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"Probably the Best Game of 2002!"

On my weekly stroll to the local Hollywood Video, I saw this game called Medal of Honor Frontline. I thought ''it's new, so I'll have to play it. There's nothing else to do this weekend anyway'' I discovered two hours later that this game was one of the most impressive graphically, and also had the best war scenes since I saw Saving Private Ryan. Luckily, I was to be sick, so I got to play this game the whole friggin' week. This game should not be passed over by anyone, and should instead be put on a throne to be worship each week. And of course, waste your weekends away with this gaming ingenious. Heres the stats.

Graphics-10/10. See facial expressions better that Metal Gear Solid 2. A bijillion bullets at Omaha beach whizzing inches from you face. See dirt mounds explode in front of you, planes fly overhead, and tanks smoke and destroy buildings in run down cities. The bad points of gaming graphics are out of this game too, like slow framerate and little, if at all, fog. The warzones are brilliant, and the soldiers are not clunky. Last, the guns all have their own shape and style. Very realistic.

Sound-10/10. Bullets and explosions don't clutter the sound, but provide a rhythm of war in the midst of battle. Voices-Allied and Axis-are clear and unique. And the music is the best. When you are in the level Arnhem Knights, the church-ish choir made me think that was one of the most memorable things in gaming. Also, you can hear scared soldiers before you enter their rooms, which adds to the realism.

Gameplay-9/10. You change from pretty much the same thing; blowing up tanks/cars to killing guys. But it never tires, and is always fresh to play over again. Going through rural areas to protect your fellow soldiers to sneaking through a Nazi pub are some of the fun points of this game.

Control-10/10. Control modes for every player. I hated dual-joystick playing until I played this game. Also, you can even break away from predetermined modes and create you own so you can have your style of play come out.

Overall-10/10. A buy definitely. Games like this come sparsely or in clusters (a.k.a Christmas break time.) This game isn't a Metal Gear Solid 2 or Grand Theft Auto 3 of course, but Meal of Honor might be close on the excellent game title. This game will make you want to sign up for the next war, and also make you realize the importance of peace.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/03/02, Updated 06/03/02

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