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"A Medal of Honor is what this game deserves!"

That's right, it's Medal of Honor Frontline. A First Person Shooter with many different games. From PlayStation to Computer and now to PlayStation2. You want to know how Medal of Honor Frontline really is then read my Review.

Not much I can say here except genius. You can customize your own freaking controllers!!! Is that not genius. To add to that there are no slowdowns in responses to actions. In case you don't understand, if you press Jump your character WILL NOT hesitate to Jump. This is what I love about the controllers.

The controllers for Medal of Honor Frontline are awesome, I give the controllers 10/10

You have quite a load to select from here. You have a Hi-Standard Pistol, Walther P38, Colt 45, Browning Automatic Rifle, Winchester Riot Shotgun, MP40 Sub-Machine Gun, STG 44 Strumgewehr, Thompson Sub-Machine Gun, M1 Garand, Gewehr43, Springfield '03 Sniper Rifle, Steil Hand Grenade, Mark II Frag Grenade, Panzerschreck, & M9 Bazoooka. That's A LOT of weapons.

A VERY wide selection of weapons. I give the weapons of Medal of Honor Frontline a definite 10/10

It's war. It's Medal of Honor Frontline. Your James Patterson, an American AND a man known as Sturmgeist who is a Nazi Commander is your MAIN ENEMY. Much more detail but I wouldn't want to honestly spoil it for you.

The story is great, I give the story for Medal of Honor Frontline 8/10

Well now here is the biggy in the reviews! Pretty damn good. You have 18 may I repeat 18 massive levels to conquer and on three different difficulties may I add. Pretty damn realistic too, with the new Aiming Technique. You kind of feel like your in the middle of war, and you know you don't want that. :P As soon as you start Medal of Honor Frontline you will feel right at home and you'll know that this isn't a copy of another Medal of Honor, trust me. The scenes in between each level will also impress you. The only thing I was sad with was no blood or guts.

Gameplay is simply wonderful. Very well done and balanced out. Not enough though. It was way too short. I give the gameplay for Medal of Honor Frontline 8/10

For those of you who don't know what A.I. is it's the computer's intelligence. The A.I. in Medal of Honor Frontline isn't ''All That''. It's too predictable in my honest and humble opinion. The A.I. simply hides behind the closest thing they're too and they just pop out a few times and shoot at you. All you really got to do is get close and shoot them. Not that hard, really.

The A.I. is O.K. not much of what I expected, I give the A.I. 7/10

Well now this is what 75% of you gamers out there look for in a game. Although graphics aren't much of a big deal, they are in this game. The graphics in this game are simply amazing. This game may be a FPS (First Person Shooter) but it has incredible graphics. Although the graphics may slowdown by frame rate, it'll hardly be noticeable and it really won't annoy you. The weapons are excellently done as well. When you get this game you will admit that the graphics for a game with so much going on in the screen are good, real good!

The graphics in Medal of Honor Frontline are astonishing, I give the graphics 9/10

Heh the sound in this game is I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E!!! You ever seen a war movie and heard all the sound effects, well this sounds just like it but BETTER!!! I'm not exaggerating when I say this either, the sounds are WOW. From the gunfire to the explosions it will leave you with a mouth wide open. If you try and pay attention to the music in certain levels than you will notice that the music is excellently chosen as well. By the way, true Surround Sound for the best results. ;)

Overall the audio is GREAT, I give the audio for Medal of Honor Frontline 10/10

In my honest and humble opinion, there really isn't much Replayability at all. First off, no there isn't any Multiplayer feature, it's a straight up one player game. Play the game and make sure you enjoy it the first time through because, you aren't getting anything special for beating it. If you want Replayability then you can go back and play it on a more difficulty but that's all I can really say about the Replayability.

Not much Replayability value in Medal of Honor Frontline. I give the Replayability 5/10

To Buy or to Rent that is the question!
Well I would suggest to buy but it isn't really all that hard. I beat it in three days with a rental. I say that you should rent this game first and check it out, you know what I mean. If you think it's not a game you'll just play through once than it's a definite rent but if it's a game that will last you loads than it's a definite buy. Nonetheless just get a hold of this game!

I give this game a 9 and you should understand why after reading my review for Medal of Honor Frontline. See this game is excellent in it's own little way. It is at the very top when it comes to the First Person Shooter genre but it isn't overall #1. You must remember that no game is perfect and this game is sadly far from perfect. I am not complaining as I love this game, but honestly I found this game a bit too short. There was hardly any Replayability value which took a negative right off the bat but there were other positives that kept me giving this game a 9.

Overall I give Medal of Honor Frontline 9/10

Well I hope this Review has helped you clear out your thoughts about this game. It really is worth your time and I'm sure that you'll have fun playing this game over and over! Enjoy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/05/02, Updated 10/06/02

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