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    FAQ/Walkthrough by The Wizard Of Ozzy

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    Medal Of Honor: Frontline DEMO
    For: PlayStation 2
    By: The Wizard Of Ozzy  (John Coakley)
    Last Updated: 6/01/02
    Homepage: www.libertygta.cjb.net
    Email: gta3_lazlow@hotmail.com
    AIM: GamerGuy826
    Version: Final
    FAQ History:
    (most recent entry on the bottom)
    5/17/02- I started this guide. It came out pretty good. I just wrote up 
    a little walkthrough.
    5/19/02- Added a Q&A section!
    5/20/02- This FAQ actually got posted! I put in a controls section 
    also. And, if you guys see ANYTHING that I didn't put in the FAQ. Then 
    just send me an email. You'll get full credit. I also fixed up some 
    spelling/grammar errors I had. Bye.
    5/21/02- Fixed the Legal Notice. That's pretty much it! 
    5/23/02- Added a more clear way of beating the tank. * Thanks to 
    Daz1236900 for telling me an easier way! *
    6/01/02- This will be the last update. Since the game has been 
    released, I've decided to stop with this FAQ. When I get the game, I'll 
    be working on a walkthrough for the final game. Thanks to everyone who 
    helped me with the FAQ! Bye!
    Hi guys!  This is my very first FAQ/Walkthrough. So If you notice any 
    mistakes. Send me an email. Thanks!  Anyways, there has been a lot of 
    requests for a FAQ for the MOH: Frontline Demo.  So, I had some spare 
    time and decided to write one.  If this FAQ gets posted.  I'll be 
    updating it.  So, for right now, I'll just put in a brief walkthrough.  
    And I'll be updating it later. Bye!
    You may post this guide on your site only if you ask me for permission 
    first. Just send me an email at gta3_lazlow@hotmail.com. You may not 
    sell this FAQ or take credit for it. I worked hard on it, so just email 
    me about any questions you might have. The only site that doesn't need 
    permission to post this FAQ is www.gamefaqs.com. That's it! No 
    OK. Now on with the guide.
    The most recent version of this guide can always be found at 
    3.	MOH Q&A
    If you can't find what your looking for on this guide. Try hitting 
    CTRL+F. It's pretty useful.
    1.	CONTROLS-
    START - Pause/view objectives.
    SELECT - Exit demo.
    LEFT ANALOG stick - Strafe left-right/move forward-backward.
    RIGHT ANALOG stick - Turn/look up-down.
    R3 - Center camera.
    X - Jump.
    SQUARE - Melee.
    O - Change Weapon.
    TRIANGLE - Action.
    R1 - Fire weapon.
    R2 - Reload.
    L1 - Zoom Aim/corner peek.
    L2 - Crouch.
    OK.  The MOH demo gives you 15 minutes to explore this one Level. So if 
    you hope to complete it.  You should try to move fast! OK. Here it is:
    When you first start the mission, you should run straight ahead and 
    head towards the little white box directly infront of you. Press 
    triangle to see what's inside. That was easy. Wasn't it? Your first 
    mission objective is already complete! Just press start to see what 
    objectives you've done/need to do.
    Now head through a little ways more and you'll see a car come zooming 
    by. Follow the car, and when it crashes, press triangle near the super 
    cool machine gun. You can use the gun to kill the Nazis that are in the 
    area. Or you can destroy the crates etc. etc. Just have fun and 
    experiment. Don't waste to much time though. Remember, there is a time 
    limit on this demo! 
    When your done, kill off the rest of the Nazis. Head to the far right 
    of this area. And enter the small building. You can pick up 10 grenades 
    here. As well as a health pack. And some rounds. Now go forward, and 
    head down the road. You'll see a war plane come by and kill of some 
    Nazis. Just keep moving forward. When you come to the end, you can pick 
    up two health packs if you want. Then turn left down the small path and 
    kill the two or three Nazis in your way. Follow the small path. And 
    when you get to a dead end again, press the crouch button (L2), to duck 
    down. You'll be able to walk through the smaller hole.
    Now here comes the hard stuff. Go forward and pick up the health icon 
    if you need it. Look towards the bridge and you'll see a tank! This 
    tank can move around to, and it can point it's turret anywhere. So 
    watch out! Your goal is to get across the bridge. So, head towards the 
    bridge. Just before the bridge, on the right, is a doorway leading to a 
    health pack and some ammo. just before this doorway is an alley. If you 
    go down this alley and follow it around, you will see the tank on the 
    left. The handy thing about this spot is the tank is too busy shooting 
    your comrades and will ignore you, unless you shoot it after everyone 
    has been killed, then it will commence shooting at you. Anyway, All you 
    have to do is use the grenade, Hold the button down to throw it 
    further, aim a little higher than the tank and just throw. You may want 
    to take out the couple of nazi's who start shooting but they are not 
    much of a problem, just throw a couple of grenades at them, they soon 
    scatter. It will take only 2-3 hits to destroy the tank.
     ** NOTE ** Credit goes to Daz1236900 for sending me a mini guide on 
    how to beat the tank. Thanks a lot!**
    Also, if that seems to difficult, you can run across the bridge and try 
    ducking behind the crates for cover. When you make it across, don't 
    bother trying to take out the tank or the Nazis... yet! Directly in 
    front of the bridge, you'll see a dead comrade in what looks like a 
    church tower. You'll hear his radio asking him to give support fire in 
    the tower. So, turn left near his body, and you should see a ladder. 
    Climb the ladder by pressing the triangle button. And aim your 
    character upwards to go faster. When you make it to the top. You'll see 
    another one of the super cool machine guns! Take control of it. And 
    fire at the tank that's in front of the bridge (if you've already taken 
    it out, don't worry, you still have to do this if you want to complete 
    the objective!) . When it's gone. Take out the rest of the Nazis. OK. 
    The second objective is done!
    Climb down the ladder and head out of the building. Watch out though. 
    There might be Nazis patrolling the area. Head down the path to the 
    right. And pick up a health icon if you need it. Now, When you get to 
    the end of the road, turn left into the building that has wood all 
    barricaded on the windows. Just head to the left side and crouch down. 
    You'll go under neath the wall. Shoot the two Nazis that are standing 
    there. And head out into the new area. Help your comrades and then head 
    through to the area with the tank that's to the left. Don't worry. It's 
    already been blown up!
    Now, head to the small room that has the hole in the wall, duck through 
    it and head all the way to the end of the tunnel. Shoot the Nazi that 
    is interrogating the soldier. And pick up the items in the room. Yay! 
    Third objective complete!
    OK. Right outside you should see three Nazis at a machine gun turret. 
    Throw a grenade at them and watch what happens! Then, take over the 
    turret! When your done. Head a little up and turn left again. Do you 
    see those barrels? You have to destroy them. Just shoot at them or drop 
    a grenade at them to blow them up. Now you have a choice as to where 
    you want to go. You can head through the little opening pathway on the 
    far left of the circular area, and then shoot the Nazi using the 
    turret. Then, head up towards the crates. I think this way is easier 
    but you can also do it the following way... OR when you blow up the 
    barrels, walkthrough and shoot the Nazi in front of you. Pick up the 
    health item if you need it. Go forward and shoot the Nazi using the 
    machine gun. Then grab hold of the gun and blast away at the huge group 
    of Nazis heading towards you! When that's done, take out your handgun. 
    And be careful, because there is a Nazi at the other end with a machine 
    gun. Press L1 to go to aiming mode, and carefully take out the Nazi at 
    the other end from a distance. When its safe, go ahead and move forward 
    to the stack of crates. Congratulations! Mission accomplished! Wow, all 
    that was done in under fifteen minutes. Not bad!
    1.	Q - Why is the demo only 15 minutes long?
    A - It seems that the developer wanted to just let you get to know the 
    feeling of the game. I personally wish that the timer was not there. I 
    agree it's annoying.
    2. Q - Why can't I reload the M1 Garand?
    A - The M1 Garand was made to be reloaded when all 8 rounds were used 
    up. So it's not a glitch or anything like that. The developers just 
    wanted ultimate realism. **Credit goes to "GamefreakNow" and "G Dubya 
    Bush" for finding an error I made. I mistakenly called the M1 Garand a 
    shotgun. Ha ha! Sorry guys!** 
    3. Q - I don't like first-person games. Can I change the view to third-
    A - No.
    4.	Q - I can't get past the bridge where the tank is. Can you help me?
    A - There really is no specific way to do it. Just head across the 
    bridge. And duck behind the crates on the bridge for cover. Just don't 
    stop! Walk right past the tank. Refer to the walkthrough on how to 
    destroy it.
    5.	Q - When is this game coming out???
    A - The game has been released in North America. And will arrive in 
    Europe on June 6th.
    Send all your questions to me at: gta3_lazlow@hotmail.com 
    This FAQ is no longer taking updates. Thanks to everyone who helped me 
    I would like to thank "The Official PlayStation Magazine" for including 
    a demo of MOH: Frontline.  I never would have been able to write this 
    guide if it wasn't for your mag! Thanks a lot!
    Also,  CJayC, for posting this FAQ!
    And of course, me! For writing it! Well, That's it! Bye!
    Copyright (c) 2002-2002

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