Review by Overmind

Reviewed: 10/07/03

Hmm....wait..a GOOD fighting game? Who knew?

In all my years of playing video games, I have never seen a single decent fighting game. The Mortal Kombat series was not that bad, but who knew that they could actually make a good fighting game? Soul Calibur II came out on three systems: Gamecube, Playstation 2, and XBox. Each version had their own special characters. Gamecube has Link, the hero of The Legend of Zelda, PS2 has Heiachi (can't....spell) from the Tekkan series, and XBox has Spawn, uh...a comic book character I think. This game features high quality graphics, nice voices, and overall, good gameplay. Even though this is a fighting game, which usually get really old, really fast, it will still bring you back so you can play more of it. My only complaint was that it was a little to easy to win. *notices he's been playing on very easy this whole time.* .....Okay maybe I'll change that.

On with the storyline...I never thought i'd be able to say that for a fighting game. However, the storyline really isn't that special. An evil, soul sucking sword called Soul Edge is back, and it's causing all kinds of trouble. Some people set off to destroy the evil blade, but some seek to claim it's power as their own, despite the fact the sword is evil. But beware! The swords keeper, Nightmare, will not surrender it so easliy, and neither will the swords actual guardian, Inferno (wonder why they call him that hmm...). Not too bad of a storyline, could have added some more twists. Every character has a different reason for wanting the blade. For example: Mitsurugbi wants to have the best sword in the world. Cassandra wants to destroy the sword for her sister. Cervantes, wants to possess the evil blade so he can control the world (or something evil like that). Get the picture? As you may have noticed, many of the original Soul Calibur fighters have returned to finish off the sword for good, along with some new fighters (what's yoshimitsu doing there? I thought he was in the Tekkan Series...).

Graphics are stunningly beautiful. From the shrine of Hephastus to the fiery battlefield of Inferno, Soul Calibur II will keep you stunned with it's battlefield graphics. Watch as Cassandra skirt blows with the wind...ohhhhh...sorry lost my head there for a second. They really did good with the wind effect there. That's not all. The fires of Infernos battlefield are stunning, and so is Inferno himself.

Gameplay is fairly easy. It's fun, especially trying to master a character that you like. The downside is that the game is fairly easy. I beat the entire game with every single character, including weapons master mode. It's fairly simple, I was hoping for more of a challenge.

Sounds are great. Character voices are very well played. It's lots of fun to hear everyone taunting each other.

So...should you rent or buy? You'd expect me, if you've read my other reviews, to say that you shouldn't waste your time. But this time i've made a good rating (who knew Overmind could actually like a game?), so i'll say this. Buy now. Go directly to store. Do not pass Go, but collect 50 bucks for this game anyway. Which version should you choose? There's hardly a difference, but if you like Link you should go with Gamecube, If you want Spawn, go with XBox, etc. If your a general fan of fighting games, or the original Soul Calibur, then this game is a must get. I'm still playing it now, that's how much fun it is. Man this must be one of the only games that i have not suggested for the hockey puck. That's because this game is actually good! WHO KNEW?

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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