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    Sophitia by XLord Ma ChaoX

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     ____              _    ____      _ _ _                  ___ ___
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    A Character Guide for:
     ____              _     _ _   _
    / ___|  ___  _ __ | |__ (_) |_(_) __ _
    \___ \ / _ \| '_ \| '_ \| | __| |/ _` |
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    Movelist and FAQ for Sophitia for:
    Soul Calibur II - For the Playstation 2 Game Console.
    Version: 1.0
    Table of Contents
    I. Introduction.
    II. Version History
    III. Profile of Sophitia
         i. Description
         ii. Biography
         iii. Stage Profile
    IV. Move List
         i. "A" Attacks
         ii. "B" Attacks
         iii. "K" Attacks
         iv. "Throw" Attack
         v. "Sign" Attacks
         vi. "Quick" Attacks
         vii. "Power" Attacks
    V. Weapons for Sophitia
    VI. Frequently Asked Questions
    VII. Information about me
    VIII. Contact Information
    VIIII. Legal Information
    X. Outro
    Hello, and welcome to my FAQ for the Soul Calibur II character known as
    Sophitia. Whereas she isn't my favorite character, she is up there with Seung
    Mina (Who is a total babe!). Anyway, Sophitia was in the first Soul Calibur, and
    was pretty good. She seems about the same as she did in the first one.
    Version History
    Version 0.2 - September 29th, 2003 - Just got this guide going, along with
    another one for Seung Mina.
    Version 0.4 - September 30th, 2003 - Intro is up, and thats really about it. I
    will get more stuff up eventually, but working on two guides is sorta hard.
    Version 0.6 - October 1st, 2003 - Added Sophitia's profile information to the
    Character FAQ. Other than that, everything is going fine, a little hard with
    school, but I'm fine.
    Version 0.8 - October 2nd, 2003 - Just starting on the attacks. I'm not all that
    far, and I'm probably further on my other guide.
    Version 0.9 - October 3rd - Joy! Just a small bit longer until my first version
    is complete! Yay. Let us all celebrate with the adding of chocolate to the milk.
    Version 1.0 - October 7th, 2003 - Yes, it's complete! Noice how I skipped 0.7,
    0.8 and 0.9. How great. Well, I still have a bit to work on, but for now, it's
    all good. Over the next few weeks, I'll check this guide over for errors, YOU,
    the one reading this guide, can point out errors to me too!
    Version 1.1 - October 8th, 2003 - Just a small little update. I changed a few
    minor things to you probably won't notice. Basically, I just gave rights to IGN
    to post this FAQ.
    Profile for Sophitia
    i. Description
    Sophitia Alexandra
    Age: 25
    Birthplace: Athens, Ottoman Empire (Turkey)
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: Unknown (Refuses to reveal)
    Birth Date: March 12
    Blood Type: B
    Weapon: Short Sword & Small Shield
    Weapons Names: Omega Sword & Elk Shield, Swordbreaker, I Sword and Game Shield,
    Owl Shield, Blue Crystal Rod and Blue Line Shield, Fire Blade, Gladius, Synval,
    Soul Edge, Orichalcum, Memento
    Discipline: Athenian Style
    Family: Husband/ Rothion
            Daughter/ Pyrrha
            Son/ Patroklos
    ii. Biography
    Sophitia was the eldest daughter of a baker. Her life was rather ordinary until
    the day she received an oracle from Haphaestus, the God of fire and forge, to
    destroy an evil sword called Soul Edge.
    The divine words of Haphaestus led Sophitia on two journeys. The first time, she
    succeeded in destroying one half of the Soul Edge, but received grave injuries
    by the flying shards of the shattered blade. The second quest took place a few
    years later when she learned that the remaining Soul Edge continued to wreak
    During the second journey, Sophitia found that someone else had destroyed the
    demonic sword, and so she returned home to Rothion, her betrothed. They married
    shortly thereafter and were blessed with two children. They led a happy life
    until the day they encountered a particular metal fragment.
    Her children scrambled and fought violently over a metal shard that Rothion
    received from a mysterious customer. The evil aura the fragment emanated caused
    Sophitia's old wounds to ache.
    ''Had the shards of the demonic sword infected me with their dark energy before
    they were removed from my body?'' Sophitia thought in horror. But that would
    explain her children's frenzied reaction over that piece of metal.
    Sophitia's young sister, Cassandra, saw her bewildered reaction, and ran out
    with the metal shard. A few weeks passed before Sophitia made up her mind.
    Sophitia intended to free her children from the evil sword's curse and insure
    the safe return of her sister, who had left on a journey to destroy Soul Edge on
    Sophitia's behalf.
    In Sophitia's hands were the new sword and shield that her beloved husband had
    forged for her.
    iii. Stage Profile
    Eurydice Shrine Gallery
    This shrine is built high up a snow-covered mountain that is as beautiful as it
    is harsh. The scale of this temple is such that it is easy to believe that
    Olympian once dwelled in this place.
    Legends say Hephaestus, the God of fire and forge, built the main shrine on top
    of the summit. This is evidenced by the stairway that leads up to the shrine--
    the enormous steps are impossible for mortals to climb. Humans built this
    gallery around the giant stairway for their priests' use.
    In one corner of this meticulously built gallery is the place where a black-
    smith couple gave an offering of a sword and a shield to Hephaestus.
    The arms have disappeared from the altar, however. Who could have taken them?
    Move List
    Please note that:
    A = Square
    B = Triangle
    K = Circle
    G = X
    "A" Attacks
    Slide Flow: A, A
    Slide Tornado: A, K
    Double Hilt: Forward, A, B
    Silent Cross: Forward, Forward, A
    Angel Punisher: Down + Forward, A
    Under Slide Blade: Down, A
    Iron Butterfly: Down + Backwards, A, A
    Cutless Europa: Back, A, A, A
    Cutless Titan: Back + A, A
    Cutless Titan (Hold): Back + A (Hold), B
    Reverse Mirage: Back, Back, A
    El Fortune: A+B
    Twin Step Grace: Down, Forward, A+B
    Gaia Quake: Up, A+B
    Gaia Quake (Hold): Up, A+B (Hold)
    Tornado High Kick: A+K
    Tornado Faint: A+K, K
    Silent Cross: Forward (Hold), (Down + Forward (Hold)), (Up + Forward (Hold)), A
    (Inverse) Shield Rush: Up (Hold), Down (Hold), A
    Silent Stream: Down + Backwards (Hold), (Up + Backwards (Hold)), A, A
    Silent Stream: Down + Backwards (Hold), (Up + Backwards (Hold)), A, A (Hold)
    Twin Step Grace: Forward, (Down + Forward, Up + Forward, Up, Down + Forward,
    Back + Forward, Back (Hold all)), A+B
    Torando High Rush: Forward, (Down + Forward, Up + Forward, Up, Down + Forward,
    Back + Forward, Back (Hold all)), A+K
    Tornado Faint: Forward, (Down + Forward, Up + Forward, Up, Down + Forward, Back
    + Forward, Back (Hold all)), A+K, K
    Goddess Salute: While Rising - A
    Mirage Satellite: While Rising - A+B
    Mirage Satellite (Hold): While Rising - A+B (Hold)
    "B" Attacks
    Ascend Splash: B. B
    Angels Flow: B, K
    Quick Strike: Forward, B
    Grace Heaven: Down + Forward, B
    Guardian Strike: Down+B, B
    Guardians Judgement: Down+B, b+Up, B, A, K
    Under Splash: Down + Back, B
    Sword Shower: Back, B
    Olympus Cannon: Forward, Forward, B
    Guardian Upper: Back, Back, B
    Temperance Strike: B+K, B
    Temperance Judgement: B+K, b+Up, B, A, B
    Jet Stream Rush: Forward, Forward+B, K, A, B
    Jet Stream Rush (Delay): Forward, Forward+B, K, A, B
    Nasty Impale: B+Down, B, B, B
    Heaven's Gate: Back, Back+b, A
    Heaven's Gate (Cancel): Back, Back+b, A, G
    Olympus Cannon: Forward (Hold), B
    Ascension: Forward + Down, (Forward, Up (Hold)), B
    Elk Strike: Up (Hold), (Down (Hold)), B
    Elk Strike: Up (Hold), (Down (Hold)), B (Hold)
    Guardian Upper: Back (Hold), (Down + back (Hold)), (Up + Back (Hold)), B
    Jet Stream Rush: Forward (Hold), B+K, A, B
    Jet Stream Rush (Delay): Forward (Hold), B+K, A, B
    Olympus Shower: Back (Hold), (Up + Backwards (Hold)), B+K
    Exile: While rising - B
    Guardian Upper: While Rising - B+K
    Guardian Strike: While Crouching - Down + Forward +B, B
    Guardian's Judgement: Down + forward + B, b+up, B, A, K
    "K" Attacks
    Kick Duo: K, K
    Tornado Low Kick: Down + Back, K
    Tornado Kick (Hold): Down + Back, K (Hold)
    Spring Under Kick: Down + K
    Angel Side Kick: Down + Forward, K
    Gaia Kick: Back, Back, K
    Plasma Blade: Forward, Forward, K
    Angel Sault: Up, (Forward + Up (Hold)), K, K
    Angel Sault (Delay): Up, (Forward + Up (Hold)), K, K
    Angel Fall: Up, (Forward + Up (Hold)), K, B
    Angel Stroke: Up, (Forward + Up (Hold)), K, A, B
    Grace Sault: Back + Up, K or k+B
    Plasma Blade: Down + Forward (Hold), (Up + Forward (Hold)), K
    Angel Side Kick: Down (Hold), (Up (Hold)), K
    Gaia Kick: Back (Hold), (Down + Back (Hold)), (Up + Back (Hold)), K
    Angel's Spring: While rising - K
    "Throw" Attacks
    Widow Maker: Approach Enemy - A+G
    Holy Cracker: Approach Enemy - B+G
    Heaven to Hell: Approach Enemy - B+G, Down, A or Down, B
    Heaven's Arch: Approach Enemy - Forward, Forward, A+G
    Bottoms Up: Approach Enemy - from behind A+G or B+G
    Round Knocker: Approach enemy from the left - A+G or B+G
    Broken Promise: Approach enemy from the right - A+G or B+G
    "Misc" Attacks
    No need to list them, as they are all repeats.
    "Sign" Attacks
    Guardian's Judgement: Down+B, b+Up, B, A, K
    Cutless Titan:  Back+A (Hold), B
    Heaven's Arch: Approach Enemy - Forward, Forward, A+G
    Jet Stream Rush: Forward, Forward, B+K, A, B
    "Quick" Attacks
    Angel's Strike: Down, Forward + Down, Forward, B
    Slide Flow: A, A
    Olympus Cannon: Forward, Forward, B
    Kick Duo: K, K
    "Power" Attacks
    Heaven's Gate: Back, Back, b+A
    Painful Fate: During Angel Strike - Backwards
    Olympus Shower: Back (Hold), Forward + Down, Forward + Up, Down, Up, Down +
    Forward, Back + Forward (All hold), B+K
    Angel's Sault: Up, (Forward + Up), K, K
    Weapons for Sophitia
    1. - Sword and Elk Shield
    Most familiar and well-balanced weapon for her.
    Offense: 100%
    Defense: 100%
    2. - Swordbreaker
    Easy to Soul Charge, but lacks offense and has short reach.
    Offense: 70%
    Defense: 100%
    3. - XI Sword and Game Shield
    Powerful single strikes, but vulnerable to impact.
    Offense: 100%
    Defense: 100%
    4. - Owl Shield
    Strong against impact, but lacks offense.
    Offense: 60%
    Defense: 125%
    5. - Blue Crystal Rod and Blue Line Shield
    Recovers health, and defense increases with Soul Charge.
    Offense: 70%
    Defense: 100%
    6. - Fire Blade
    Long reach and has good offense, but wielder receives damage.
    Offense: 120%
    Defense: 100%
    7. - Gladius
    Speed increases with Soul Charge, but offense decreases.
    Offense: 100%
    Defense: 100%
    8. - Synval
    Long reach and has powerful single strikes, but lacks defense.
    Offense: 120%
    Defense: 65%
    9. - Soul Edge
    Fearsome demonic weapon said to absorb life...
    Offense: 135%
    Defense: 100%
    10. - Orichalcum
    Legendary weapon. Wield it to discover its true power!
    Offense: 120%
    Defense: 100%
    11. - Memento
    Badly worn weapon, but adored by a loved one.
    Offense: 100%
    Defense: 50%
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Question: Where do I get a certain weapon for Sophitia?
    Answer: Weapons Master mode. You can play though and find one or two of her
    weapons, as well as buy them in different shops that are in areas all around the
    world map.
    About me - Your wonderful author
    So you wanna know about me.. eh? Well, I'm 15, and I live in Milwaukee,
    Wisconsin. More specifically, the Bay View area of Milwaukee. I go to St.
    Francis High School, where I am a Sophomore.  I am in Cross Country and Track.
    In my free time I hang out on the GameFAQs boards, go to the arcade Aladdin's
    Castle, and stare at girls, like Seung Mina ^_^. Hey, real ones too, but eh--
    yeah. And yeah.. that's me. If I had a pic, I'd link ya'll to it, but I don't.
    Contact Information
    Before you e-mail me or IM me, make sure you don't do these things.
    -Ask a question already answered in the guide.
    -E-mail me just to bash my guide. If can do better, write one yourself.
    -Not title it about Metal Gear Solid. If it's titled 'Hi' or something, I most
    likely will delete it because I'll assume its porno or something. Besides, if I
    want pr0n, I can get it for free.
    -Bash anyone in the game. That's just annoying.
    With that stated, Here is my contact info.
    AIM- IrvineKinneasDx
    MSN- XLangPershing@hotmail.com
    E-Mail- ArmageddonStar@hotmail.com
    GameFAQs Username(s): Solid Rambo and XLord Ma ChaoX
    Legal Information
    This Character FAQ for the Soul Calibur II character known as Sophitia Alexandra
    is written by XLord Ma ChaoX, also known as Patrick Lowery. Further more, this
    guide is, for now, exclusive to GameFAQs and IGN. You may not print and then
    sell this FAQ. You may not post this FAQ on any website without my permission.
    You also may not post this on any website and take off the authors name or you
    may not print this and take off the authors name and then sell it. You are
    allowed to read it, print it, but not use it for anything that would be stealing
    my work.
    You can expect a few more character guides from me, probably for the women,
    because, I love em'. I may write out one or two for the guys though. Maybe
    Nightmare, Kilik, Yunsung, I don't know. We'll see.
    Now for some credits.
    -AdrenalineSL: Your kickass Metal Gear Solid 2 guide made me want to get into
    FAQ writing.
    -My Family: For not complaining too much about my long hours on the computer.
    -Namco: For making such a great game.
    -Jeff "CJayC" Veasey: For posting this guide on his website.
    "And that, as they say, is that."
    Copyright 2003. All rights reserved.

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