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Reviewed: 06/02/02 | Updated: 06/02/02

Another Instant PS2 Classic!

When I first popped this disc in my PS2, I was expecting something amazing. Let me be the first to tell you, I was NOT disappointed. This game keeps you on the edge with never ending action from the moment you begin. With the realism and sound you feel like you are in the war. No doubt a must have for any 1st person fan or just a WWII buff.

Whether you are shooting a room full of Nazis or just trying to give an ally some fire power, the wide array of things to do never ceases to amaze. You will have tasks ranging from creating a distraction outside of a gate to blowing up something with your timed charges. The game also has stealth parts where you don't have to go all out shooting crazy. Of course, if you want to blow your cover, you are always welcome to. The game also emphasizes more strategy than the prior two titles in that you can't always just run in and shoot at everyone and expect to live. In the end, whether you are behind a mounted gun mowing down Germans or just sneaking around sniping people, you won't find yourself board with this challenging game.

The reason this is only getting an 8 on story is because the story is not really complete. It seems as though you just sit around and wait until the president gives you another job. Of course, when you get a mission, the briefings are beautifully detailed and explicit. There beauty is what brings up this story rating. The game also does a good job of helping you understand WHY you are doing what you are doing in a mission. In conclusion, even though this game doesn't need a story (come on, everyone knows WWII), it absence of one is saved by its explicit mission briefings.

This gets a caption of its own. Whether you are firing your MP-40 or just letting of a bazooka round, you will be pleased with the realism. When you first fire up the beginning mission, you will hear the sounds of war. The sounds are so realistic you will often find yourself wondering whether you are really in a video game or a war movie. The sounds range from the Germans communicating together from your beautifully recorded weapon sounds. The game also has some nice music, even though it is not really needed for this type of game. In conclusion, this game's great sound will make you feel like you are in the war, not in the game.

This game has richly detailed areas that are stressing to put the PS2 powers to use, but does not excel particularly in any area. Despite this, the areas are nicely detailed and you will never feel like you are running through the same area. Often, you will find your self enjoying the beauty of this game and shooting what you can to see if their is any interaction with the graphic back rounds. Also, I have yet to see any kind of jaggies or breakups in the video as well as not seeing anything to odd. Although, I have seen some soldiers sucked up into walls in the first area as I shot them. All in all, this game is a beautiful work of art with a few graphic glitches.

With this game, I really felt I was in control of myself (in the game that is :-)). Of course, there are two setups that you can choose when you begin a new game. I warn newbies to console first persons though, the controls bear a sharp learning curve if you are unfamiliar. Of course, as soon as you master the control, you will be laying down Nazis with the best of them. All in all, a great controller setup with all buttons put to use, but a little hard for those newbies to learn.

While there aren't any major pullbacks to get back into the game after you have beaten it, there are a few. You can go back in with some of the cheats codes enabled (I have yet to do this though). Also, if you felt you were the master of this game on easy mode, I bid you to try again on hard and see how long you last. You may also wish to go back through levels (made simple with a portfolio that keeps track of the levels you have played) in order to enjoy them again.

This is a must have for any fan of the series as well as any fan of the first person genre. I was a bit skeptical to buy it at first, but I quickly shelled out my $50 and was quite pleased with it. If you rent it, you will end up buying it so you can enjoy it over and over again.

In my opinion, this is another great title that everyone should have. If you have yet to purchase this game, do yourself a favor and get it-NOW! You will not be disappointed. Even though it lacks a multi player mode, it is still one heck of a game that you won't want to miss. I look forward to seeing you on the battle field, soldier!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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