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"The Great Crusade"

While I'm not the biggest fan of first person shooters, I have always loved the Medal of Honor series. This latest addition is the most realistic in more ways than one. Indeed, there are parts of the game where you will feel just like a soldier; the panic as you trade fire with your Nazi enemies to the absolute joy and relief when a particularly hard area is beaten. Hopefully, this game will be the closest you ever get to war.

The environments in this game are amazing. The D-Day invasion is in a world of it's own. It looks like the game developers ripped it right out of Saving Private Ryan. You will also fight in several bombed out villages, a U-Boat production facility and even on top a speeding armored train. The weapons are much more realistic than in the past, especially the rifles like the BAR. Watching that gun fire is a sight to see. Critical to this type of game, the frame rate is near perfect. There is no slowdown on the D-Day level. In fact, I only encountered slowdown once when there was both Nazis and Allies fighting in close proximity to one another. Without a doubt, these are the best graphics in a FPS on the PS2.

First off, the A.I. in this game is exceptional. The enemy soldiers know how to fight. They never come right out to shoot you unless they know you are near death. If you try to take a tower to snip from, they will follow you right up to ambush you. They seem to always shoot from behind cover, but are easily scattered by a grenade. The Allied A.I. is no slouch either. They always move as a unit, they even give each other covering fire. The control is where the game suffers a bit. Any fan of the series should have no problem, but I found the aiming to be initially hard. The analog seems to be a little sensitive, but after playing through the first few levels, I had adjusted. The game gives you several options to change the controls, so it shouldn't be too difficult. There is no multi-player, which will probably disappoint a lot of people. I found the single player experience to be enough.

Once again, the game has a breathtaking soundtracks. Oddly enough, it wasn't the dramatic tones that caught my attention the most, it was the soft opera music. There is one level in which you're fighting a losing battle at dusk, and the opera music just fits so perfectly. Battle sounds just the way it should; machine guns yammering, mortar shells whistling overhead. You will even hear soldiers yelling at one another and giving orders.

The replay value is excellent, if you can earn a gold star on all the levels, you get medals for your actions. Not only that, but you can unlock a 'making of video' and a black and white movie that teaches the player about World War II.

Buy/Rent- Any FPS fan should have this game. It is the best FPS on the PS2, nothing else comes close. Getting all the medals takes more than a weekend, so buying is the smart thing to do.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/01/02, Updated 06/01/02

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