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"Amazing doesn't even start to describe Frontline"

When I first plugged in the demo of Medal of Honor: Frontline into my PS2, I knew that this was going to be one of the best games yet for PS2. After getting the full version and playing the first couple missions, I was more amazed that I thought. Almost never has any game pulled me into it like the newest installation to the MOH series has. While it's not quite perfect, as no game is, it really is breathtaking in a way. The graphics are amazing, the detail incredible, and the sound is perhaps the best ever in a game. The enemies act very lifelike, as do your AI controlled teammates. If you have seen the movie Saving Private Ryan, you will instantly notice the similarities, especially in D-Day. While if I could use decimals in the final score, it wouldn't be quite a 10 because of some flaws, it still would be around a 9.7. In my opinion, this one of the best, or perhaps, the best game on the PS2 so far. Could this beat out GTA3 in terms of being the best game for PS2 yet? Yes, I truly do think it could. Will it beat out GTA3 in terms of sales? Definitely not. Lets get into the categories.

Behind the sound, this is probably the best part of the game. The towns seem so life-like, as do houses and even the characters. The graphics in MOHF are better than the graphics in any other PS2 FPS, with relatively little competition. And because of the incredible face-lift, in my opinion makes this game interesting, even if you have beaten all of the previous Medal of Honors. There are some minor flaws, though, such as arms and other body parts going through the walls and such, but it doesn't really detract from the overall experience.

The biggest stand-out of Medal of Honor is definitely the sound. The gunshots, yells and even voice-acting in MOHF are truly incredible. But even better, the soundtrack. Michael Giacchino did an incredible job, as this game has the best music in a game ever. Even better than MGS2. It really pulls you into the game, something music rarely does in a game. It even adds emotion into the game. I can't think of a possible way that the music could be better. And if you think that it will be like the music in the other MOHs, you're wrong. Just play the game and you'll notice right away.

The controls in MOH are crisp, clear and easy, but not without flaws and slight glitches. Although the controls are very easy (unless this is your first FPS on the PS2)sometimes I wish they were different. Sometimes it seems that it is too hard to aim your weapon, because it either moves too fast to aim on a distant enemy, and others it moves too slow when you are surrounded by several enemies. An addition of a sensitivity adjust could have helped the problem.

Whether it's sniping, sneaking or all-out assault, this game executes it perfectly. The missions are varied, and difficult, making it stay interesting. My favorite part so far is where you infiltrate the Golden Lion Bar, where you tip the piano player, resulting in the drunken Germans singing, which distracts the guards. The game has emotions from laughter (such as at that part) to sadness. But I wish on the stats screen at the end of the mission it would tell you what percent of the enemies you killed so I know why I didn't get a gold star medal. And also, although it's small, I wish that there was a rating it gave you based on where you hit the enemies the most, like the last two games. But oh, well. It's not that important. Also, I miss the multiplayer game, but single player is good enough to blank that out. But sometimes the missions are so long, that it really become frustrating when you die near the end of a mission. Oh, yeah, and there are A LOT of missions, too.

YES! You will not be disappointed.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/12/02, Updated 06/12/02

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