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"Horrible controls ruin an otherwise fantastic game"

Well, MOH was supposed to be really really good so I went to got get it, and here is what I thought. I will be reviewing this game on the following aspects, Game play, Controls, Sound, Graphics, Re playability, and of course Overall.


The Game play is alright event though some of the missions objectives make you say ''If this was real I wouldn't think about doing it''. An example of this is when in the first level you're told to cross a minefield, by yourself, with bunker fire and machine gun nest fire, all aimed at you. Another rather unrealistic feature is the health system, I got BOMBED by my own planes but didn't die, I still had Half of my health left, but then again the mode I played on was easy so this, might have been different if it were on a higher level.

Controls - 4/10

Anytime you have to use both analog sticks to play, the controls probably suck. This is the case with MOH, as you have a look feature on the other one, which isn’t really all that necessary and well just, gets in the way. If the controls weren't so confusing and hard to learn this game would be really good.

Sound - 10/10

The Sound Rocked, as it sounded very realistic, you can even hear the dirt fall back and hit the ground after the explosions. Of course Sound is not what makes this game good, it's the wonderful Graphics.


Yes that's right 11/10 these graphics are spectacular, you'd swear you were watching a movie. The realism is amazing on the explosions, the gun shots and bullet holes look pretty good. One thing that would have been really great is if the bullet holes stayed in the thing you just shoot, that would be one of the best features of any FPS.

Re playability-4/10

The game's objectives are always in the same place, causing for you to know where everything is going to be. Another problem is that there is no multi player. If a FPS does not have a multi-player it isn't really a good FPS, even a little co-op or counter-op function would have been nice.

Overall -6/10

The Graphics and sound don't make up for horrible controls and the lack of a mulit player. The game has some real nice ideas, but the controls make them difficult. This game is no Perfect Dark, sigh, I wonder if we'll ever see a FPS as good as Perfect Dark again.

Rent or Buy:

If you have been a fan of the MOH series I suggest you buy as the controls are said to be he same. Though if you've never played an MOH game don't even bother renting it unless you like horribly confusing controls.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 06/07/02, Updated 05/11/03

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