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"History has never been this fun!"

I had never played a Medal of Honor game before but this one caught my eye when GI gave it game of the month. You are a foot solider in WW2 and there is 19 different levels each with very different small missions. After you play this game you actually learn something about our history, and it doesn't stink.20 weapons throughout the game even stationary guns. I give this game 9/10.

GAMEPLAY - First person shooter in WW2.It is easy to get distracted with its vast areas to explore and the story has been done before but hasn't lost its flame. It is really fun using your gun to hit a Nazi across the face(hey it saves bullets). The grenades are really disappointing though with their small explosion. Even if you try your not able to kill you comrades with guns only explosives will get that done. 9/10

CONTROLS - Controls are second nature the trigger is nicely positioned as the R1 shoulder button. However when crouching you sometimes forget to stand up making you move really slow. The R3 button makes you look up when you press up and vice versa it is okay unless you are used to it working the other way around. Latters are very difficult to use at first but you will ajust.I give the controls 8/10.

SOUND - Old frontier music with realistic bullet sounds. The music isn't cool but it blends in and you wont probably even notice. Voice overs have clear speech at least I think cause I don't speak German. I give the sound 9/10

REPLAY - I am already finding myself go back to the original levels just for fun. This is one game you most likely will not want to sell. I give the replay value 8/10

DIFFICULTY - I played through on normal mode and that gives you a fair challenge. You might get stuck a few times but its not that big of a problem. You might even find yourself playing through some levels on hard mode just for a challenge. Easy mode Hands you too much such as large amounts of grenades and ammo making it far too easy. I give the difficulty 9/10

RENT OR BUY? - This is a must have for all PS2 owners. It is by far the best first person shooter this far. If you are not in to first person shooters you might want to give this one a chance.If you only rent it you would not get half the fun out of it. It takes time to play through all of the levels. BUY

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/03/02, Updated 06/03/02

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