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"Not Bad, Not That Great......"

I’ve played MoH ever since the first one came out and to be honest, this one is the best. However, there were no substantial innovations in gameplay.

The best in the series as of yet. Realistic and believable. The lighting effect is great; lanterns and lights shed their radiance on the MoH world with realism. The games many atmospheres are breathtaking, to say the least. Environments range from the famous Omaha Beach on the D-Day landing, French cities half destroyed by German artillery fire, underground bunkers, and a myriad of other WWII locations. The MoH world is beautify rendered and the atmospheres are alluring. The various weapons look authentic and real, bullets fly through the air with red-hot fury. The Allies and enemies also look realistic. They reload their weapons when needed, your fellow soldiers provide you with cover fire; making various hand-gestures. Troops die while clouting their wounded arias. I have no great qualms with the games graphics.


Nothing short of a full-fledged war movie. A compelling score of music sets the mood for all of your missions. In times of suspense and danger, the music gets your heart pumping. While during stealth and reconnaissance missions, the music is quiet and calm. They music is composed with an orchestra making it fitting for the time and place. No rock music or thrash-metal plays while you kill Nazi soldiers, this could be a plus or minus depending on your taste, but I liked the soundtrack very much.


Typical WWII style. Land on D-Day, occupy French cities, sink some U-boats, and kill some Nazis. Nothing that stellar. Some aspects are over-done and a lot of it isn’t believable. Although a lot of work and research went into the story, it wasn’t all that great. If you’re fond of war stories and combat buddies, then I guess it’s all right. An otherwise weak story based on actual events.


Same old MoH deep down inside. Sam game mechanics and controls. In my opinion, it’s just a rehashed version of the originals. Still very fun to play, however. Actions are realistic; your enemies take cover from your fire, hiding behind overturned desks or around a corner or even behind a fallen corpse. Enemy A.I is pretty intelligent. Nazis run from you if they have no chance to win in a fire-fight, they scatter when you toss a grenade at them. However, sometimes they just stand there wen they know you have a clear shot; hesitance perhaps? Overall, the gameplay is the same old stuff. No big innovations.

Overall an OK game. If you are fond of the series, then you should buy it. It is the best MoH yet. However, if you’re just a casual gamer or have no real interest in the first person shooter genre, I suggest you do some research on this one. Ask some people about, get a second opinion. You should definitely check it out at least. Rent it first before you buy it. This game is surprising short but the missions are detailed and lengthy.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/08/02, Updated 06/08/02

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