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    Yoshimitsu: Claiming Soul Stance FAQ by Skyrax

    Version: 0.1 | Updated: 10/01/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Soul Calibur 2 Yoshimitsu Claiming Soul Techniques FAQ
    By Skyrax (skyrax@yahoo.com)
    0.1: Initial draft
    1. Introduction
    2. Legend
    3. Move List
    4. Frequently Asked Questions
    5. Credits/ Legal Info
    -Why write a Claiming Soul FAQ?
    Yoshimitsu's Claiming Soul is a move that many players stumble upon by 
    accident or still do not understand. This FAQ aims to give the reader 
    an idea of what can or can't be done in Claiming Soul.
    -What is Claiming Soul?
    Claiming Soul, also known as Soul Possession or Iron Fist Possession, 
    is a state Yoshimitsu enters when he performs the grab Soul Siphon 
    (6K+G from either front or back, or K+G when back is to opponent, or 
    6[A+B]). Yoshimitsu sticks out a hand and steals some of the opponent's 
    -Notes on Soul Siphon and Claiming Soul
    -This throw is not very powerful, ranking in at 30 pts of damage, 
    making it weaker than Cervantes' Storm Generate (B2). Its immediate 
    advantage is giving Yoshimitsu a little health back without exposing 
    himself to the risk of meditating. 
    -If Yoshimitsu connects with Soul Siphon, even if the opponent breaks 
    the throw Yoshimitsu will enter Claiming Soul. 
    -Yoshimitsu can only perform three K+G moves per Siphon. This is to say 
    Yoshimitsu cannot store multiple Siphons and then unleash countless 
    Claiming Soul Attacks. If Yoshimitsu does a Soul Siphon, then does a 
    K+G move, then Soul Siphons again, he only gains back one K+G move for 
    a total of three, not three for a total of five.
    -Claiming Soul lasts for the entire round. Once a new round begins, 
    Yoshimitsu loses whatever moves he's stored. As long as the round is 
    being fought, he sustains the mode, even if he is attacked.
    -Yoshimitsu also has access to another version of Claiming Soul. If 
    Yoshimitsu Soul Charges, he can perform Claiming Soul Attacks as long 
    as he is glowing. This one allows Yoshimitsu to perform the moves 
    without the throw but suffer from the drawback of a short time period 
    and the fact that if he is hit or connects with a move he will lose the 
    Charge and thus the Claiming Soul State.
    -All moves performed in Claiming Soul are RANDOM. They do not occur in 
    any order. 
    Greetings and Flop Spin, which can both be performed outside of a 
    Claiming Soul State, can also be performed in the Soul Charge Claiming 
    Soul State.
    You see your numeric pad often indicated on the right side of keyboard?  
    Well if you cannot see your number for some reason, here is another way 
    to know what I'm talking about.
    7 8 9		7 = up+back	      8 = up	9 = up+forward
    4 5 6		4 = back	      5 = neutral	6 = forward
    1 2 3		1 = down+back	2 = down	3 = down+forward
    A = Horizontal
    B = Vertical
    K = Kick
    G = Guard
    WC/FC = while crouching / fully crouched
    WR/WS = while rising / while standing
    8WR = 8-way Run
    + = simultaneous input (i.e. A+B, B+K)
    ~ = slide input (accompanied by small letters, a~B, b~B, a~K, etc.)
    ( ) = optional input
    [ ] = hold button
    * = can be delayed
    _ = OR (as in either this direction OR that direction).
    L = low attack
    M = mid attack
    H = high attack
    SM = special mid attack (can be blocked high or low)
    UB = unblockable attack
    GB = guard break
    GI = guard impact with types of attacks specified
    SCUB = unblockable upon full (blue) Soul Charge
    Yoshimitsu has 13 moves available to him via K+G. 
    All damage values are based on Yoshimitsu using his default weapon on 
    an opponent using his default weapon. Depending on the weapons you or 
    your opponents use the values will vary.
    a. Greetings!
    Yoshimitsu leans forward slightly and waves with his left hand, and 
    shouts, "Well done!". This move is also performed by Ling Xiaoyu from 
    the Tekken series.
    Damage: 0
    Property: UB M
    Note: Can not be done when Yoshimitsu is in normal Claiming Soul State. 
    Can however be performed in the Soul Charge Claiming Soul State. Can be 
    G-cancelled halfway through.
    b. Flop Spin
    Yoshimitsu clasps his hands and spins three times quickly. Has no 
    functional purpose in the game whatsoever.
    Damage: 0
    Property: None
    Note: Can not be done when Yoshimitsu is in normal Claiming Soul State. 
    Can however be performed in the Soul Charge Claiming Soul State.
    The following moves can only be done in either a normal or Soul Charge 
    Claiming Soul State, but not normally.
    c. Deadly Boomerang
    Yoshimitsu sidesteps slightly then performs a jumping spinning high 
    kick. This move is also performed by King from the Tekken series.
    Damage: 47
    Property: H
    None: Knockdown on hit. Ends with Yoshimitsu face down.
    d. Double Slap
    Yoshimitsu steps forward and performs a slap with his left hand, then a 
    backhanded slap with his left hand. This technique is also performed by 
    Nina Williams of the Tekken series.
    Damage: 17, 22
    Property: H,H
    Note: Press A for second hit. Second hit knocks opponent sideways. 
    e. Drunken Master Walk
    Yoshimitsu stumbles about for a few seconds, in a seemingly drunk and 
    unfocused manner. This stance is also used by Lei Wulong of the Tekken 
    Damage: Depends on evade
    Property: GI
    Note: Cannot be G-cancelled. Performs singular Spinning Evade to evade 
    vertical attacks, Deathcopter to evade horizontal attacks. 
    f. Force: Jin
    Yoshimitsu takes a step forward and spreads his feet slightly apart, 
    then spreads his forearms in a defensive position. This is also used by 
    Jin Kazama of the Tekken series.
    Damage: 0
    Property: GI
    Note: Will guard impact all attacks except unblockables. Will hit low 
    if Yoshimitsu is standing close to opponent.
    g. Heaven Divide
    Yoshimitsu spins round once and then vanishes. Almost instantly he 
    appears above and comes crashing down with a sword slice. This move is 
    also performed by Kunimitsu from the Tekken series.
    Damage: 38
    Property: UB M
    Note: None
    h. Incomplete Somersault
    Yoshimitsu crouches and throws his arms up in impatience. Then he flips 
    up and performs a somersault...well almost one because he lands on his 
    face, saying "Ridiculous!" This is also performed by Paul Phoenix of 
    the Tekken series.
    Damage: 25
    Property: M
    Note: Press 8B+K to perform flip after taunt.
    i. Shadow Step
    Yoshimitsu takes a few steps back and to the right very quickly. This 
    is a move that is also performed by Heihachi Mishima from the Tekken 
    Damage: 0
    Property: ?
    Note: Cannot be cancelled. Heihachi does not seem to have this move, 
    which is probably for the best, as it would make him hard to hit.
    j. Burning Knuckle
    Yoshimitsu jumps up REALLY high, clasps his fists together and comes 
    crashing down on his opponent's head This move can also be performed by 
    Armor King, Ogre and True Ogre from the Tekken series.
    Damage: 45
    Property: UB M
    Note: Cannot be cancelled. Does not track if Yoshimitsu jumps over 
    k. Blazing Kick
    Moving forward while low to the ground for a second, Yoshimitsu kicks 
    straight up with his right leg, sending the opponent straight up into 
    the air. This move is also performed by Lee Chaolan, Ogre and True Ogre 
    from the Tekken series. This variation is the Lee version: the 
    Ogre/True Ogre version sends the opponent rolling away as opposed to 
    straight up.
    Damage: 22
    Property: M
    Note: Yoshimitsu can crouch underneath high attacks during the first 
    portion of this move.
    l. Lightning Uppercut
    Yoshimitsu crouches low to the ground and starts spinning, then 
    releases a mighty uppercut that knocks the opponent clear off the 
    ground. This move is also performed by Kazuya Mishima and pre-Tekken 4 
    Jin Kazama of the Tekken series.
    Damage: 33 or 55 
    Property: UB M 
    Note: There are two versions of the move, a short version and a long 
    version. Hold K+G for the long version, simply press for the short one. 
    Short version does 33 damage, long version does 55 damage. Yoshimitsu 
    can duck underneath high attacks at the beginning of this move.
    m. Stone Breaker
    Yoshimitsu crouches low and slides forward, then uppercuts with his 
    right hand, sending the opponent flipping head over heels. This move is 
    also performed by Paul Phoenix of the Tekken series.
    Damage: 20
    Property: M
    Note: Yoshimitsu can crouch underneath high attacks during virtually 
    the whole move. 
    Q: How do I perform (certain move) here on command?
    A: You can't. The idea of Claiming Soul is that it is RANDOM. I cannot 
    stress this enough. You cannot perform any  move whenever you want to, 
    as in certain cases it would be annoying (Using Force on command would 
    make Yoshimitsu an even harder person to beat).
    Q: Are these all the moves that Yoshimitsu can perform?
    A: As far as this game goes, yes. These are all his Claiming Soul 
    Copyright 2003 Afolabiyi Okubanjo (Team Sky City). This FAQ and 
    everything included within this file cannot be reproduced in any way, 
    shape or form (physical, electronic, or otherwise) aside from being 
    placed on a freely accessible, non-commercial web page in its original, 
    unedited and unaltered format. This FAQ cannot be used for profitable 
    purposes (even if no money would be made from selling it) or 
    promotional purposes. It cannot be used in any sort of commercial 
    transaction. It cannot be given away as some sort of bonus, gift, etc., 
    with a purchase as this creates incentive to buy and is therefore 
      Furthermore, this FAQ may only be hosted here, on GameFAQS, and 
    cannot be used by the publishers, editors, employees or associates, etc. 
    of any company, group, business, or association, etc., nor can it be 
    used by game sites and the like. It cannot be used in magazines guides, 
    books, etc. or in any other form of printed or electronic media 
    (including mediums not specifically mentioned) in ANY way, shape, or 
    form (including reprinting, reference or inclusion), without the 
    express written permission of the author, myself. This FAQ was created 
    and is owned by me, Afolabiyi Okubanjo. All copyrights and trademarks 
    are acknowledged and respected that are not specifically mentioned in 
    this FAQ.

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