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"Over rated, out dated?"

I dont think i have reviwed many games here on Gamefaqs... But i felt that i need to share this one.. It'll be short, everyone else wrote long ones, so if you need more info about specific details go check em out...

Its a first person shooter, so you know what its like. The controls are awkward, i found it a bit difficult to aim with the right joy stick. I haven't tried the game in the original controller set up (MOH 1, underground). The buttons are set out nicly. I found it to be much similar to the other medal of honors. There is a bit more freedom in walking and killing, there are more paths to take (so to say) on your style of capping nazi's. And yes there is no blood. I dont see why people make such a big deal about this, so what? You still get the satisfaction of Killing a nazi instead of some robot or alien (quake, unreal, blah blah blah) I found the magazines over rated this game in their previews. It is a bit out dated for its style. There have been other games what do, what MoH is trying to do.

I must say, this game has nice graphics. Compared to other first person shooters such as Red faction, unreal, no one lives forever, deus ex... This game comes out on top. It runs smoothly, eve with bullets flying and 20+ people on screen it does run well (not timesplitters well, but well ;). The envoirnment is very accesible, buildings and walls and what not can be felt and explored. They aren't just 2D images put up. Scenery, weaponary, people all are detailed and look fantasic.

This game, like its graphics, has nice sound. The explosions, gun fire, screams are all nicely done. Very accurate ;) I found myself screaming along with my commrades when I had the sound turned up and was shot at by a tank. I recommend ONLY playing this game turned up. Surround sound will even add more fun to it when bullets go flying by your head.

Its a first person shooter, nuf said really. You can go back and play it on a harder difficulty setting which i recommend. There is no multi player feature, I find this a good thing since the previous MoH had a horrible multi player. I bought this game because I was in need of a first person shooter and I've always loved war. I would recommend buying it first. If your skeptical (like I am) then rent it, but you'll feel dumb spending an extra five dollars. Over all the game is good, but not number 1. There are/will be better games for the PS2. I think it is number 1 in the first person shooter cat.

A good FPS, Go BUY IT

*side note* I hope I did the HTML things right, and everything I said was in my own opinion ;)

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/02/02, Updated 06/02/02

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