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    Mission Obtjectives Completion FAQ by Fjoeri

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    ========================= Medal of Honor: Frontline ===========================
    |                                                                             |
    |   **     **  ************ **********        ***      ****           *** *** |
    |   **** ****  **         * **       **      ** **      **            * * *   |
    |   ** *** **  **      *    **        **    **   **     **            * * *** |
    |   **  *  **  *********    **        **   *********    **            * * *   |
    |   **     **  **      *    **        **  **       **   **            *** *   |
    |   **     **  **         * **       **   **       **   **       **   ======= |
    |  ****   **** ************ **********   ****     **** ************           |
    |                                                                             |
    |     ****    ****  **********  ***     ****  **********   ********           |
    |      **      **  **        **  ***     **  **        **  **     **          |
    |      **      **  **        **  ** **   **  **        **  **     **          |
    |      **********  **        **  **  **  **  **        **  *******            |
    |      **      **  **        **  **   ** **  **        **  **    **           |
    |      **      **  **        **  **    ****  **        **  **     **          |
    |     ****    ****  **********  ****    ***   **********  ****     *******    |
    |                                                                             |
     =======  *****  *****     ***   *   *  *****  *      *  *   *  *****  =======
            | *      *   **   *   *  **  *    *    *      *  **  *  *     |
            | ***    * ****   *   *  * * *    *    *      *  * * *  ***   |
            | *      *   *    *   *  *  **    *    *      *  *  **  *     |
            | *     ***  ***   ***   *   *    *    *****  *  *   *  ***** |
    =========================== Medal of Honor ====================================
    ============================= Frontline =======================================
    ================ Mission Obtjectives Completion FAQ ===========================
    ============================ / Speed FAQ ======================================
    ========================= FINAL VERSION =======================================
    =========================== - Copyright - =====================================
    ======================= - Mister FANTASTIC - ==================================
    ============================= - 2003 - ========================================
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    1: Table of contents
    1: Table of Contents
    2: About me and this FAQ
    3: Mission Objectives Completion FAQ
      3.1: MISSION 1: D-DAY
        3.1.1: Your Finest Hour
        3.1.2: Into the Breach
        3.2.1: Seaside Stowaway
        3.2.2: Special Cargo
        3.2.3: Eye of the Storm
        3.2.4: A Chance Meeting
        3.3.1: Rough Landing
        3.3.2: The Golden Lion
        3.3.3: Operation Repunzel
        3.4.1: Nijmegen Bridge
        3.4.2: Yard by Yard
        3.4.3: Arnhem Knights
        3.5.1: On Track
        3.5.2: Riding out the Storm
        3.5.2: Derailed
        3.6.1: Clipping Their Wings
        3.6.2: Enemy Mine
        3.6.3: Under the Radar
        3.6.4: Stealing the Show
    4: The medals
      4.1: How to get...
        4.1.1: A bronze star
        4.1.2: A silver star
        4.1.3: A gold star
      4.2: List of Medals
    5: Credits
    2: About me and this FAQ
    OK, what you need to know, is that this FAQ is based on the PS2 version of
    Medal of Honor. So keep that in mind. However, the game is the same, so this
    FAQ should be as useful for any console as it is for PS2.
    Hi to everyone who’s reading this new FAQ of mine.
    I've written this FAQ to help you out. Well, I hope it is helpful at least.
    It's meant for those of you who have trouble completing missions due to the
    Maybe this FAQ is also useful for those of you who want more info on the
    objectives without having to read a whole FAQ, and possebly spoiling your
    fun of playing and discovering things for yourself.
    First, about me:
    I’m an 19 year old student from Belgium. I go to school in a place called
    Keerbergen (wich means turning mountains in English). For myself, I live in a
    place called Hever. I've written a couple of FAQ so far, but not al of them are
    posted here at gamefaqs. I had some with I never intended to post. And others
    were sold to a magazine, so they had to go offline, or were forbidden to even
    go online. (they will go back online later though)
    Next, about this FAQ:
    You have to know that this FAQ belongs to me, and me only. This FAQ may also
    only be found at:
    Nothing in this text me by copied without my permission! So if you want to use
    something in this FAQ, ask me first, and save yourself a lot of cash. ;-)if you
    know what I mean.
    If you want to contact me, you can find me at joeri_crauwels@hotmail.com.
    Yet, don’t send me any spam, cuz it will be filtered out.
    You can also contact me by leaving a message at this forum. www.playstation.be
    Just adress it to MisterFANTASTIC. The same thing aplies for my own
    PlayStation 2 online clan forum: www.ps2united.com
    3: Mission Objectives Completion FAQ
                              3.1: MISSION 1: D-Day
      3.1.1: Your Finest Hour
                   1: Meet the Captain on Shore.
                   2: Rescue Four Pinned Down Squad Members.
                   3: Rejoin Squad at Shingle Embankment.
                   4: Rescue Engineer at End of Embankment.
                   5: Rendezvous with Captain at Base of Bunker.
                   6: Cross the Minefield and Man Machine Gun.
                   7. Destroy MG Nests on Ridge.
                   8. Eliminate Enemy Soldiers in Trench.
       Objective 1: You will find the Captain behind the stranded boat. Just run up
                    to him and you will complete the objective.
       Objective 2: You will find these 4 soldiers scattered over the beach. If you
                    are near them, you will hear them yell at you. The will ask you
                    for covering fire. If you are beside them, just fire at the
                    nearest bunker to rescue them.
                    The will be hiding in the craters, and behid those metal
                    structures shaped like crosses. (Don't know the word)
                    The objective will be complete once you've rescued all 4 of
       Objective 3: Once you've rescued the 4 soldiers, run up to the barbwire.
                    Find the captain and you will have completed the objective, and
                    recieved a new one.
       Objective 4: Run all the way to the right side of the beach. You'll find the
                    engenier hiding under the wreck of a fishing boat.
                    (There is a TOMPSON MACHINE GUN there as well).
                    Just keep firing at the bunkers to cover the engeneer. He has
                    to make it alive to the captain. Stay behind him, and shoot at
                    the nearest bunker.
                    The objective will be completed as soon as the engeneer reaches
                    the captain.
       Objective 5: Just run straight at the bunker once the wire is blown up.
                    Never mind about the Nazi's shooting at you from the bunker.
                    The captain will be at the base of the bunker. Once you get
                    there, you've completed the objective.
       Objective 6: You have to make it across the mine field. Try using the craters
                    as a cover for the machine nests on top of the hill. Once you
                    make it trough, you'll end up in a trench. There will be a nazi
                    right in front of you, and one to you right. Once you've killed
                    them, go right, look up to climb the ladder.
                    In the tower, look at the machine gun and press action.
                    Objective completed.
       Objective 7: Just aim at the machine nests on top of the hill. Fire at will.
                    They'll blow up once you get them.
       Objective 8: While you are taking out the machine nests, a couple of nazi's
                    will attack you from the trench. Just aim down and waste them
                    with your manned machine gun. Once their dead, continue firing
                    on the machine nests.
      3.1.2: Into the Breach
                   1: Clear Machine Gun Bunker.
                   2: Destroy Radio Link to Upper Gun Deck.
                   3: Find Smoke Grenades.
                   4: Clear Both Gun Decks.
       Objective 1: Just kill al the nazi's you come across. You won't miss one,
                    trust me.
                    Be careful at entering the bunker. There is a mouted machine
                    gun ready to fire at you. Simply to a grenade down the bunker,
                    or quickly shoot the nazi manning it in the head, or shoot
                    the barrel before the gun.
       Objective 2: Once you've gone up the first set of stairs, you'll hear a
                    nazi talking trough the radio. He's reporting the invasion,
                    about a couple of thousand allied forces on the beach.
                    Just go right, and you'll find the nazi. Shoot him, and then
                    shoot the radio.
       Objective 3: You can find these smoke grenades on several locations. I'll
                    give you one, because I can't remember the others.
                    From the room where 2 officers where smoking a cigarette, go
                    into the next room via a small passage way. There will be an
                    enemy firing at you from behind a table. Take him out, and
                    left behind him is a small room with some shelves, ammo and
                    the smoke grenades on the floor.
       Objective 4: Once you get up the next stairs, shoot the nazi in the corner
                    by the radio. Destroy the radio as well to be sure.
                    Then go trough the door across the stairs and you'll be at
                    the gun deck. Quickly shoot al the enemies here and go watch
                    the other gun deck. After a couple of seconds, and a plane
                    flying by, you'll see the captain waving at you. He activates
                    a smoke bomb, and the bunker is destroyed.
                    You will now have a red square in the middle of the gun deck.
                    Go to it and press the action button.
                    Now get the hell out of there! Go trough the door at the other
                    end of this floor, watch out for one last nazi, and you've
                    finished the level.
                        3.2: MISSION 2: A STORM IN THE PORT
      3.2.1: Seaside Stowaway
                   1: Collect Resistance Drop at Insertion Point
                   2: Man Machine Gun in Church Tower
                   3: Secure Submarine Fuelling Roaster
                   4: Breach Wall to Docks
                   5: Locate Submarine Fuelling Dock
                   6: Stow Away in Crago Crate
       Objective 1: Right from your starting possition you'll see a couple of
                    crates in front of you. simply walk up to them and press action
                    to open up the small white one behind the wooden ones. If you
                    can't get it, try shooting the crates first.
       Objective 2: Try to make it across the bridge guarded by the tank.
                    The curch is right across the street on the tank side of the
                    bridge. Be careful there, because the place is crawling with
                    If you are at the corner right in front of the church, then
                    take care of the nazi's at your right. There is a small alley
                    with 2 nazi's, and behind the corner on you side of the street
                    is an other foe. Once they are dead, walk into the bombed
                    church. You'll hear someone calling the dead american trough
                    the radio lying there.
                    Find the ladder and climb it all the way up, until you find the
                    machine gun. Press action to grab a hold of it and start firing
                    at the nazi's by the bridge to cover you comerades.
                    You can also take out the tank if you haven't already done that.
       Objective 3: You'll eventualy come across a place where you can only continue
                    if you crawl. In that small tunnel you'll hear a officer
                    jelling at a captured american. (You can't save him). Once you
                    get there, kill the officer and you'll find the Fuelling Roster
                    on the wall near the door.
       Objective 4: From objective 3, you'll find some barrels to blow up. Either
                    shoot them, or press action to light a fire. (get back or you'll
                    get hurt). Once you can go trough, you'll end up in the
                    outskirts of the town, well, in a forrest or something. Either
                    way, kill all the nazi's, and be carefull for the machine nests.
                    There is a road, with machine nests on both side of them. Just
                    take out the nazi's and you towards the lighthous. You'll
                    complete the objective.
       Objective 5: From objective 4, run straight foreward until you'll see a some
                    crates. Go to the one that is open. You'll finish the level.
      3.2.2: Special Cargo
                   1: Sabotage U-Boat Engines
                   2: Set Explosives in Aft Torpedo Room
                   3: Disable Radio Communication
                   4: Set Explosives in Fore Torpedo Room
                   5: Find Enigma Code Book
                   6: Escape Through the Exit Hatch
       Objective 1: Well, this mission is pretty straight forward, so you can't
                    miss an objective. Everything is pointed out by a flashing
                    red square.
                    Once you come across one, just go near it and press action.
       Objective 2: Same as the previous objective. The Aft Torpedo Room is easy
                    to recognize, since it's full of torpedo's (du'h!) and it's
                    at the end of the boat.
       Objective 3: The radio isn't hard to find, you'll practecly stumble across
                    Once you've found it, shoot it!
       Objective 4: Same as objective 2, only this torpedo room is in located in
                    front of the boat.
       Objective 5: The enigma code book is in one of the bedrooms. It's the one
                    wich is locked at first, but will open once you've cleared the
                    previous objective. Just check the small table beside the bed.
       Objective 6: Find the hatch in the central room where you shot the captain.
                    (He was the guy looking trough the periscope)
                    There is a ladder leading to the hatch.
      3.2.3: Eye of the Storm
                   1: Find Resistance Weapons Cache
                   2: Find Rooftop Hatch Near U-Boat Pen 2
                   3: Destroy Supply Trucks
                   4: Acquire Deployment Roster
                   5: Infiltrate Wet Docks Facility
       Objective 1: You'll start this mission at a u-shaped sea dock. Make your way
                    to the other corner of the U shaped dock to find a ladder.
                    Climb it, take out the guard there and walkt across the small
                    Go right and in the far corner you'll find the weapons cache
                    containing a sniper rifle.
       Objective 2: This hatch can be found on a rooftop in another U-shaped sea
                    dock. This is the only other dock you come across. But be
                    careful. It is havely guarded. You can recognize this dock,
                    because it has a train on it's left side. And it is on that
                    side, near the beging of the train were you can find the ladder
                    leading to the roof.
                    Make your way all the way across the roof to the other side, and
                    you'll find the hatch. Just jump into it;
       Objective 3: There are 4 trucks or so. At least I think. You'll find them
                    easly. Take out the guards near them, place the explosives on
                    the trucks by using the red square and blow them up.
                    There is one more truck left, but that one is only accesible
                    after completing the next objective.
       Objective 4: Enter the door on the platform by the trucks you just blew up.
                    The doorway leads to a hallway. Follow it, and you'll end up in
                    an office. Kill the guard here and pick up the Deployment
                    Roster from the desk.
       Objective 5: Get back outside and there will be a new truck around the corner.
                    Kill the guards near it and blow up the truck -> objective 4.
                    The explosion made a huge steel pillar come donw by the truck.
                    Walk up it to reach the roof across the yard. There, on the other
                    side of the roof, you can jump of. Now the objective is completed
                    and the level is finished.
      3.2.4: A Chance Meeting
                   1: Sabotage Engines in Research Facility
                   2: Acquire Engine Blueprints
                   3: Infiltrate U-Boat Bunker
                   4: Destroy all U-Boats
                   5: Blow up Fuel Depot
                   6: Find Dock Gates
        Objective 1: This one is easy. Not far from the beginning of this level
                     you will com across a room with 4 huge cilinder shaped engines.
                     They are placed 2 by 2. The platform they are on is a bit
                     lower than the floor. Just place the boms by pressing the
                     action button near the red flashing squares. there are, if
                     I'm not mistaken, 2 bombs you have to place.
       Objective 2: Not far from the previous objective, you'll come across a room
                    with a desk. The blueprints are on them. If you are not shure,
                    check all the desks in the level.
       Objective 3: Just continue the level. At one point, you have to go on by
                    crawling trough a vent shaft. Once you're trough, the objective
                    is completed.
       Objective 4: There are about 3 subs that need to be destroyed. You either
                    do so by dropping the crane above them on the sub. for this,
                    you'll have to activate the button in the control room. You
                    bassicly can't miss this control room. Or, you have to destroy
                    them by blowing them up, using bombs.
       Objective 5: When you arrive at the last sub, the biggest one of all, you
                    need to get to the front of it. Of course, you'll need to take
                    out the enemies. In the front of the sub, there is a huge canon
                    wich you can use. This is really fun. On your right side,
                    there are large gates. They will open up when you man the canon.
                    Now, the only thing you have to do, is blow up those huge Fuel
                    Depots. You can see them at the other side of the gates.
                    Once you're done, you'll need to blow up this sub to complete
                    objective 4. The bomb has to be placed on the back of the sub.
                    For this, you have to run all the way around.
       Objective 6: Go trough those gates that are on the right side. Turn left
                    and you'll see the open Dock gates. Just approach them to
                    complete the level.
                         3.3: MISSION 3: NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK
      3.3.1: Rough Landing
                   1: Protect Corporal Barnes as he destroys tanks
                   2: Find Kerosene
                   3: Create distraction to open city gates
       Objective 1: Corporal Barnes is the guy who landed next to you. Just keep
                    him alive at all cost. If he dies, it's mission failure.
                    Try to clear each area as much as possible before he gets
                    While he is working on a tank, you go on ahead and take out
                    as many nazi's as you can. Be quick when you hear shots.
                    Try to where they come from. Walk in the line of fire if you
                    have to. Just don't get hm killed.
                    In the area where one of the tanks blocked the way over the
                    bridge, so you had to go around; kill all the enemies ASAP!
                    From here, don't wait on Barnes and the other guy.
                    Just continue, because the area behind the road you'll come
                    across, is extremely dangerous. It's huge, and the enemies
                    are spread over the entire area. Watch out for the tank in
                    the barn on you far left, and the sniper on the mill.
       Objective 2: Once you come across a bridge where a tank is blocking the
                    way, you'll have to go around. You will then bump on a couple
                    of nazi's around a campfire. The kerosine is the red metal
                    box near the fire.
       Objective 3: If all the tanks are destroyed, you will end up at the gates
                    of the town. There is a mill and a haystack nearby. Just
                    approach them and press action to light them. The mill will
                    catch fire and an alarm will go of.
                    Go wait beside the gates, once the open, quickly toss in a
                    grenade to take out the 4 or 5 nazi's. Finish of the rest and
                    walk trough the gates to end the level.
      3.3.2: The Golden Lion
                   1: Locate tools and sbotage vehicles
                   2: Sabotage motor pool to prevent pursuit
                   3: Meet Operative at Garage
                   4: Get an officer's uniform
                   5: Meet contact in golden lion bar
       Objective 1: Once you've crossed the bridge over the river, you need to go
                    left. There, you will find a small passageway. Go trough it
                    and kill any enemy you come across. Open the gates and to
                    right behind them, you will find the tool box.
                    Now, you will have to approach every vehicle in the level,
                    and press action to sabotage them. Some of them need to be
                    sabotaged from the back, others from the front. For some of
                    them you will need to crawl. But this is easy to figure out.
                    Just make shure you sabotage every single vehicle!
       Objective 2: Sabotage all the cars in the area where you found the toolbox.
       Objective 3: You can't miss him. He's the Dutch guy sitting in the truck
                    you will come across. This truck is the only vehicle that you
                    can't and musn't sabotage. Even if you try, you can't.
                    Once you clear each area, approach the truck and press action
                    to get on.
       Objective 4: In the area with the mermaid fountain, you will find a loundry
                    truck. Jump in it to find an officer's uniform. After that, or
                    before that, dissable that loundry truck.
       Objective 5: Once you enter the bar, relax. Yup, just relax, lay back and
                    enjoy this, cuz this part is real fun. You don't have to worry
                    about enamies.
                    There are a couple of nazi's playing cards and telling jokes,
                    others are drinking beer.
                    Opproach the pianist and press action to request a song. Now,
                    go trough the door next to the bar, and go up the stairs.
                    You'll end up on the terras. There are 3 empyt beerglasses on
                    the edge. Just press action to make them fall one by one.
                    Once the third one is down, 2 nazi's will start to fight. This
                    is really hillarious. Watch them kick each others ass, and then
                    follow the guy signaling you. Go in the truck behind that gate
                    and you will have finished the level.
      3.3.3: Operation Repunzel
                   1: Find kitchen key set
                   2: Search the paintings to find map
                   3: Destroy clocks to find documents
                   4: Find keys to cell door
                   5: Locate Gerritt
       Objective 1: When you start this level, keep a low profile until you are
                    inside the mansion. Once you are inside, the door will
                    close behind you and the gaurd will know you are a spy. Kill
                    him, and take the SHOTUN in this room.
                    Now, at the end of the hall is a stairs going up. Follow them
                    and take care of any enemie. Not only soldiers are enemies
                    here, but the personel as wel. So watch out.
                    In the room upstairs, go around the corner. The keyes are
                    hanging on a hook on the wall. Use them on a door back
        Objective 2: You can find the map behind a painting. The painting can
                    be found in the large hall, where that soldier is testing the
                    microphone. If he detects you, he will fire at you with a
                    bazooka. At his location, you will find a new machine gun.
                    The STG 44 (or something like that.)
                    The paintin is located on the balcony right above the stage
                    where the soldier testing the microphone.
       Objective 3: The documents are in the clock in the officer's lounge.
                    From the room with all the clocks continue up the stairs.
                    Go past the sauna and at the end of the hall you will find the
                    lounge. Kill all the officers and turn to you left. The
                    documents are in a clock on that left wall.
                    But, to be shure, or just for fun, you can blast away at any
                    clock you can see, or rather hear.
       Objective 4: This one I'm not shure of. These are on a soldier, so after
                    you get to the secret room with the Dutch lady from the
                    resistance, kill every enemie there is. Take room by room.
                    You can acces them by the secret passage way.
       Objective 5: In the last room, before you have to go up the stairs wich lead
                    to a garden, you will see a door on your right side. Behind it
                    is chickenhead Gerritt. He's such a wimp. He will only follow
                    you if the coast is clear. So kill al the enemies in the garden
                    and don't forget the 2 on the roof.
                    Gerritt will meet up with you. Follow until the end of the
                    balcony. He will muble something of the height, so guess
                    you'll just have to put him at ease... Not! Press action to
                    push him of the balcony. Then, jump after him and try to fall
                    into the haystack.
                    Then, approach the truck to finish the level.
                     3.4: MISSION 4: SEVERAL BRIDGES TOO FAR
      3.4.1: Nijmegen Bridge
                   1: Defuse charges under bridge
                   2: Destroy anti-aircraft gun
                   3: Escape in medical supply truck
       Objective 1: The bridge is ready to blow. Make your way across the bridge,
                    taking out the snipers on top, and the machine nests along
                    to bridge. Once you get to a bloccade, you'll have to go under
                    the bridge by taking the stairs.
                    Kill all the enemies, and defuse the boms they planted. Don't
                    forget the one above you when you're on the small flight of
                    stairs under the bridge. If you see you have forgotten a bomb,
                    you can always come back. There are 8 bombs in total.
                    When you're back on the bridge, you will find another bloccade
                    forcing you to go under the bridge. Repeat as before.
                    Don't forget, to disable the bombs, you have to use the action
       Objective 2: Once you are past the bridge follow the road down the hill.
                    Of course, take care of the nazi's you encounter. Keep
                    following and enter the bunker once you get there. Make your
                    way straight forward, and silently go up the stairs. From the
                    stairs, you can either shoot at the barrels to blob up
                    everything, or you can kill the nazi's by gun and destroy the
                    anti-aircraft gun manualy.
       Objective 3: From the previous objective, go back downstairs, and go straight.
                    Don't go back outside, but take the way you didn't go before.
                    Take care of the enemies here, and approach the medical supply
                    truck to finish this level.
      3.4.2: Yard by Yard
                   1: Clear enemy checkpoints from main road.
                   2: Destroy radio.
                   3: Find your way to central Arnhem.
       Objective 1: There are several checkpoints along the main road. Just find a
                    good attack point. In most of the times, you will be able to
                    attack them from inside the houses, with the mountained machine
                    guns at the windows. Just kill every one at the check point,
                    and blow up eveything there is to blow up.
                    Once a chackpoint is cleared, that medical truck from the
                    previous level will pass.
       Objective 2: Since this level, like most levels on this game, is pretty
                    linear, you can't miss this one. You will certainly find
                    a control station with the radio. Just shoot it. The only
                    problem is, I can't remember where it is.
       Objective 3: At the end of the level, you will end up in a smaal road
                    surrounded by gardens. Right in fornt of you high up) there
                    is a sniper. That is where you have to go. Make your way there
                    trough the gardens. Once you are there, look back outside
                    at the gardens. From left and right on the roof you will be
                    under sniper fire. And right in front of you on the road,
                    new enemies will appear. You don't need to take them out,
                    but you beter do it if you want to get that gold medal.
                    Once you're done, go trough a normal wooden door here to
                    find your way to central Arnhem, and to finish this level.
      3.4.3: Arnhem Knights
                   1: Destroy Panzer IV tanks.
                   2: Neutralise Panzerschreck Squad.
                   3: Meet Jigs at customs house.
        Ojective 1: You will come across a couple of tanks. Take them out with
                    whatever you've got. Either use grenades, a bazooka, or a
                    mounted machine gun. Just take them out! If I'm not mistaken,
                    there are 2 tanks to be taken out.
       Objective 2: This one is clear. There are soms goons with panzershreks
                    (bazookas) runnig around Arnhem. Just kill them, before
                    they blow you up. Take out every enemy in every area, this
                    way you are shure you got them all.
                    Again, watch out for snipers in these areas.
       Objective 3: Once you are at the last area, and there is no aother way to
                    go. You must enter the building. (I'm talking about the
                    area with the last tank). Inside, you might come across of
                    some Germans, so finish them of. Enter the last door you
                    can get by. You'll see Jigs standing with his arms crossed
                    standing in the middle of the room
                      3.5: MISSION 5: ROLLING THUNDER
      3.5.1: On Track
                   1: Steal officer's uniform.
                   2: Steal officer's ID papers.
                   3: Enter train station.
                   4: Destroy station controls.
                   5: Board Sturmgeist's train.
       Objective 1: After the intro scene to this level, walk out of your room
                    and enter the room next to you. The uniform is on the bed.
                    Just approach them to obtain them.
       Objective 2: Next to the bed, there is a small nighttable. The ID papers
                    are on them.
       Objective 3: I don't know about you, but I can't seem to hold my cover.
                    Once you are on the stairs of the railway station entrance,
                    the officer of wich you stole the uniform and papers comes
                    rushing out, screaming like a pig... cover is blown.
                    Kill the enemies, and continue into the station. Once you go
                    trough the small door at the ticket booth, the objective will
                    be completed.
       Objective 4: Again an objective you can't miss. You have to pass trough
                    this room. It's just a room with 2 officers, the large
                    control panel, some windows and a radio. Shoot the control
                    panel to destroy the controls.
       Objective 5: Finish this level. This level is though, but possible.
                    Once you made it all the way trough the station alive, and
                    back outside you will be at an armored train. This is
                    Sturmgeist's train. Jump on it to board it.
                    End of level.
      3.5.2: Riding out the Storm
                   1: Destroy radio.
                   2: Hunt down Strumgeist.
                   3: Steal Strumgeist's briefcase.
       Objective 1: You are on the train. Make your way to the front of the train,
                    but watch out for the train coming up from you right.
                    You can take him out by using the canons from you train. Just
                    go up the small lader and press action to control the canon.
                    Anyway, after a while you will find a nazi communicating
                    trough the radio. Kill the nazi, and then shoot the damned
       Objective 2: Keep going forward. Take down all the enemies you encounter.
                    Once you are at Sturmgeist's wagon, you will get a brief
                    cutscene. He bails the scene, and you'll have to deal with
                    his own 2 personal bodyguards. Nothing you can't handle. Just
                    trow in a grenade, or fill them up with lead.
       Objective 3: Once the bodyguards are dead, pick up the briefcase in the
                    center of this wagon.
                    You will now have finished the level.
      3.5.3: Derailed
                   1: Infilitrate train yard.
                   2: Find the demolition charges.
                   3: Destroy fuel depot.
                   4: Find transportation to Gotha.
       Objective 1: Once the level starts, make your way trough the maze, following
                    the tracks. Underway, you'll get to take care of some nazi's of
                    course. Eventualy you'll end up at some gates.
                    Go trough them to complete this objective, and to enter hell.
                    I swear, this level is so hard! Bazooka's and snipers are
                    everywhere! Just be careful, and take your time. Scout the
                    roofs with the scope of you sniper rifle. And always make shure
                    you take cover. Even when you don't think there is an other
       Objective 2: These can be found in the hanger to the left of the entrance
                    of this area. They are in a far corner to your left.
       Objective 3: After you've arrived in the 3rd area using that small train
                    thingy, you will be able to complete you 3rd objective. Like
                    ussual, take out any of the nazi's, then, approach the fuel
                    depot, and place the explosives at the flickering red square.
                    Now get back, and take cover for the upcoming bang.
                    Once the fuel depot is destroyed, the objective will be
       Objective 4: In this last area, you need to take out all the enemies first,
                    or else they will get you from you back. Once they are all dead,
                    continue, and you'll come across a little wagon...
                    your transportation.
                    End of level.
                      3.6: MISSION 6: THE HORTEN'S NEST
      3.6.1: Clipping Their Wings
                   1: Find the weapons stash.
                   2: Find the ammo room.
                   3: Find the spy camera.
                   4: Photograph 5 blueprints.
                   5: Locate the plans for the HO-IX.
                   6: Find a way into the manufacturing plant.
                   7: Destroy the test engine.
                   8: Exit the Facility.
       Objective 1: You can't miss this one. Once you are trough the garage,
                    you'll have to go trough an other small room. When you reach
                    the room with the weapons stash, you will see that you have
                    completed the ojective. Now, pick up all the weapons. There
                    shoot be a fine sniper rifle, the BAR and a bazooka.
       Objective 2: This room can be accesed from the soldiers bedroom. Next to
                    the door, you'll find objective 3.
       Objective 3: You'll find the camera in one of the wooden trunks in the
                    soldiers' bedroom. It's near the door of objective 2.
       Objective 4: These nlueprints are scatered all over the small labs. But
                    they aren't hard to find. Once you enter the lab area, just
                    search every room. This area is easy recongnizeable because
                    the rooms are all put together and there is a hallway going
                    around them in the shape of a square. The hallway and the
                    rooms all have small white tiles, and a dark greenish color
                    at the bottom of the wall.
       Objective 5: This can be found in one of the rooms where you had to
                    photograph a blueprint. It's wrapped up on a desk.
       Objective 6: This one will be completed automaticly if you progress the
       Objective 7: Once you're in the final room, you'll now when you're there,
                    because there are parts of planes and scientist everywhere,
                    you just have to go up that small flight of stairs.
                    Turn around there and in that small room you will find a
                    lever to pull. Press action to do so acouple of times until
                    the meter will go into red. Now go and press the green
                    button at the control panel at the end of the small stairs.
                    The test engine will crash into the wall, clearing
                    your path, and objective. Neat eh?
       Objective 8: From objective 7, enter the large door on the other side.
                    this will lead you to the end of the level. Just go to the
                    mine cart.
      3.6.2: Enemy Mine
                   1: Ride minecart to secret radar installation.
       Objective 1: There is only one objective. Get armed and then approach the
                    minecart. Press action to enter it, and of you go.
                    Try to shoot down as many nazi's as possible, and take down
                    the ones with a bazooka first. They pose the largest threath.
                    There is no way of hiding for enemy fire, and the cart moves
                    quite fast, so consider this level as a test for your cuning
                    in shooting at moving targets, while you are moving.
                    Not so hard once you get the hang of it.
                    This is probably one of the most fun levels in all the "Medal
                    of Honor" series.
      3.6.3: Under the radar
                   1: Find the demolition charges
                   2: Disable both radar stations
                   3: Radio Allies your position
                   4: Find entrance to HO-IX hanger
       Objective 1: You'll find the demolition charges at the other side of the
                    small house of wich you start of in front. Just check the
                    other side and you should find them beside those small
                    wooden stairs.
       Objective 2: These stations are tower like things. The first one is near
                    where you found the demolition charges. The second one
                    is more near the end of the level. Just go inside the radar
                    station tower, and press action at the red square in the
                    center of the floor. Now get the hell out of there, and
                    take cover for the blast.
                    The objective will be completed once you've blown up the
                    second radar station.
       Objective 3: Once you are at the end of the level, you will arrive at
                    an area where you can overlook a wide open area. You will
                    see the HO-IX plane being taken into the hanger.
                    Just enter the building here, eliminate the soldier and find
                    the radio. Approach it and press action to contact the
       Objective 4: From objective 3, just keep continueing your path. It's
                    not far from from the building where you found the radio.
      3.6.4: Stealing the Show:
                   1: Find and eliminate Sturmgeist
                   2: Steal the HO-IX
       Objective 1: This level is hard. And that is normal, since it is the final
                    level. Enemies are everywhere, and they are giving everything
                    they've got at you. Never stand still, be quick, and try
                    to use the area's where you can cover.
                    Once you made it trough, run into the hanger. But be carefull,
                    because the roof will come down due to the bomb dropped by the
                    allies... Just what we needed. The allies start bombing the
                    place while you are on your hardest mission.
                    Anyway, keep following, and kill the last of the enemies.
                    Once you get to the final area, you will get a breif cutscene.
                    The last soldiers will attack you. Try to take cover, and stay
                    on your side of the wall. This way the will have to move and
                    come in, giving you a better chance to waste them. Also, try
                    to shoot the barrels, but keep away from them yourself, because
                    the nazi's will blow them up once you're near.
                    Once you think you've got them all, heal up if you still know
                    a place where there is a healing item, and go in for the kill.
                    Sturmgeist isn't hard to kill, but he isn't easy either. Just
                    try to hit him as you normaly would. You'll get him. But watch
                    out for his STG 44, hell' try to 'headshot' you.
       Objective 2: Once Sturmgeist is dead, approach the plane and press action.
                    You will now bard it and take off.
                    Put down you're controller, sit back and relax. You've just
                    finished Medal of Honor Frontline.
    4: The medals
                            4.1: How to get...
      4.1.1: A bronze star:
       HOW TO GET:
                   1: Just complete the level.
      4.1.2: A silver star:
       HOW TO GET:
                   1: Just complete the level
                   2: Kill al the enmies. (Nearly al the enemies)
      4.1.3: A gold star:
       HOW TO GET:
                   1: Just complete the level
                   2: Kill al the enmies. (Nearly al the enemies)
                   3: Finish the level with +75% health
                                  4.2: List of Medals
    There is a total of 9 medals to get. They don't to anything special. It's just
    all for personal credit.
    In order to get one, you must get a gold star in evey level on the mission.
    MISSION 1: D-DAY: Army Distinguished Service Medal
    MISSION 2: A STORM IN THE PORT: Army Commendation Medal
    MISSION 3: NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK: Soldier's Medal
    MISSION 4: SEVERAL BRIDGES TOO FAR: Dutch WWII Commemorative Cross
    MISSION 5: ROLLING THUNDER: Legion of Merit
    MISSION 6: THE HORTEN'S NEST: Distinguished Flying Service Cross, Silver Star,
                                  EA Los Angeles Medal of Valor, Bronze Star,
                                  Distinguished Service Cross.
    Once you've gotten all the medals for every mission you will be awarded
    with these medals:
                         - Bronze Star
                         - Silver Star
                         - EA Los Angeles Medal of Valor
                         - Distinguished Service Cross
                                    5: Credits
    None so far.

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