Review by Flamin Homer

"A very mediocore game."

When I bought this game I was very excited. I couldn't wait to open up the little box, take the CD out and play it. And it was damn fun!!! For the first 3 days...

Graphics : 10

WOW! Simply amazing! The creators of this game sure took their time to make this game look very nice. Each level is designed perfectly. Gun models, soldier models, and the environments look very very nice. One bad part about it is that there isn't any blood!!! But sadly this is one of its very few strong points.

Sound : 10

Another big WOW! Great music, realistic sounds, makes the game take on a whole new atmosphere. Too bad this is probably its last strong point....

Controls : 7

The controls are crisp and they are customizable. The only problem is that aiming is just way too sensitive. If you cant use the 2 joy sticks in conjunction with each other you are going to have a very hard time killing anything. But if you are a Red Faction veteran you should be fine.

Gameplay : 5

Ahhhh, time for the most important category. Almost all the levels are bland and sometimes even annoying... The only level worth mentioning is the D-Day Invasion (Which I have to say was pretty damn good). The D-Day level gets your adrenaline pumping and your heart racing. But however the other levels get you bored. You kill Nazis or people that are kind of like Nazis. The game is also not very realistic. If you shoot someone in the leg they should fall down or at least get a decrease in speed. But no... They just get back up and hunt you down. Also if you shoot someone there should be blood, right? Wrong... EA was scared to get an M rating so they took away blood and gore to get a T rating. The game puts you into very unrealistic situations too... The enemy isn't very bright either.

Replay : 1

Ugh! This is why you should never buy this game... THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO REPLAY VALUE!!! The game will keep you happy for 5 days, 7 days tops. The game has you killing Nazi after Nazi, and occasionally some people that are kind of like Nazis. None of the levels are worth playing over since they are so boring. There is one good level out of like 10. Sad, sad, sad... There isn't even a multi player mode. You could increase the difficulty maybe... But why would you even want to play the same boring levels over again? You could get some fake medals... Fake, useless, medals that don't do you any good. *Whew, I am out breath*

Rent or Buy?

RENT! RENT! RENT! The game will keep you happy for about 5 days. So if you are getting an urge to buy this game, I strongly suggest you rent it first. You will see why I gave this game a 5.

Overall : 5

This game is only worth the cost of a rental. Why waste 50 bucks for a game that will only be fun for the first couple of days? Listen to me, rent it first!

Rent this game first, or you will be sorry...

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 06/13/02, Updated 08/26/02

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