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Reviewed: 06/01/02 | Updated: 06/01/02

Starts out with a bang, which was the sound of “realism” being shot dead…

I’m a big WWII videogame fan. From ''SWoTL'' to ''Hidden and Dangerous'', I’ve played them all. So, although I was disappointed to find out a while back that there was no multiplayer mode for Medal of Honor: Frontline (MOHF), I was still looking forward to the game’s release due to the fact that I just love killing Nazis. I will say that I haven’t been this initially impressed by a videogame since I first popped in Halo for my Xbox. Unfortunately, the good impression did not last long for me. While great graphics and sound are important, especially with the power of today’s consoles, gameplay rules all in my book. After a few hours playing MOHF, experienced gamers will notice that this game is lacking a very important feature that a “realistic” FPS should require: Realism. One other thing I’d like say before we continue: I own all three current-gen systems, I’ve been gaming since Pong, and I hate fan-boys, so if you consider yourself to be a PS2 fan-boy, get a friggin’ life and learn how to be subjective.

Gameplay: After playing the first level, I was so impressed, I called everyone I knew who also owned a PS2 and told them to check out MOHF. It is THAT amazing. With the exception of no blood or guts, I felt like I was really on the beach during D-Day. I was more dumbfounded than a virgin at an orgy. There were bullets whizzing all around me, explosions rocking the screen (and my controller), bodies flying in every direction and I couldn’t do much except jump into a crater, clutch my crotch and try to figure out what the holy Hell was going on. Word of advice: If you don’t have any neighbors and you have a good surround sound system, crank up the volume before you start playing. Believe me, it really ADDS to the whole experience.

This is a bit tough to explain, but after the action-injected D-Day levels, the gameplay for me is just NOT there. Sure, the game controls well, and the story is good, and flow is good, etc, etc. But if EA went through so much to make this game look and feel like the real thing, how come it ends up feeling like a cheesy action flick? MOHF tries to be “Saving Private Ryan” but winds up more like “Pearl Harbor”. A few examples (vague Spoiler Warning): If you were infiltrating a Nazi base, by YOURSELF mind you, to get some secret info and sabotage some Nazi equipment, would you really want to do anything to attract attention to your position, like, let’s say, jumping into a gun turret and popping off a few hundred thunderous rounds? I’d think not, but MOHF forces you to do that or wind up Nazi gun chowder. Example #2: If you snuck onto a Nazi sub, and just so happened to bump into a few of them nutty Nazis while strolling through the TORPEDO room, do you thing a shoot-out would be the correct choice of action? Or would everyone be smart enough not to start spraying hot lead all over a pressurized room filled to the gills with explosives? Well, guess what? I’ll give you a hint: RATATATAT!!!

But the unrealistic situations aren’t the only thing that bugs me. The AI feels very scripted and predictable. More Artificial than Intelligent. The bad guys basically find the closest cover, get behind it and every so often lean out and pop off a few rounds. All you gotta do is run up and tag them close range. Even on “Hard” difficulty, this game is easy. The only thing different is that the bullets hit you harder, causing more damage. But since there's health-kits laying around all over the place, you rarely ever drop below half-health. Not my idea of a hard game, eh?

Gameplay receives a 5 out of 10.

Graphics: Great, but not jaw dropping. Best “face” graphics I’ve ever seen in a game. The lack of blood and guts once again detracts from the realism level. I dunno about you folks, but I wouldn't let my kids play this game anyways, so why not add the blood and guts?!? Other things like: I throw a grenade at a vehicle…BOOM, all the windows shatter, but the vehicle looks fine otherwise. Yeah, right!

Also, if I'm not supposed to access a certain part of the level, don’t put up the “invisible wall” I can’t walk/jump through or some wooden boxes which should be easily destroyed by a grenade or two. Be a little more creative! Weapon animations are pretty sweet, as well as “death” animations when you shoot Nazis. This game looks great, I don’t mean to be nit-picking, but I guess I was expecting more from EA.

Graphics get a 7 out of 10

Sound: The sound rocks. Bullets flying, mortars and mines exploding, tanks booming, comrades and enemies screaming; it all adds to the atmosphere. Music is great, if you’re into that classical big orchestra type thing, which I am. Great voices too, I love hearing those Nazis speak to each other, right before I toss them a pineapple surprise. The game supports Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound, which really helps when you’re trying to figure out where that last Nazi is shooting at you from.

Sound gets a 9 out of 10

Replayability: Ha, this is a good one. I’ve played the first level over and over now about 10-15 times, but overall? I doubt I’ll even bother finishing this game, and if I do, I'm positive I’ll never play it through again. Heck, I still have a few days left on my 10 day return policy, but I’d feel a bit guilty since I enjoyed the first level so much. Was it really worth $50, though? I don’t think so. The lack of ANY multiplayer hurts, this game SCREAMS for co-op! We get a very scripted single player game, and that is all.

Replayability gets a 3 out of 10…in other words: It’s a very good RENTAL!

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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