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"A must buy game for the PS2!!!!"

This has to be the best First Person Shooter out there. It is great in every aspect and provides hours of fun gameplay. If not already, go out and buy this game!

Gameplay-Simply amazing! It is very realistic and very greatly detailed from the time you step on Normandy beach till the time you're receiving the Medal of Honor. From the guns to the uniforms on the soldiers, everything is authentic, just like if you were fighting in WWII. The A.I. isn't brilliant but it is reasonably bright side. Also, you'll find lots of scenes and missions in the game that are taken off famous WWII movies such as Saving Private Ryan and A Bridge Too Far and famous WWII operations. Another thing about the gameplay is all the action. There is so much action in the game it'll make your head spin. Take the Normandy level for example. The shell explosions, gunfire from the bunkers, soldiers yelling and shooting, and the planes flying over head so the power of the PS2. But one thing that really impresses me most of all, is the educational value of the game. This only applies if you watch the movies in between missions that tell a great deal about WWII. Who says video games aren't educational?

Sound-This has to be Medal of Honor: Frontlines' strongest point. From a beautiful theme music to gun shots whizzing by you, the sound is perfect and never stops. Also, another big part of the sound is the voices. Beautiful speaking Germans, French, and American soldiers will add to the whole WWII experience. There isn't much to say about the sound except that its extraordinary and keeps the whole thing going. If you have a few bucks left after buying the game, buy the soundtrack as well.

Control-This will take a little getting used to for the veterans of Medal of Honor and Medal of Honor: Underground, due to the fact that you have to use the Analog sticks instead of the Directional pads. But if you're new to the MOH experience or you're a Red Faction veteran, the control won't be a problem. Don't worry MOH vets, 1-2 hours worth of gameplay, multiple controller selections, and a great controller configuration will clear this problem and leave it on the beach of Normandy.

Graphics-This is also an excellent area of MOHF. The soldiers are very well detailed, right down to the patch that tells what company their in. Also the soldiers have very detailed faces and expressions. The vivid scenery in the game well make you coming back for more. From the hills of Holland to the dark alleys in France, the graphics are superb. The frame-rate does slow down but only in 2 or 3 places which is pretty good considering all the background activity happening in the game.

Overall-The graphics, gameplay, control, and sound all come together to make it the best first-person shooter and the best WWII experience you'll ever have. This is a game where people will buy a system just to have! No joking! Although the game lacks a multiplayer mode, it will bring you hours of great gameplay and a whole lot of Nazi killing! GO OUT AND BUY THIS GAME NOW!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/01/02, Updated 06/01/02

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