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Reviewed: 07/08/02 | Updated: 07/08/02

"You don't play - You volunteer"

Being a fan of first person shooters and by great interest in American History, it's no surprise that I would be looking forward to this game for awhile. The game does not make you think you are there - it does not give you the expierence that you are killing nazis for the good of the world. But again, nothing will give you that. No videogame, no movie, will let you relive what brave veterans lived through sixty years ago. However, the Medal of Honor series (which spans PSX, PC, PS2, and even GBA) and a few movie titles (Saving Private Ryan) give you an idea of how it felt like. You can't relive history, but you could imitate it.

And that's why Medal Of Honor: Frontline for the PS2 exactly does, most noticeably in the first level. It's in the first level itself where you play as Lt. James Patterson as you storm the Omaha Beach on June 6th, 1944, what is considered to be one of the most turning-point events that occured in WW2 - D-Day. In the first level, the game focuses on team-play as you see members of the US army firing on the barracks, but this isn't the case with many of the levels. Some of the levels as you pitted by yourself as you take on a whole slew of the Nazi regime, trying to complete all the objectives that were asked for. Many missions teams you up with other members as you take on the level together. Objectives may range from destroying certain objects to killing certain people to entering specific areas.

The levels you play through may range from wide open areas to narrow hallways. The first mission (which contains two levels) gives you an idea. The first level of the first mission is quite open while the second level as you wandering dark hallways. It's really the second level which gives you the feeling of the game, and what further levels plays like. You get the full extent of shooting, running, targeting, and doing specific objectives rather than ''Shoot randomly at the bunker so you can help your buddy'' in the first level (The first level is awesome of course, some saying the best of the whole game, but it doesnt give you the feel of the game as the second level does).

I had no problems with the graphics as a lot of people did. Sure, some of the textures seemed blurry and the framerate had it's share of problems every now and than, but it's not something to riot about. The faces of your opponents/allies each seemed distinguished, and some of the levels' scenary were amazing. Each level felt different in terms of area. It's not like you will see the same dank rooms throughout the whole game. Missions may place you in a variety of situations. You could be at a beach one level, to a submarine another, to a grand mansion, to a mine. Sure, some people may favor one type of a level to another, but you wont get bored of two levels in a row. Some levels may be dark and clausterphobic while others are open and bright. There is a great vareity.

The music in this game is something else. Some of the tunes are memorizable and even catchy. For each level there is a different tune to go with the setting and the situation. There are two songs in particular which I enjoy the most: ''The Songless Nightingle'' (and the drunk German version!) and the opening theme song entitled ''Operation Market Garden''. The music is done by composer Michael Giacchino, and he did around 16-17 pieces for the game. Whizzing bullets, the humming of airplanes, the shouting of German words, are all nice additions for the sound department.

The replay value is high. You have 6 missions, but within the 6 missions there are 19 levels. Levels may range from 10 minutes to around 40 minutes. Most are in the 15-30 minute vicinity. Whether it's a rent or a buy depends on whether you are gonna take your time or speed through it.

This game is another expierence. First person shooters will feel right at home with the controls, while others may feel them being a bit weird. It gives you the option of 6 controller setups or you could configure your own. I, myself, loved the choice of ''MOH Classic'', where X is the firing button.

If you are a fan of first person shooters, you should definitely get this game as it's a greating playing expierence. If you don't genreally like fpsers, than just rent the game, hell, if it's only for the first level.

As the game suggests:
''You don't play - You volunteer

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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