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Medal of Honor are the World War First person series that started from PsONE with ''Medal of Honor''. For starters it was a fantastic idea and a great FPS and adventure game on PsONE. After that we had ''Medal of honor: Underground'', another packet of fantastic missions in war. After that we had recently played the masterpiece ''Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault'' on PC which its probably the best of the series no doubt.
Lets go into the basics of the game.
There are a lot of guns inlcuding the sniper rifle, grenades, silenced pistols etc. You can even press triagle (the action button) and use sentries and other things.
The missions are quite impressive and the sound/music creates a fantastic atmosphere of the game. Another thing you will notice about MOH:F is the great AI of the enemy. They hide, shoot, punch at you etc.
You have allied soldiers with you in some missions while in other missions you are alone. Some missions require stealth so you may need to use your passport and show it instead of guns.
You will also notice the intense action in the game as well. You will not have much time to rest before the plane throws new bombs or new soldiers attack you.
While fighting team-to-team will require tactics like moving all the time, hiding behind walls and cover your allies. A big disadvantage is that the game hasnt any 2-player mode and thats surely going to reduse the Lifespan/Replay Value score. Lets investigate this game to parts:

Graphics: 9.5/10
This game has a lot of details. Explosions are great. While moving there's no slowdown and it takes fully advantage of the Playstation 2's graphic cababilities. There are real places from World War II. Even when you zoom to a person you see fully details and you can shoot his helmet or see expressions and feelings. Masterful graphics!

Sound: 10/10
You feel the atmosphere of World war. Sound combined with music is perfect in this game. Imagine intense music of war (like Commandos) with deadly shoots or imagine silence and then hear an enemy soldier yelling and calling for reinforsments. Yes the sound is the best part

Gameplay: 8.5/10
I could give the gameplay a 10/10 because its much different from a FPS for PC. You use the joystic and thats a completely new gameplay. But think of Halo on xbox. This game has absolutely great control and even if xbox's controller is big, the desighners did a great work on controls. In MOH:F when you move the right stick it gets a little shaky etc. Plus you dont have the feel of a real FPS.

Lifespan: 9/10
The games hasnt multiplayer screens but the 18 HUGE levels are fun to replay. MOH:F is quite a challenge so it has a lot of replay value.

Not much different from the old ones on PsONE but it has some major improvements. It gets a little boring so if you have a PC i suggest you get the wonderful Medal Of honor: Allied Assault. Anyways this game is an artwork combined with music/sound and its a nice addition in your collection if you're into FPS. And YES this game turns out to be over-hyped... so:

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/05/02, Updated 06/05/02

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