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"A worthy sequel with many great additions"

I first played Soul Edge in 1996 and was dissapointed that Soul Calibur was not released for the Playstation. Thus you can almost say that I waited 7 long years before I got to play the second sequel to Soul Edge.

Namco has always have a great storyline for all of its 3D fighters. I would suggest that those who are interested in storylines to look for information on the internet. This will allow them to update themselves on the great storyline from Soul Edge to Soul Calibur and finally to Soul Calibur II.Personally I feel that Soul Calibur II's storyline is so great that they ought to make an RPG out of the whole series. In fact SNK did it with Samurai Shodown.

Gameplay and Replay value -9/10
This game has many new modes. It really deserve a 10 if not for the fact that Tekken Tag had more modes than it.
Tekken 3 and 4 had tekken force. Soul Calibur II may have the weapon master mode. Its quite fun but its still 1 on 1 battles. Also since some of the battles are kinda lame the player is forced to pick one guy with a few cheap moves and try to conquer weapon master mode. You will be forcing yourself to keep playing the weapon master mode just to unlock the remaining secrets. I would have prefer unlocking everything once I finish weapon master mode. It gets boring at times since its just fighting the same guy again and again in certain stages. But the weapon master mode does offer a great challenge since some stages are really challenging but as mentioned earlier the player is very likely to just use a guy with only a few cheap moves and can get pass it. Things were actually tougher in Soul Edge's Edge master mode since the player must master every character to finish all the edge master modes.
Anyway the game does offer you the option to get up close and personal with the various characters. Thus fans of Dead
or Alive games would like this feature.
The different weapons would also provide some replay value.
Although some weapons are just kinda useless. I would have keep playing the arcade mode like I did in Soul Edge if I wasn't a guy who cared about endings. Yes I can play Tekken 4 many times because they offer a great animated 3D ending. I did that too with Soul Edge especially since they have 2 endings. Thus I was dissapointed with Soul Calibur II's ending which I will elaborate later.

Seriously I really want to give this game a 10 for graphics especially since they added my favourite characters Spohitia and Seung Mina into it. The character models are really well designed and are very beautiful. However they only have 3 costumes at the most and some of the guys that I liked have only 2 costumes. The game does have a great FMV although I would say that Soul Edge had a slightly better FMV.There are more stages and they are very beautiful but they seem to be less interactive compared to Soul Edge and Tekken 4. The game's major flaw is in the graphics section can only be discovered when you complete the game's arcade mode. The endings are in pictures and words.
There is no animated 3D endings which were a great reason to play Namco's 3D fighters for. This sort of gave the game an incomplete feeling especially since the game is made in a DVD there should be enough space for animated 3D endings.

Sound Effects/Music-9/10
The game's voice overs are excellent. There is even a section in this game for you to listen to everyone's screams and speeches. The only reason why I didn't give this section a 10 is because Soul Calibur II's music soundtrack isn't as good as Soul Edge's music.

Conclusion- This game is nearly perfect and I guess most players don't care about endings and background music in
3D fighters. Thus I would really recommend that players buy this game for its near perfect graphics and near perfect gameplay values.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/08/03, Updated 06/08/03

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