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"Simply Incredible"

The best first person shooter released on a console. Well...I wish I could just say that and be gone with it but the game deserves a whole lot more than that.

Graphics: Let me first tackle biggest issue in any FPS, the framerate. Although it does stutter at times, the framerate remains between 25-40 fps for the most part. Surprisingly, there is very little slowdown on the D-Day landing...a wide open area with planes flying around, explosions going off everywhere, people screaming and shooting...The rest of the levels range from tight and well detailed city streets to wide open but rather bland country side villages.

Although I'm used to some much higher resolutions on pc FPS games, I'm not going to knock the weapon and player models because they do look good, and they get the job done.

Final word on the visuals is that they provide an amazing way to be drawn into the game, despite minor (and I do mean minor) problems.

Audio: Next to GTA3 in the category of best sound I've ever heard in a videogame has to be Frontline. If the visuals dont pull you in, then rest assured the ricocheting bullets, explosions, and vocal communication (from both sides) will. And you gotta love the ''kling'' sound when your M1 Garand pops its clip.

I was utterly impressed by the quality sound management done for Frontline. You notice the music, but only if you actually try to hear it. It doesn't get in the way at all, and is really good on its own anyways. In fact, I don't think there was any music playing during the D-Day landing, which is a really good touch, in my opinion.

Control: Since you can customize the controller however you want it to be setup, I don't think there is anything negative I can say about that. I also see aiming as a non-issue: it simply makes you play the game more so you can get better at it.

Your character also responds very well. Jumping is quick as is the crouching feature. No qualms here.

Longevity: The one bad thing I can say about this game is that there isn't a multiplayer option. Co-op would have been a phenomenal idea as well, especially if the game were compatible with the iLink. Online play was obviously excluded because you can't get online at the moment. Hopefully, whenever EA decides to make another FPS MOH game, they will add these and keyboard/mouse support to increase precision.

There are plenty of medals to earn and a lot of codes that will surface eventually.

Conclusion: MOH Frontline is an amazing experience that doesn't let up at any point during the game. The AI will give you a good battle a lot of the time, the sound will engulf you, and the visuals will be the thing that finally makes you realize that this game is currently the game of 2002 and the best game released since GTA3.

The best first person shooter on a console, period.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/31/02, Updated 05/31/02

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