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"Soul Calibur II: from the series that started it all."

Lines were out the doors to pick up Soul Calibur II on its release day. Namco brings another great fighter game to the world. However, it is a very unique game; instead of hand to hand, you are using weapons to dish out the hits.

Gameplay: 10/10
The gameplay is extremely smooth. As with all other Namco fighters, its as if you are living the movements its so smooth. The moves are easy to pull off, and are all very unique. You have many modes to choose from. Initially you have Arcade, Versus, Practice, Weapon Master Mode, and others. As you progress through the game you earn more modes. The arcade mode is very nice, but what takes the cake is Weapon Master Mode. You go on a quest to get this mythical sword. As you travel, you encounter challenges. Each challenge is unique in its own right. In some its a normal battle, in others there are traps awaiting you. It is by far the best gameplay in a fighter I have ever seen.

Graphics: 10/10
The graphics are stunning. Many people say the Playstation 2’s graphics are the worst of the 3 versions, however I cannot tell any difference between any of them. They seem flawless as they could be. The cinematics are breathtaking and innovative. There are no bad graphics in this game. Everything has been done in the finest detail and it shows. Namco really cares when it comes to visuals.

Extras: 10/10
This game is all about extras. Almost anything you do can get you to unlock extras. From beating arcade to playing through weapon master mode, there is no shortage to things you can unlock. From new characters, new game modes, new weapons, new cinematics. Its all there to be found and discovered.

Sound: 9/10
The big downfall to the game (and its a 9... that's how good this game is). The music is spectacular. It really stimulates the mood of suspense. However, the soundtrack is not very large, and many songs are repeated over. Also, each character has a large vocabulary they will say at the loading screen and before and after matches. And they too repeat, but its not big deal.

Difficulty: 10/10
You can really customize your gaming experience. At the beginning you can have a very simple match, and as you get better you can increase difficulty. Also, the learning curve is very short. (I got good with Yoshimitsu in about 2 hours). When you figure it out, you will find no real problems for quite a while.

Overall 10/10

Rent or buy: Buy Buy Buy.
This game is the best fighter game you can pick up for the PS2. It has been long anticipated this game has turned out to be everything I hoped for, and more. Go buy it as soon as the next shipment comes in at your local store, since chances are that the first shipment sold out just as they came in.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/28/03

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