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Reviewed: 06/05/02 | Updated: 06/05/02

Medal of Honor Frontline is a prime example of an oxymoronic game...

MOHF is a deceitful little game, it tries to trick you into the buying it because of its great graphics and sound, but then, all of a sudden, it goes to boredom.

first off, I have played and beaten every other Medal of Honor out there. I have completely unlocked Medal of Honor, mastered Medal of Honor Underground, and demolished Medal of Honor Allied Assault. After playing those great historical masterpieces, I was shocked at the dissapointing Medal of Honor Frontline.

First off, lets start with the graphics department:

Graphics: 10/10

this is the game to buy if you want to show off your new HDTV. The game is wonderful, ambient lighting is copius, and the whole game just spurts realism. Every distorted shape the Nazis make when they die just make you cringe. you can see everything, nothing is too dark, and it is all perfectly balanced. I don't want to go out on a limb, but if I did, I'd say that this game's graphics are better than Halo's.

Mm...beautiful, beautiful sound...

Sound: 10/10

Ahh Dolby 5.1... how I love this game with that on. The game really screams for you to use Dolby 5.1, so if you have it, by all means use it! you can tell exactly where the Nazi is coming from, so you can use it to your advantage. the music also never drowns out the heated gameplay. the guns all sound real, and every explosion is realistically recorded. pure sound nirvana.

Turn the corner, strafe, shoot, duck, fire, turn around, shoot, strafe to safety!...All done with ease!

Control: 8/10

the controls are the crispest and most sensitive I have ever felt in a video game. the fact that the entire controller can be revamped to your tastes is also a plus. but, along with the crispness and sensitivity, comes...well, sensitivity. the analog controller feels a little too sensitive at the beginning, but it becomes second-nature for a while. Often, however, I find that even custom controls can create for confusion, and sometimes I can't even aim my weapon while moving, because of lack of coordination. It's really great, but aiming could have been better.


Gameplay: 5/10

I'm sorry to say, but it looks like the only level that was given thought in the whole game was the very first one where you storm the beach. My hands were sweaty, my heart was racing, and the whole intensity of trying to outrun the Nazis to the beach just made me feel like I was there. This is the first game that I have gotten into it THAT much. Sadly, the feeling subsided for the rest of the game. the rest of the game was the same old same old of the past Medal of Honor games. You shoot, blow things up, stealthily infiltrate a U-Boat (That makes like, what, 3 U-boats you have blown up in the series?), and stop D-Day from happening. it just feels like the same thing, only in gorgeous detail.
It's also too bad that realism stops in the graphics and sound departments. If you really think about it, a tank should blow up when you fire a couple bazooka rounds into the tracks, or at least immobilize it, right? Nope, shooting into the tracks still lets it run. If you shoot a soldier in the leg, will he fall to the ground? Nope, he's off on both legs chasing you like a freakin speed demon. It's little subtleties that just degrade the gaming experience. I know the past medal of honors didn't have these features either, but its PS2--i think it's capable of that!
The overall excitement factor wasn't there, oh sure-there were many wow moments, but never any engrossment levels that were deeper than that of the first level. It just doesn't seem that fun to me. It feels like monotonous, tedious shooting, and this game should have been more.

Hey buddy, lets play Medal of Honor Frontline together, wait, multiplayer has to be here somewhere...

Replay: 1/10

Uh, after the great first level came the tedious other levels. why in god's good name would you want to replay those? I would have given this a 0/10 if you couldn't keep replaying the first level. it still gets my heart racing.
another thing, the lack of multiplayer just makes me want to cry. The last MOH had them, and they were the best multi-player romps I have ever had on my PS and PC. Why, in the name of all that is holy, does this not have multiplayer? It's downright appalling. If it had multiplayer even half as good as the original's, it'd still be worth buying it. And plus, it'd give a reason to go through the lame levels (besides the first one!) to get more multiplayer maps and skins.

EA deserved to make a mistake game after all of the great games it has made, sadly, this one is it.

Buy or Rent: I'd say rent. If you played the first two MOH and the MOH for PC, you've seen all that is in this game (except for storming the beach), and there really is no need for the game.

If you want to shell out 50$ on this game for only one good level and no multiplayer, by all means, go ahead.

--This is my opinion and I'm sticking to it--

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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