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    Cervantes by d33n

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      ##### ##### ##### #   #  ###  #   # ##### ##### #####           ####  #####
      #     #     #   # #   # #   # ##  #   #   #     #               #   # #
      #     ##### ##### #   # ##### # # #   #   ##### #####           #   # #####
      #     #     #  #   # #  #   # #  ##   #   #         #           #   # #
      ##### ##### #   #   #   #   # #   #   #   ##### #####           ####  #####
                                #     ##### ##### #   #
                                #     #     #   # ##  #
                                #     ##### #   # # # #
                                #     #     #   # #  ##
                                ##### ##### ##### #   #
    (ASCII for beginners eat-your-heart-out, eh?)
    Table Of Contents:
    1. Legal Stuff
    2. About This Guide
    3. Cervantes's Weapons
    4. Cervantes's Moves
    5. Basic Tips/Tactics
    6. Acknowledgements
    1. Legal Stuff
    Copyright 2005 Dean Richer
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.
    Thanks to GameFAQs for the above statement, which made this section a lot
    easier.  If you do want to use part of this guide then just ask me.  I'll
    probably let you.  You can e-mail me at:
    The sites that are currently authorised to display this FAQ are:
    - GameFAQs.com
    - Neoseeker.com
    If you find this FAQ posted anywhere else then could you please e-mail me at
    above address and let me know.  Many thanks.
    Soul Blade, Soul Calibur and Soul Calibur II are trademarks of NAMCO LTD.
    2. About This Guide
    This guide is intended to cover all the aspects of using Cervantes in game.
    This means I don't intend to cover anything that is not of use in game, such as
    his profile.  I decided to write this FAQ since I've been looking to write one
    for quite a while (yes, this is my first FAQ), and after looking at the
    available information on Soul Calibur II I thought that I could write a fairly
    decent guide on Cervantes, who is far and away my best character.  So here is
    my guide to using everyone's favourite Spanish pirate.  I've listed his weapons
    and their various effects, which I have tried to make as accessible as
    possible, as well as all his moves (including his hidden ones), together with
    their soul charge effects (and others).  I've also included a few tips you
    could use when fighting with him, since they have proved extremely useful for
    me.  If you spot any mistakes then feel free to e-mail me using the address
    found above.  Enjoy.
    3. Cervantes Weapon's
    I'm going to set out the weapons in the following format:
    (number down list)(name)
    (weapon assessment)
    (effect influence - positive(+), negative(-) or neutral(*))(weapon effects)
    I got the percentages shown by using the Extra Practice mode, and I can't
    guarantee that the two shown for the Acheron are correct, since the effects of
    the soul charge distorts the figures.  But if they are wrong then they won't be
    out by much.  I also can't give you the proportion of health you lose when
    using weapons that drain it.  Sorry.
    Okay, here we go:
    I.    Soul Edge And Nirvana
    Cervantes's starting weapons.  They slice, they dice, they sever limbs. They
    also come in handy when carving up the Sunday roast.  What more could you want?
    * They provide no bonuses or penalties.
    II.   Falchion
    This is the first weapon you can buy with Cervantes.  It has a shorter reach
    then his other weapons, but given the range of Cervantes's attacks I don't
    consider this a major shortcoming.  It also boosts both attack and defence,
    which were hardly lacking in the first place.  Personally I consider this to be
    Cervantes's second best weapon, which I have to say was a little disappointing
    since it's the first weapon you acquire!
    - Shorter reach than normal (for left handed attacks)
    + Damage dealt + 20%
    + Damage taken - 20%
    III.  Firangi
    Oh dear.  And the Falchion was so good as well.  This sword gradually recovers
    your health, but it does it so slowly it might as well not bother.  There's no
    point in ever using this, since if you need a conservative weapon the defence
    boost you get from the Falchion easily tops this thing's regeneration.  Use
    something else.
    + Recovers health
    - Your horizontal attacks are easier to break with vertical attacks
    IV.   Erlang's Blade
    Has a slightly longer reach than normal.  That's it.  Not really worth using in
    my opinion, but I don't suppose it could hurt.  As with the Firangi, it
    apparently makes your horizontal attacks easier to break, but I can't say I've
    ever noticed much of a difference.
    + Longer reach than normal (for left handed attacks)
    - Your horizontal attacks are easier to break with vertical attacks
    V.    Acheron
    Interesting.  This blade increases your defence during a soul charge, but also
    enables you to connect with multiple attacks while charged up without losing
    the charge.  This gives it potential for some really nasty sustained assaults.
    For example, you can launch - and connect with - two level 3 charged Geo Da
    Rays (provided that your opponent doesn't stay on the floor for two long after
    being hit by the first) from the same soul charge.  I'd just like to point out
    that this would make them both unblockable.  Despite this, and given the fact
    that you still take damage even when guarding, I still can't say that I'd ever
    urge anyone to use this.  Use at your own risk.
    - Damage taken when guarding = 20%
    - Damage dealt - 5%  during soul charge
    + Damage taken - 20% during soul charge
    + Attacking after a soul charge does not cause it to dissipate
    VI.   Phlegethon
    Hmm.  Has a shorter range than normal, but damages through your opponent's
    guard.  It also makes level 3 soul charge unblockable moves unblockable at
    level 1.  So that would be Geo Da Ray then (and Dread Lifter, but it's such a
    poor move it barely even counts).  Oh, and don't let the lack of flames that
    normally accompany an unblockable attack fool you - level 1 charge does make
    [3U] attacks unblockable.  I suppose you could do worse, but I wouldn't
    recommend using this.
    - Shorter reach than normal (for left handed attacks)
    + Damage dealt when opponent is guarding = 20%
    + Moves that are unblockable at level 3 soul charge are unblockable at level 1
    VII.  Cocytus
    Looks better than it actually is.  It deals more damage than usual, which is
    nice, but you lose health when you attack with it.  Just like the Phlegethon,
    this also helps your soul charge unblockables, but when you've got a whole one,
    this isn't much of a bonus.  Okay, so there are actually two, but who uses the
    Dread Lifter? (i.e. don't.)  If you want extra damage, use the Falchion.  Next.
    + Damage dealt + 30%
    - Using attacks drains health
    + Moves that are unblockable at level 3 soul charge are unblockable at level 1
    VIII. Styx
    So your speed increases during a soul charge.  I mean, come on, who actually
    uses the soul charge that much anyway?  Feel free to use it if you really want,
    but I can't see why you'd want to.
    - Harder to break horizontal attacks with your vertical attacks
    + Speed increases during soul charge
    IX.   Soul Edge (Complete)
    And it looked so promising.  This weapon is good for two things; killing your
    opponent (good), and killing you (not good).  Admittedly it does do a lot of
    damage, and it also restores your life when you inflict damage, but it drains
    your health like no tomorrow.  Personally, I'd just use Lethe instead.  It's
    better all round.  And it's up next.  Yay!
    - Drains health
    + Health recovers in relation to damage dealt
    + Damage dealt + 40%
    X.    Lethe
    Hallelujah! (a beam of light shines down from the heavens).  At last, a decent
    weapon!  And it even looks cool too!  This is the strongest weapon Cervantes
    can get, and at 150% damage I'm not complaining.  It also reduces the damage
    you take, and even extends the range of Cervantes's second blade.  It's only
    drawback is that you take damage when attacking with it.  Because of this, it's
    not a good idea to use it in fights where preserving your life bar is of
    paramount importance (such as in survival mode).  Otherwise, this sword is far
    and away Cervantes's best.  Honestly, if you don't like this weapon then there
    must be something wrong with you.
    + Longer reach than normal (for right handed attacks)
    - Using attacks drains health
    + Damage dealt + 50%
    + Damage taken - 20%
    XI.   Imitation Sword
    Come on, what were you expecting?  In technical terms, this sword sucks.  It
    drops both your attack and defence.  If you're in a serious fight, then don't
    use it.  I'm not sure what the "something good" that might happen is, although
    it might be referring to the stupid noise it makes when an attack connects.
    Also, it does look like the soul blade from the original game (Soul Blade),
    which brings back memories (eyes glaze over).  Ah, Edge Master Mode was so much
    better then it's predecessors, if only they would reproduce it... mumble rant
    * Successful attacks make a different sound than normal
    - Damage dealt - 20%
    - Damage taken + 20%
    4. Cervantes's Moves
    H = Horizontal attack
    V = Vertical Attack
    K = Kick
    G = Guard
    F  = Forward
    DF = Downforward
    D  = Down
    DB = Downback
    B  = Back
    UB = Upback
    U  = Up
    UF = Upforward
    hH - This indicates that the buttons should be pressed in rapid succession, in
         this case H followed by H
    H+V - Press buttons listed simultaneously (at the same time),
          in this case H and V
    V(hold) - This indicates that you have to hold down the button shown to the
              left of this word, in this case V
    ... - This indicates a delay between button presses.  The length of the delay
          is optional to a degree, but has limits depending on the actual attack.
          The only way to know the exact timing is to try it!
    (while rising) - Input buttons listed while getting up off the floor or moving
                     from crouching to standing
    (H) = This attack hits high
    (M) = This attack hits mid
    (L) = This attack hits low
    (SM)= This attack hits mid, but can be blocked crouching
    [T] = This attack is a throw (throws hit high)
    [AT]= This attack can throw an opponent, but is blockable
    [ND]= This attack has a non-damaging effect
    [GI]= This attack can perform a guard impact
    [GB]= This attack can break an opponent's guard
    [U] = This attack is unblockable
    [1B]= This attack can break an opponents guard if executed with a soul charge
          at a level equal to or higher than the number shown
          (in this case level 1)
    [3U]= This attack is unblockable if executed with a level 3 soul charge
    <?B>= You'll find this next to Flying Dutchman.  This is because the final hit
          from this attack can sometimes be a guard break, but I don't actually
          know what the condition is that causes it.  Sorry!  If anyone does know
          then feel free to e-mail me (check the 'About This Guide' section for my
    <*> = You'll find this next to Iceberg Ray.  This attack can only be executed
          at level 3 soul charge, and won't work on a counter hit.  Odd I know,
          especially when the soul charge is meant to make attacks counters, but
          that's the way it seems to work.
    Just to clarify, the moves will be set out like this:
    (attack name)(button input)(where the attack hits, e.g. mid)(extra effects)
    For the moves that aren't listed in game I got the names (and in most cases the
    moves themselves) from Soul Calibur, since most of them are listed in it.  For
    a few of the moves I just made the names up, since there weren't any available.
    Now for the lists:
    I.   Horizontal Attacks
    II.  Vertical Attacks
    III. Kick Attacks
    IV.  Throws
    V.   Other Attacks
    VI.  Attacks Not Listed In The In Game Command List
    I.   Horizontal Attacks
    Merciless Wave  hB  (M)
    Merciless Stab, Cannonball Split  hbV  (M)  [AT]
    Merciless Needle  hbV,V  (M)(M) (First strike must not damage opponent's front)
    Merciless Needle (Delay)  hbV...V  (M)(M)  (See above)
    Soul Swing  H,H  (H)(H)
    Crush Keel  F+H  (H)
    Lagging Wave  F,F+H OR F(hold)+H  (H)
    Scissor Wave  DF+H  (M)(M)
    Laser Wave  D+H OR (while crouching) H  (SM)
    Dread Wave  DB+H  (L)
    Dread Wave (Hold)  DB(hold)+H  (L)
    Dread Lifter  DB+H...V  (M)  [3U]
    Bridgette Wave  B+H  (M)
    Tornado Slice  B,B+H OR B(hold)+H OR DB(hold)+H OR UB(hold)+H  (H)(M)
    Eraser Wave  H+V,H  (M)(M)(L)
    Armada Eraser  H+V,V  (M)(M)(M)(M)
    Gale Slash  F+H+V,V  (M)(M)
    Windmill  F,F+H+V OR F(hold)+H+V OR D(hold)+H+V OR U(hold)+H+V  (M)(H)
    Slant Cross  DF+H+V  (M)
    Killer X  D+H+V  (M)
    Eternal Curse  DB+H+V  (M)  [U]  (Press G to cancel)
    Bloody Hoist  B+H+V  (M)
    Cross Bone Divider  B,B+H+V OR B(hold)+H+V  (M)  [1B]
    Cross Bone Divider (Hold)  B,B+H+V(hold) OR B(hold)+H+V(hold)  (M)  [U]
    Iceberg Circular  U+H+V OR UB+H+V  (M)  [2B]  (Press G to cancel)
    Iceberg Ray  U+H+V,V OR UB+H+V,V  (M)(M)  [GB]  <*>  (Press G to cancel)
    Killer X Crawler  UF+H+V OR DF(hold)+H+V OR UF(hold)+H+V  (M)
    Pressure Astern  UF+H+V(hold) OR DF(hold)+H+V(hold) OR UF(hold)+H+V(hold)  (M)
    Anchor Whirlpool  DB+H+K OR (while crouching) H+K  (L)
    Pirates Cross  hV  (H)(M)
    Gentle Wave  hgH  (H)
    Dread Pressure  DB+hV  (M)
    Dread Pressure (Hold)  DB+hV(hold)  (M)  [U]
    Scissor Lifter  DF+hV  (L)(M)
    Scissor Lifter (Hold)  DF+hV(hold)  (L)(M)  [GB]  (GB is on second attack only)
    Bridgette Slice  B+hH  (M)(H)
    Dishonest Wave  DF(hold)+H OR UF(hold)+H  (H)  [GI]
    Gibbering Torpedo  D(hold)+H,H OR U(hold)+H,H  (L)(L)
    Gibbering Pressure  D(hold)+H,V OR U(hold)+H,V  (L)(M)
    Full Sail Anchoring  (while rising) H,V  (M)(M)
    Full Sail Anchoring (Hold)  (while rising) H,V(hold)  (M)(M)  (Causes a tremor)
    Flying Dutchman  (while crouching) H+V  (M)(M)(M)(M)(M)(M)(M)  <?B>
    Aft Dread Pressure  (back facing enemy) H+V  (M)
    Leaping Swing  UB+H OR U+H OR UF+H  (H)
    Hull Breacher  (while jumping) H  (L)
    II.  Vertical Attacks
    Storm Generate  vD  (M)  [AT]
    Wild Storm  V,V,V  (M)(M)(M)
    Wild Storm (Delay)  V,V...V  (M)(M)(M)
    Wild Storm (Alternate Delay)  V...V,V  (M)(M)(M)
    Wild Storm (Double Delay)  V...V...V  (M)(M)(M)
    Bloody Storm  V,V,H  (M)(M)(L)
    Storm Flare  V,V,B+V  (M)(M)(M)  [2B]  (Last hit 2B only if prior attacks miss)
    Sail Nautilus  F+V,V  (M)(M)
    Sail Nautilus (Hold)  F+V(hold),V  (M)(M)
    Bile Lunges  F,F+V OR F(hold)+V  (M)  [AT]
    Cannonball Lifter  DF+V OR DF(hold)+V OR UF(hold)+V  (M)
    Cannon Flare  DF+V,V OR DF(hold)+V,V OR UF(hold)+V,V (M)  (Counter hit only)
    Spike Anchor  D+V  (M)
    Slay Storm  DB+V OR (while crouching) V  (M)
    Bloody Hilt Kick  B+V,K  (M)(H)
    Bow Breaker  B,B+V OR B(hold)+V  (M)
    Fang Cross  F+V+K  (M)(M)
    Anchor Bow Heel  DF+V+K  (M)
    High Tide Anchoring  D+V+K  (M)
    High Tide Anchoring (Hold)  D+V+K(hold)  (M)
    Night Raid  DB+V+K  (M)  [2B]
    Night Raid (Hold)  DB+V+K(hold)  (M)  [GB]
    Shadow Flare  B+V+K  (M)  [1B]  (Press G to cancel and backstep)
    Shadow Flare Cancel  b+v+kG  [ND] (unlike the cancel above, it has no backstep)
    Surprise Wave  vH  (H)
    Quick Wild Storm  vgV,V  (M)(M)
    Quick Wild Storm (Delay)  vgV...V  (M)(M)
    Quick Bloody Storm  vgV,H  (M)(L)
    Quick Flare Storm  vgV,B+V  (M)(M)  [1B]  (1B only if first strike misses)
    Side Needle  D(hold)+V OR U(hold)+V  (M)(M)(M)
    Riot Storm  DB(hold)+V OR UB(hold)+V  (M)  [2B]
    Devastator  (while rising) V  (M)
    Leaping Spike Anchor  UB+V OR U+V OR UF+V  (M)
    Stern Splitter  (while jumping) V  (M)
    III. Kick Attacks
    Anchor Gusty Kick  kF  (H)
    Anchor Knee Kick  F+K  (M)
    Head Scratch Kick  F,F+K OR F(hold)+K OR DF(hold)+K OR UF(hold)+K  (M)
    Anchor Middle Kick  DF+K  (M)
    Anchor Bow Kick  D+K  (L)
    Anchor Marooned Kick  DB+K  (L)
    Anchor Steep Kick  B+K,K  (H)(M)
    Galleon Sinker  B,B+K OR B(hold)+K  (M)
    Head Snap Kick  F,F+kV OR kgK  (M)
    Sliding  F(hold)...+K  (L)
    Anchor Side Kick  D(hold)+K OR U(hold)+K  (M)  [GI]
    Anchor Swirl Kick  DB(hold)+K OR UB(hold)+K  (L)
    Anchor Low Kick  (while crouching) K  (L)  (Weaker than Anchor Bow Kick)
    Anchor Revive Kick  (while rising) K  (M)
    Leaping Side Kick  UB+K OR U+K OR UF+K  (M)
    Hop Kick  (while jumping) K  (M)
    IV.  Throws
    Sadistic Cross  H+G  [T]
    Surging Current  V+G  [T]
    Flash Flood  (from behind)  H+G OR V+G  [T]
    Figurehead Break  (from the left) H+G OR V+G  [T]
    Jolly Roger Hoist  (from the right) H+G OR V+G  [T]
    Merciless Stab, Cannonball Split  hbV  (M)  [AT]
    Storm Generate  (against airborne opponent) vD  (M)  [AT]
    Bile Lunges  F,F+V  (M)  [AT]
    V.   Other Attacks
    Pirate's Scheme  H+K  (M)  [GI]  (See entry in '5. Basic Tips/Tactics' below) 
    Pirate's Scheme (Long Range)  H+K  (M)(M)  [GI]  (See above)
    Pirate's Tactics  V+K  (?)  [GI][U]  (See above)
    Dread Charge  DB(hold)+H+V OR UB(hold)+H+V OR D,DB,B  [ND]  (Press G to cancel)
    Dread Slash  (during Dread Charge) H  (H)  [U]  (Press G to cancel)
    Geo Da Ray  (during Dread Charge) V  (M)  [3U]
    Geo Da Ray  (during Dread Charge) D+V OR U+V  (M)  [3U]
    Geo Da Ricochet  (during Dread Charge) V,V  (M)(M)  [3U]  (Requires a wall)
    Geo Da Ricochet  (during Dread Charge) D+V,V OR U+V,V  (M)(M)  [3U] (See above)
    Sadistic Sweep  (during Dread Charge) K  (L)
    Sadistic Archmage  (during Dread Charge) D+H,D+H  (L)(SM)
    Sadistic Wiseacre  (during Dread Charge) D+H,H,V  (L)(M)(M)
    Sadistic Wiseacre (Hold)  (during Dread Charge) D+H,H,V(hold)  (L)(M)(M)
    Dash Flare  (during Dread Charge) F+V+K  (M)  [1B]  (1B only if you're quick!)
    VI.  Attacks Not Listed In The In Game Command List
    Merciless Wave  hB  (M)
    Merciless Stab, Cannonball Split  hbV  (M)  [AT]
    Merciless Needle  hbV,V  (M)(M) (First strike must not damage opponent's front)
    Merciless Needle (Delay)  hbV...V  (M)(M)  (See Above)
    Iceberg Ray  U+H+V,V OR UB+H+V,V  (M)(M)  [GB]  <*>  (Press G to cancel)
    Gibbering Pressure  D(hold)+H,V OR U(hold)+H,V  (L)(M)
    Leaping Swing  UB+H OR U+H OR UF+H  (H)
    Hull Breacher  (while jumping) H  (L)
    Wild Storm (Alternate Delay)  V...V,V  (M)(M)(M)
    Wild Storm (Double Delay)  V...V...V  (M)(M)(M)
    Quick Wild Storm  vgV,V  (M)(M)
    Quick Wild Storm (Delay)  vgV...V  (M)(M)
    Quick Bloody Storm  vgV,H  (M)(L)
    Quick Storm Flare  vgV,B+V  (M)(M)  [1B]  (1B only if first strike misses)
    Leaping Spike Anchor  UB+V OR U+V OR UF+V  (M)
    Stern Splitter  (while jumping) V  (M)
    Anchor Gusty Kick  kF  (H)
    Anchor Bow Kick  D+K  (L)
    Sliding  F(hold)...+K  (L)
    Anchor Low Kick  (while crouching) K  (L)  (Weaker than Anchor Bow Kick)
    Leaping Side Kick  UB+K OR U+K OR UF+K  (M)
    Hop Kick  (while jumping) K  (M)
    Geo Da Ricochet  (during Dread Charge) V,V  (M)(M)  [3U]  (Requires a wall)
    Geo Da Ricochet  (during Dread Charge) D+V,V OR U+V,V  (M)(M)  [3U] (see above)
    5. Basic Tips/Tactics
    This section is just some basic advice on which of Cervantes's moves are the
    most useful, as well as one or two combos.  This section is totally arbitrary,
    and is based largely on my experience, so you might not agree with some of the
    things I have to say.  But I have completed the game multiple times on
    extremely hard using these tactics, and I haven't lost doing so for a long
    time, so I'm confident that they work.  At any rate, it probably wouldn't hurt
    to take a look, so why not read on?
    Merciless Wave  hB  (M)
    Lagging Wave  F,F+H  (M)
    Possibly the two most useful moves for positioning your opponent.  Merciless
    Wave knocks your opponent into the background, Lagging Wave sends them into the
    foreground (if you're facing to the right - otherwise, vice versa).  Handy for
    changing the plane of combat, and even better for getting ring outs.  If you
    can't remember any other moves for choosing which direction your opponent falls
    in, at least remember these two.
    Lagging Wave  F,F+H  (H)
    A great move, this.  Comes out pretty quickly, has a decent range and does
    reasonable damage.  Use this from a distance and you should be able to flatten
    your opponent the majority of the time.  Also good as a starting move (used the
    second the fight starts) due to it's speed, but don't use it every time and it
    is by no means a guaranteed hit.  Also handy for hitting off guard opponents,
    or just after a guard break (although a good opponent will probably GI it).
    Dread Wave  DB+H  (L)
    Dread Wave (Hold)  DB+H(hold)  (L)
    Bloody Storm  V,V,H  (M)(M)(L)
    Quick Bloody Storm  vgV,H  (M)(L)
    Eraser Wave  H+V,H  (M)(M)(L)
    The move I'm focusing on here is the Dread Wave.  This is probably Cervantes's
    best low attack.  It's not overly slow, it's reach isn't bad and neither is
    the damage.  Plus, it even hits opponents on the ground.  Bloody Storm is a
    pretty reliable three hit take down, and is definitely better then Wild Storm,
    which frequently (much more then half the time!) gets it's last hit blocked or
    even guard impacted.  Another great way to use it is to use Dread Wave (Hold)
    at the edge of it's range on a grounded opponent.  If they get up before the
    move executes then you can release it early, if they get up as the move is
    released then it will hit them and if they don't get up at all then it will
    still hit.
    Killer X  D+H+V  (M)
    Flying Dutchman  (while crouching) H+V  (M)(M)(M)(M)(M)(M)(M)  <?B>
    Full Sail Anchoring (Hold)  (while rising) H,V(hold)  (M)(M)  (Causes a tremor)
    Okay, I'll admit that I got this combo from having it used on me by the
    computer, but that still doesn't make it any less flashy.  The idea is that if
    you can connect with a Killer X on a counter hit then they'll be bounced into
    the air, at which point you should be able to catch and suspend them with all
    seven hits of the Flying Dutchman as they fall back to earth.  As Killer X
    puts you into a crouch, you just need to keep down held and press H+V at the
    right time, which is pretty much as soon as Cervantes's finishes his Killer X.
    It doesn't work every time, but it's not outrageously hard to pull and does
    look quite skillful.  However, you'll actually do more damage if you use Full
    Sail Anchoring (Hold) as the second move - although this doesn't look as good.
    Killer X Crawler  UF+H+V OR DF(hold)+H+V OR UF(hold)+H+V  (M)
    Pressure Astern  UF+H+V(hold) OR DF(hold)+H+V(hold) OR UF(hold)+H+V(hold)  (M)
    This is impressive.  Much of what applies to the Lagging Wave applies to this.
    It has considerable range due to the flip, is pretty fast and can be executed
    from standing.  What's more is that if you hold the buttons down when you
    execute the attack, then if your opponent manages to get behind you it
    automatically converts to a Pressure Astern.  A good time to use it is on a
    grounded opponent when they are at the edge of it's range.  They most probably
    won't be expecting it, giving you a good chance of getting the hit, and if
    they don't get up then you'll still hit them.  Also quite a nifty starting
    move, and useful for flattening off guard adversaries.
    Dread Pressure  DB+hV  (M)
    Dread Pressure (Hold)  DB+hV(hold)  (M)  [U]
    I wasn't gonna include this, but in the end I just had to.  I'm more interested
    in the hold version, since it's unblockable, but I can't say that the regular
    version is not worth using.  Basically this is a short range, surprisingly
    quick unblockable attack.  Cervantes also moves forward slightly just before he
    uses it, so it's actually not quite as short ranged as it appears.  If your
    opponent is playing defensively then chuck this at them.  Also a good move to
    use if the computer is lying on the floor and Cervantes has enough room to turn
    around without standing on them (not literally, of course).  They have to get
    up to be hit by it, but more often then not they will.
    Gibbering Torpedo  D(hold)+H,H OR U(hold)+H,H  (L)(L)
    Gibbering Pressure  D(hold)+H,V OR U(hold)+H,V  (L)(M)
    Ah, Gibbering Torpedo.  An attack that hits low.  Twice.  You just know that
    it's gonna be good.  This move executes quite fast, and although the second hit
    is blockable even after getting tagged by the first, the attack's speed
    normally prevents it from being blocked.  If you like to use this attack a lot,
    then you could alternate it with Gibbering Pressure from time to time, but it
    just isn't as good.  A good opportunity to use this seems to be just as your
    opponent is getting up off the floor, but timing here is important, since it
    unfortunately can't hit opponents on the floor.  Darn it.
    Cannonball Splitter  DF+V OR DF(hold)+V OR UF(hold)+V  (M)
    Cannon Flare  DF+V,V OR DF(hold)+V,V OR UF(hold)+V,V (M)  (Counter hit only)
    Storm Generate  vD  (M)  [AT]
    One of Cervantes's more flashy attacks, but that doesn't make it any less
    lethal.  You can only get the second hit of Cannon Flare if the first hit
    connects on a counter.  If you don't get a counter with the first hit then you
    can still catch your opponent with a Storm Generate for some extra damage.
    This attack does quite a bit of damage, but it's not all that fast, so it's not
    recommended up (too) close.  It also leaves you wide open, so try not to use it
    unless you can be fairly sure it will connect.  These might sound like major
    drawbacks, but even so, this is still a highly effective move.
    Night Raid  DB+V+K  (M)  [2B]
    Night Raid (Hold)  DB+V+K(hold)  (M)  [GB]
    I only started using this regularly after I began writing this guide, but I
    have to say that it can be lethal.  I generally go for the hold version more,
    since it doesn't take an awful lot longer to execute and gains the ability to
    guard break, as well as some extra power.  Use it at long range to offset it's
    sub-par speed.  When it connects it does quite a bit of damage, as well
    throwing the victim backwards, also making it not bad as a ring out move.  It
    is liable to get blocked, but is of course a guard break attack (which is why I
    tend towards the hold version).  I mostly use this when the opponent is at the
    edge of it's range and on the floor (surprise surprise) since the delay gives
    them enough time to stand up into it.  Just try not to get side-stepped, since
    this move has severely low horizontal capability (i.e. none), and also has an
    agonisingly long combined execution and recovery time.
    Bloody Hilt Kick  B+V,K  (M)(H)
    Anchor Gusty Kick  kF  (H)
    An extremely quick move.  This is my attack of preference when your opponent is
    too close for comfort, but any other quick, short range move (like Scratch
    Kick) will do.  Basically, when your opponent is right up in your face it
    becomes quite difficult to use most of Cervantes's attacks, since when you
    start to execute something your opponent normally gets their attack in first
    due to their higher speed.  So, to get round this, you can use an extremely
    quick attack which launches them either off towards the horizon or down into
    the pavement.  You could try using a throw, but if your opponent is holding
    their ground and continually attacking then I find that one of these moves
    actually works better.  As a side note, you can also use the kick from Bloody
    Hilt Kick on it's own, and it's actually not that bad as a medium range attack.
    Bet ya didn't know that, huh?  (if you did, then just humour me.)
    Storm Generate  vD  (M)  [AT]
    Ever been frustrated by your inability to catch falling folk mid air, zap them
    with a couple of lightning bolts and then slam them forcibly back to earth?
    Well, stress yourself no longer, because now you can with Cervantes's very own
    Storm Generate.  Simply use the attack to connect squarely with a falling
    victim, and you can generate electrical surges to your heart's content.  Also
    available in up close face smashing form.  No batteries required.  ....
    Er, sorry about that.  Anyway, as you might have gathered, Storm Generate can
    be used to throw an airborne opponent, regardless of why they are in the air.
    It's most common use is to catch a juggled opponent, which it is pretty useful
    for, and you should try to do so whenever you can.  But, if can also be used to
    grab unsuspecting opponents out of the air as they attempt to perform an aerial
    attack.  A couple of examples would be Cervantes's Shadow Flare and Nightmare's
    Fatal Dive.  It's definitely more of a challenge to do so, but if you manage to
    I gotta say it's pretty satisfying, and probably annoying to boot on the
    receiving end.  You can also use this attack to hit a standing opponent, and it
    will floor them too, but it's not particularly great for this.
    Pirate's Scheme  A+K  (M)  [GI]
    Pirate's Scheme (Long Range)  A+K  (M)(M)  [GI]
    Pirate's Tactics  V+K  (?)  [GI][U]
    Hard to use well, but extremely effective (and no doubt annoying).  If you
    successfully guard impact an opponents attack with one of these then Cervantes
    will automatically follow up with an inescapable counter attack.  This is why
    I'm not sure what height Pirate's Tactic's hits at (hence the ?), but in
    practice it is of no importance what-so-ever.  Anyway, there's more to it then
    simply guard impacting an attack that your adversary throws at you.  Pirate's
    Scheme can only guard impact high and mid horizontal attacks, whereas Pirate's
    Tactics can only guard impact (yeah, you've guessed it) high and mid vertical
    attacks - which explains why there's two of them.  This does make them a little
    more tricky to use then regular guard impacts, and so to help you out you can
    use them while running in any direction, or even during a Dread Charge.  Isn't
    that nice of the game designers?  Oh, and I have to mention that Pirate's
    Tactics is the only attack in which Cervantes uses his gun (he has a pistol in
    the hilt of Nirvana, if you didn't know).  Why bring a gun to battle and not
    use it?  I mean, duh.  And I don't wanna hear any excuses about game balance or
    any of that rubbish.  Ah well, I suppose he does have the major handicap of
    being dead to overcome, so I guess I can let it slide.
    Storm Flare  V,V,B+V  (M)(M)(M)  [2B]  (Last hit 2B only if prior attacks miss)
    Quick Storm Flare  vgV,B+V  (M)(M)  [1B]  (1B only if first strike misses)
    Shadow Flare  B+V+K  (M)  [1B]  (Press G to cancel and backstep)
    Shadow Flare Cancel  b+v+kG  [ND] (unlike the cancel above, it has no backstep)
    Dash Flare  (during Dread Charge) F+V+K  (M)  [1B]  (1B only if you're quick!)
    Are you surprised that I had to mention Shadow Flare in this section?  A cool
    attack this, not to mention disorientating as hell.  If you really want it to
    bite then pull a quick level 1 soul charge just before you execute it so that
    you can add the guard break.  As it happens, the Shadow Flare on the end of
    Storm Flare is also a guard break at level 1 soul charge, but a) the first two
    attacks have to miss and b) even if this does happen the soul charge runs out
    by the time the Shadow Flare strikes.  Oh well.  If you feel like shaking
    things up a bit (usually to annoy your mates) then use this when you're right
    in front of your opponent, but only if you can afford to take the chance of
    getting hit.  You can also use it when your opponent is on the floor, which
    works reasonably well.  Just watch out for characters with mid air throws -
    particularly Astaroth.  Also handy when your opponent is quite a distance away,
    and they seem to be under the impression that they have a few seconds to do
    whatever they want unassailed.  Prove them wrong.
    Geo Da Ray  (during Dread Charge) V  (M)  [3U]
    Geo Da Ray  (during Dread Charge) D+V OR U+V  (M)  [3U]
    Dread Charge  DB(hold)+H+V OR UB(hold)+H+V OR D,DB,B  [ND]  (Press G to cancel)
    High Tide Anchoring (hold)  D+V+K(hold)  (M)
    Finally.  If there's a move that Cervantes should be famous for, then this is
    it.  In my opinion, this is much better than Shadow Flare, but I'm sure there
    are some people out there who would argue with me (there always are).  This
    move can absolutely demolish your opponents, but you can't just use it any old
    how.  Firstly, you should only really use it from a distance.  Since Cervantes
    has to charge up first, unless there's some space between you and your opponent
    then Dread Charge is usually just an invitation for your enemy to flatten you.
    It CAN be used up close, but unless you know what you're doing it's generally
    not a good idea.  Also, watch the arena edges!  It is surprisingly easy to fire
    yourself straight off the edge of a stage, and an instant loss, so if you're
    facing an edge and are anywhere near it, then just don't use this. Just don't,
    OK?  Aside from these precautions, there are two ways that I tend to use this.
    The most obvious would be to attack vulnerable opponents when they are out of
    reach of conventional attacks.  My other method is to delay the attack.  When
    you have at least some distance from your adversary, pull a Dread Charge and
    then wait.  The chances are that your opponent will either block, attack or
    move.  If they block, then you can simply abandon the Dread Charge.  If they
    attack then you can counter with Geo Da Ray.  A lot of the time the computer
    will respond to this by performing a move timed to knock Cervantes out of the
    attack, but since you have delayed it their move will just leave them wide
    open, and you can execute your move just as their's is ending.  Lastly, if they
    decide to move then you can wait and see where they go.  If they start to back
    up or side step, then you can just leave the Dread Charge.  But sometimes your
    opponent will decide to circle round you in which case you can launch a
    sideways Geo Da Ray.  If it misses, which it does quite a bit, then most of the
    time you won't end up right next to your opponent and shouldn't get hit.  But
    it can connect occasionally, and that certainly doesn't help your opponent out
    much.  One thing I must say though is to be wary when using this against a
    character with quick long range attacks - specifically Ivy - since they can hit
    you almost as soon as you start the Dread Charge.  As a final point, if you
    successfully connect with a Geo Da Ray then you have enough time to turn around
    and execute a High Tide Anchoring (Hold), which will connect with your opponent
    after they land - guaranteed.  DON'T use Storm Generate, since this not only
    does less damage but it actually reduces the damage your opponent takes from
    the Geo Da Ray.
    Geo Da Ricochet  (during Dread Charge) V,V  (M)(M)  [3U]  (Requires a wall)
    Geo Da Ricochet  (during Dread Charge) D+V,V OR U+V,V  (M)(M)  [3U] (See above)
    Really this is just an extension of Geo Da Ray, but grouping them together 
    would have put the move details (above) well over the 79 character limit, and
    since this ability isn't listed in game I thought I'd write them as separate
    moves.  Anyway, to pull this off simply Geo Da Ray Cervantes into a wall and
    then press V before he recovers from the move.  This comes in quite handy when
    your opponent is close to a wall, since if it fails to connect then you'll end
    up with some distance between you after the move, hindering any reprisal, and
    occasionally if the initial attack misses you catch them on the rebound.  Also,
    I've only listed the attack as having one rebound, but in fact it can have a
    lot more if the walls are in the right place.  My current record is five, but
    this isn't necessarily the limit.  Try getting yourself into a corner and then
    seeing how many rebounds you can get.  What could be more fun?
    6. Acknowledgements
    Thanks to Namco for making yet another great instalment in the Soul Blade saga
    Thanks to GameFAQs for publishing this guide (I hope - obviously if your
    reading this then they have).

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