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"A great WW2 FPS"

After several long years of drought of the Medal of Honor series on a console, Frontline has finally come out with much anticipation. Electronic Arts brings to you a great World War II first person shooter, and a game that will provide you with a few hours of entertainment, but will disappoint you since many of us who have been waiting a while for this game were expecting more.

Graphics: 9/10

With all the power the Playstation 2 possesses, it is no doubt that this game has much better graphics than the previous two games. Frontline has taken a huge leap in terms of this, being capable of holding more than ten people on screen at once. This looks phenomenal when playing levels like the Normandy attack. Unfortunately, the PS2 does not have enough power to prevent some slowdowns during gameplay. Although rare and forgivable, it sometimes irritated me when playing levels where it was usually empty and nothing was happening yet the frame rate slowed down and lagged. If this didn't happen, there would have been a perfect score for graphics.

Audio: 10/10

It comes as no surprise that this game features superior music. The awarding winning team has done it again, and provides gamers with excellent music that was taken seriously. You will see this in behind the scenes footage of making Frontline. The sound is also superb. Planes zooming by, German soldiers talking, guns firing, and everything else sounds like real life. I suggest that whenever possible, put the volume to full blast when playing this game, it is truly something. This game also makes use of the Dolby Surround Sound feature, for those who have it. It does make the experience much more intense with sound all around you, and is nice that games are finally starting to make use of this.

Gameplay: 8/10

You have six missions to complete. Each mission has about two to four levels in it. At the end of each level, you get rated on several things. You are given a medal (bronze, silver, or gold) depending if you killed 95% of the enemies and if you maintained health at above 75%. If you get gold on all levels in the mission, you get a medal. Each level gives you a set of objectives, which must be completed. Usually objectives will be added on during the level. An improved feature in this game is allied fighting. You will find that you battle alongside fellow soldiers. You can't command them, but it looks cool to see them helping you out. Sometimes they can even get an objective done. Sadly, there is no multiplayer, which is really surprising and disappointing since the earlier games in the series had it. The actions of soldiers dying and realism in the game is great. You will notice the recoil in guns, and even how you kill soldiers. There are many controls to pick, and you can customize them, but chances are you will pick either the Classic setting found in the Playstation MOH games or the new Sharpshooter setting that has much better control once you get used to it, which will take some time. If you owned the demo, you had no choice but to play the game on this setting and have got used to it by now.

Value: 7/10

Aside from just completing the game, you will also have to get all gold medals on each level to fully master the game. Then you can also do that on the harder difficulties, which proves to be a good challenge. Honestly though, once you have all the gold medals, most people won't want to play the game on hard, because there is no reward for beating it on harder difficulties like there was in Goldeneye 007. You can unlock extras by typing in passwords, which gives you a few more minutes of entertainment from the game. So even though it is quite short (I managed to beat it in four school days on Easy), it will be one of those games that is worth your money because of the budget put into the game.

Exact Score: 8.5

The Good
-great graphics
-superior audio
-great story

The Bad
-no multiplayer
-some slowdowns in frame rate

Rent or Buy?

If you liked or loved the previous Medal of Honor games for the Playstation, then there is no doubt you will love this game. If that is the case, then buy this game right away. If this is your first Medal of Honor, then welcome to the great series, that will surely have more games in the future.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/02/02, Updated 09/01/03

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