].
    Moves that start with a stance will be indicated by >.
    (Hold) -			The previous attack button/s must be held.
    (Throw) -			The attack will be a throw or followed by a throw.
    Lvl 1:			Level 1 Soul Charge
    Lvl 2:			Level 2 Soul Charge
    Lvl 3:			Level 3 Soul Charge
    GB -			Means the attack will have Guard Break properties.
    Unblockable -		Means the attack will be unblockable.
    Side Note:	If I can find a better way to convey the commands I will change this
    Part III - Move List
    Side Note: If a move can be done from either a standing position and an 8 way
    run or stance I will only list the standing position.
    Lvl 1:  Offering - DF+A+B (GB) Flying Divide - UF+B (GB)
               Axe Lower Cannon - DF+B+K (GB) (Crouching Opponent)
    Lvl 2:  Breath of Hades - B+A+B (GB)
            Axe Crash - F-F+B (GB)
            Hades - D+B (GB)
    Lvl 3:  Hades - D+B (hold)(Unblockable)
            Canyon Creation - B-B+B (Unblockable)
    Lvl 1:  F-F+B (GB)
               D+B (Hold)(GB)
               UF+B (GB)
    Lvl 2:  B+A+B (Unblockable)
               B (Hold) (GB)
    Lvl 3:  D+B (Hold) (Unblockable)
               B-B+B (Unblockable)
    Lvl 1:	Running Hack - F-F+B (GB)
                Jump Slash - B+B+K then B (GB)
    Lvl 2: 	
    Lvl 3:  Power Thrust - B-B+B (hold) (Unblockable)
    Lvl 1:  Dark Abyss - D-DF-F+A+B (GB)
    Lvl 2:  Affondo Ferdante - D-DF-F+B (GB)
            Enveloping Stocatta - D-DB-B+B (Hold)(GB)
    Lvl 3:  Affondo Ferdante - D-DF-F+B (Unblockable)
                Enveloping Stocatta - D-DB-B+B (GB)	
    Lvl 1:  Gaia Quake - U+A+B (GB)
               Angel's Wrath - D-DB-B+B (GB)
    Lvl 2:  Angel's Press - F-F-B+K (GB)
               Angel's Exile - D-DF-F+B (GB)
    Lvl 3:  Shooting Star - F-F-A+B (Unblockable)
               Gaia Quake - U-A+B (Unblockable)
    Lvl 1:  Flag Dance - DB+B (Hold)(GB)
    Wind Hole Vortex - B+B (Hold)(GB)
    Lvl 2:  Stone Wall Thrust - D-DF-F+B (GB)
    Lvl 3:  Phoenix Tail - F-F+A+B (Unblockable)
    Lvl 1:	
    Lvl 2:  Fiery Vein - DB+A+B (GB)
               Overlord Strike - F-F+B (GB)
               Soul Strife - B-B+B (GB)
               Lost Soul - D-B+K (GB)
    Lvl 3: Fire Fang - [A+B] (Unblockable)
              Dragon Roar - F-F+A+B (Unblockable)
              Beowulf - D-DB-B+B (Unblockable)
    Lvl 1:  Stalker > Stalker Thunder - [A+B], B (GB)
    Lvl 2:  Assassin's Strike - F-F+B (GB)
            Possession > Dream Scroll - D-DB-B+B (GB)
    Lvl 3:  Possession > Dream Scroll - D-DB-B+B (Unblockable)
    Lvl 1:  Wind Sault > Double Bartikal - F+B+K, B (GB)
    Lvl 2:  Shearing Blade - F+A+B (GB)
            Paayon Thrust - F-F+B (GB)
            Blue Sky - D-DF-F+B (GB)
    Lvl 3:  Ice Wind - [A+B] (Unblockable)
               Shearing Blades - F+A+B (Unblockable)
               Cold Wind - [B+K] (Unblockable)
               Blue Sky - D-DF-F+B (Hold)(Unblockable)
    Lvl 1:  Roaring Flame - F-F+A+B (GB)
                Forced Divide - B-A+B (GB)
                Silent Arc - D-DB-B+B (GB)
    Lvl 2:  Pouncing Claw - UF+B (GB)
    Lvl 3:
    Lvl 1:	
    Lvl 2:  Heavy Bo - F-F+B (Hold)(GB)
               Phoenix Rage Thrust - B+B (GB)
               Rising Bo Feint - [B+K]
              Monument > Heaven Monument - D-DF-F+A+B (GB)
               Legend Rush - B+B (GB)
    Lvl 3:  Monument > Heaven Monument - D-DF-F+A+B (Unblockable)
                Heavy Bo - F-F+B (Hold)(Unblockable)(Throw)
                Phoenix Rage Thrust - B+B (Unblockable)
    Lvl 1:  Hou Lee > Lower Great Wall - [A+K], B (GB)
    Lvl 2:  Lian Hau Cannon - DF+A+B (GB)
            Waterfall - F+B+K (GB)
            Hou Lee > Lower Great Wall - [A+K][A+K], B (GB)
    Lvl 3:  Lower Great Wall - DF+B+K (Unblockable)
    Lvl 1:  Dragon Splitter - F-F+B (GB)
    Lvl 2:  Reverse Snake Cross - B-B+B (GB)
    Lvl 3:  Dragon Splitter - F-F+B (Unblockable)
    No Information Available
    Lvl 1:
    Lvl 2:
    Lvl 3:  Crying Sword Spirit - F-F+A+B (Unblockable)
                Sudare Wheel - U+A+B (Unblockable)
    Lvl 1:  Night Side Stance or Night Reverse Stance > Reaver - U/D+B+K [A+B] (GB)
               Fatal Dive - B-B+B (GB)
               Night Lower Stance > Rook Splitter Alternate - B+B+K, DF+B (GB)
    Lvl 2:  Dark Soul Impact - DF+A+B (GB)
                Piercing Strike - F+B (GB)
                Quick Revenge - F+B, B rapidly (GB)
    Lvl 3:  Flying Edge - D+A+B (Unblockable)
               Rook Splitter - F-F+B (Unblockable)
               Thrust Throw - DB+B (Unblockable)(Throw)
               Midnight Launcher - B+B (Hold)(Unblockable)
               Fatal Dive - B-B+B (Unblockable)
               Night Lower Stance > Cannonball Splitter - B+B+K, F+B (Unblockable)
    Lvl 1:  Poison Ivy - DB+B (Hold)(GB)
               Fear's Void - D or DB or DF+B+K (GB)
    Lvl 2:  Darkside - B-B+B (GB)
    Lvl 3:  Ivy Brambler - D-DF-F+B (Unblockable)
            Embrace of Lust - F+B+K (Hold)(Unblockable)(Throw)
    Lvl 1:  Cross Bone Divider - B-B+A+B (GB)
                Shadow Flare - B+B+K (GB)
    Lvl 2:  Iceberg Circular - U+A+B (GB)
               Dread Charge > Dash Flare - D-DB-B, F+B+K (GB)
               Anchor Whirlpool - DB+A+K (GB)
               Night Raid - DB+B+K (GB)
    Lvl 3:  Dread Lifter - DB+A, B (Unblockable)
               Dread Charge > Geo Da Ray - D-DB-B, B (Unblockable)
    Lvl 1:  Gaia Quake - U+A+B (GB)
    Lvl 2:  Sword Shower - B+B (GB)
            Olympus Cannon - F-F+B (GB)
    Lvl 3:  Gaia Quake - U+A+B (Unblockable)
               Guardian Upper - B-B+B (Unblockable)
               Ascension - 8 way run DF or UF+B (Unblockable)
               Elk Strike - 8 way run U or D+B (Unblockable)
    Lvl 1:  Blind Stance > Rat Straight - D-DB-B, F+B (GB)
    Lvl 2:  Demon Elbow - F-F+B (GB)
            Katar Gore > Blind Stance - F+A+B (GB)
            Blind Dive - DF+A+B (GB)
            Insanity Trap - F-F+A+K (GB)
            Blind Stance > Red Stitch - D-DB-B, F-F+B (GB)
    Lvl 3:  Blind Stance > Lunatic Wheel - D-DB-B, F-F+A (Unblockable)
               Blind Stance > Rat Straight - D-DB-B, F+B (Unblockable)
    No Information Available
    Seung Mina
    Lvl 1:	
    Lvl 2:  Heavy Fall - DF+B (GB)
               Glory Wing - [B+K] (GB)
    Lvl 3:  Radiant Wing - U+A+B (Unblockable)
               Spinning Divide - B+B (Hold)(Unblockable)
               Retreating Sands - B+B+K (Unblockable)
               Glory Wing - [B+K] (Unblockable)
    No Information Available
    No Information Available
    Part IV: Copyright
    This FAQ is copywrited by me and can be used or posted freely so long as it
    remains unaltered.  You may not sell this FAQ for any reason or use my work to
    receive compensation in any form.
    Copyright - Ash of the BlackWind, 2003

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