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Reviewed: 06/03/02 | Updated: 06/03/02

An Incredible War Game

I slowly rip off the packaging of Medal of Honor: Frontline (MOHF). I pop it open. There staring back at me is a disk. I put the disk in my Playstation 2. I never knew how much fun I would have.

This game is simply amazing. From beginning to end it is fun. I was amazed as I started the game. It was D-Day. I though this would be a cheap rip-off of Medal of Honor: Allied Assualt. But believe me it wasn't. As the door of the boat opens a bomb from a Nazi plane drops on top of my allies. I am then thrown in the water. Bullets pierce through my friend's bodies. I knew this game would be different. It was incredibly hard. I had to keep dodging the bullets from my faceless enemies while I was trying to save people. Then there was one big problem. The controls. It was pretty annoying having a separate control for your view but I got used to it after 20 minutes of playing.

This story is good enough to become a movie (which probably will happen). You are American James Patterson. Your enemy is Sturmgeist: a mean (of course) Nazi commander. He is only a mysterious character in the second level after seeing him through a air vent. I quickly dismissed him as as just another character. But after a couple levels you notice his importance in some Nazi conspiracy. Hmmm...

Machine guns firing, yelling comrades, planes flying overhead dropping bombs. And that's only the first level. The voice acting is incredible (something you don't see in a video game) and it matches perfectly with the talking character's lips. And the music...and the music. It fits perfectly with the moods of the levels. While the peaceful (not so peaceful), outdoor levels have a smooth hymn, the terrifying, indoor levels have a hard-sounding beat. Everyone says that Medal of Honor: Allied Assualt has better graphics. I played both games and MOHF has the better graphics. While MOHAA has rigid graphics with too much light, MOHF has smoother graphics that are dark. It's a war game, dim down the lights!

I just finished the game and I feel I really hadn't. That is because I finished it in easy version and didn't get all the gold medals and the extra footage you get for getting all the gold medals. Some people will not like the fact that MOHF has no multi player. I think it works fine without it. The single-player version can give you enough thrills.

Rent first. Buy later. That's what I did. Some people may not like this game (which I first thought). If you don't like it return it to Blockbuster or wherever.

My eyes begin to close. I look at the clock. It's 12:06 P.M. and I started playing at 12:07 P.M. Either my clock is demented or I've been playing Medal of Honor: Frontline for 23 hours and 59 minutes. I save, turn off my Playstation 2, and snuggle under my covers.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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