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"The game that made me a believer"

When I studied WW2 in History class, I thought it was boring. I couldn't believe that we were actually studying this. Since I played Medal of Honor: Frontline I realize why we studied it. This game places you literally right on the frontline. You become engulfed in the realism and atmosphere it creates. I have never played a game more realistic then this.

Gameplay: 10
I believe that this game saved my summer. I started playing it at the beginning of summer, and haven't stopped since. The overall gameplay is amazing. I will admit, at first the controls were a little tricky, but once you start playing more and more, it becomes a second nature to you. This game isn't particularly hard. But it isn't that easy either. Some levels you may pass on your first or second try, but others may take you several tries. If you like a first person shooter game or a WW2 game, this is it. I myself love history and the war now because of this game. I believe it is very fun. There are so many different ways to beat each level. I believe that this is one of my two favorite games I have ever owned. The other being Grand Theft Auto 3. Yes, Frontline can compete with the big boys.

Story: 10
Ah, this is what WW2 games are made of. Of course, this game follows history, but to make it more exciting it bends history a little bit. All of the characters interact with each other so smoothly, that you would think you were in Europe at the time! All in all, it's amazing how the creators set up a story like this. The story is so realistic, that even I learned history. But, at the same time the story surprises and excites you. The story makes it such that you fight in so many different places, that you believe that you are bringing about the destruction of the German war machine.

Audio/Video: 10
This is where Frontline really shines. The graphics are unimaginable. You wouldn't believe that the PS2 was capable of such graphics. No matter if it's the real life looking guns, or the spectacularly crafted soldiers you're fighting, or the landscape you are fighting on, you can expect the very best. By far, this is the most realistic game I have ever played in my life. The audio is also as superb as the graphics. When you fight them, soldiers even speak German. I took German as my language in school, and I couldn't even begin to believe how realistic they were. The music is awesome. It plays right along with the tempo of the level you are playing. If there is a sad or espionage level the music is slow. In an up tempo shoot out kind of level there is a louder sort of fast paced music. I loved the music so much that I actually bought the soundtrack from EA. I suggest that you buy it also.

Replay ability: 10
Some people have told me this game is boring and that they beat in during the time they rented it. That's fine with me. But if you really want to get the feel of this game you need to take your time during levels and experience the atmosphere around you. Like I said, I got this game at the beginning of summer, and I have not stopped playing since. The only other game I ever did that to was GTA3, and well we all know how good that game was. Plus, there are so many was to beat this game. So many levels can be beaten with several different approaches. You could rush through levels and have a shoot out, or like me you could go slowly through levels and go one enemy at a time.

To Buy or to Rent: Buy
Some people can beat this game in there rental period and I think that's fine and dandy. But do you really want to just rush through video games and not get the full feel of it? I certainly do not. So I rented this game, and as soon as I had to return it I said, ''I have got to buy that game.'' To get the full feel of the atmosphere you should buy this game. There is just to much stuff to discover while playing this. Yes I have beaten this game several times, but I am still playing it aren't I? Since this game came out all I need everyday is: food, sleep, TV, and Frontline. Is this the greatest game ever created? Well, maybe not. Is this the standard for all video games? For me it is, for you maybe not. Is this the greatest WW2 game ever created? Yes, without a doubt in my mind. So my suggestion would be to buy. And remember when buying it that, ''You are about to embark upon the great crusade, toward which we haven striven these many months.''

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/15/02, Updated 08/15/02

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