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"The story of a man who blew up U-Boats, killed countless Germans, and ended WWII all by himself!"

Medal Of Honor is a big FPS franchise. Set in World War II, the games do nothing different or spectacular, because there are tons of other games just like it, all set in the same time period. The franchise does, have something in common, that is featured in almost every single one of the games. THEY'RE BORING. Medal Of Honor: Frontline proves no different. This game just has way too may flaws. The idea of anyone playing it now, with many new excellent games out and next-gen consoles dominating, seems rather strange to me. Now, on to the review.

You play as a man named Jimmy Paterson. He's in the army. Everyone is depending on him to end World War II all over the planet. This will be your main objective throughout the game. Highly unrealistic! The game takes place in France, with Germans everywhere taking it over. You will need to try to get the Germans out so France can be free at last.

This is the main category that drags the game downhill. I can only think of two or three missions in Frontline in which you have allies with you, and they are pretty useless. Their only purpose of being there is to give you company and run around, shooting blindly at nothing and dying. This being said, it's easy to assume what happens for the rest of the game. You start and end each mission completely alone. You will murder a lot of Germans, blow up U-Boats, infiltrate Nazi headquarters, and eventually end the war by yourself. I don't even think saying that is a spoiler. It's pretty predictable from the beginning. Also, like I said at the start of this review, the missions are boring. This is how a basic mission is set up: Run. Shoot. Run. Shoot. Run. Plant Bomb On U-Boat. Run. Shoot. See That Machine Gun? Get On It And Wait For The Game To Generate A Hundred Germans That Run At You So You Can Mow Them Down Without Getting Hit. World War II is over! Yay! Also, the concept of throwing a grenade that explodes without pulling the pin seems highly unlikely to me, even if you don't shoot it.

Probably the only good thing about the gameplay is the first mission, which is D-Day. You start of in a Higgins Boat heading towards the beach with your comrades. Your buddies get seasick and puke into their helmets, you can't help notice that they all have a nervous look on their face. Around you, fellow Higgins Boats explode and planes rain fire down on the water. Suddenly, as you near the beach, a shell explodes and launches you overboard. You see people under water getting shot by submerging bullets. You eventually get onto the beach alive, and that's when the action begins. Bullets fly everywhere all around you, and people charge up the beach, only to get shot down. A medic can even be seen trying to help a fallen comrade, only to get shot himself and die. This really shows the determination of the Allies during that day. Eventually, you fallow an order to go find a guy who carries bombs to blow up the barbed wire fence so you can get off the beach and reach the machine gun bunkers. This mission is insanely fun, but unfortunately, none of the other missions are anything like this.

Something else that should be noted is that this game is rated T. You heard me right. A game about one of the bloodiest wars ever is rated T without a single drop of blood to be seen. Shoot a Nazi a hundred times in the face and all you'll see is a little puff of what appears to be smoke or dust or something smoky. You won't see any gore either, even if you place seventeen grenades under a German's foot. It'll explode, and the German will fall down and die, all body parts intact with no hole or cuts in their bodies whatsoever. I can't really say anything more about the gameplay. Nothing about it is good at all. And trust me on this. I really wish there was something good about this aspect of Frontline, but for every mission it's the same, which is too bad.

The graphics for Frontline are mediocre. Although they aren't terrible, they aren't amazing either. Most of the things in the game have way too much gray tint in them, so everything will look gloomy and depressing. They also appear too grainy and bland, and not much color is put into them. That being said, Frontline doesn't really quite push the PS2 hard enough to deliver good enough visuals.

Finally we get something that's alright! The sound is just like every other WWII shooter out there. The gunshots and explosions sound alright, and in the distance you can hear the crumbling of buildings as France is torn apart by the German war-machine. The music also is very well done, and really brings out the “feelings” of the war. The Nazi's also, like expected, speak German well.

Overall, Medal Of Honor: Frontline fails to be a decent WWII first-person shooter. It's turns out to be a boring mess where you do the same thing every time and nothing new comes out at all, no matter what people say. It may have been a good game at the time, but right now, with all the other amazing games out and next-gen consoles, it'll be a no-brainer to avoid this.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 07/17/07

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