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Reviewed: 09/24/02 | Updated: 12/03/02

No where near perfect, but still a great game.

Being my first go at any Medal of Honor game, I was a little intimidated by what my friends said. I was told these were difficult, merciless first-person-shooters. Truly, nothing could be further from the truth. Overall Medal of Honor: Frontline is a great game lacking some features that would have made it outstanding.

The graphics are phenomenal and by far some of the best I have ever seen on any game. Although the game does suffer from some very minor graphics errors, such as the dreaded stabs your arm through some wall glitch. You may also spot some minor glitches here and there but most of the entire game the graphics will 'wow' you.

Get ready for possibly the best sound ever in a game. The sound is simply spectacular with symphonic music, realistic gun sounds, voice-acting. All in all, the music is a great factor in what this game is. Many times you can tell where the other soldiers are by the voices, whether they're right around the corner or a few feet behind you primed with a gun. This game also has incredible weapons sound effects, from grenades to the old Colt .45 the sounds are brilliant. With all the amazing graphics, the sound is the supporting pillar in how incredible this game really is.

Just a typical Medal of Honor story, sabotage the Nazi’s and help win World War 2. Though the graphics and sound help a lot, the story line is becoming boring and repetitive. Though all in all, the story in interesting and you will have fun for awhile in the game.

Being that I do play first-person-shooters quite often I do have a feel for how the controls can be. This game has two choices for controls, the first being a more difficult option having you use both the analog controls to aim. The second being a simpler version using the analog controls to walk and position your gun. While the controls were efficient I sometimes found the strafe buttons to not come in handy at all, or pressing down all the way on the pressure sensitive button would have the main character slowly move to a side. Overall the controls were fluent and well planned.

To me, this is the biggest loss for the game. While the game is incredible in the graphics and sound department, the experience you'll have after level one can become quite mono-toned. The theme to every level has become the dreaded FPS, shoot enemy and run to side, shoot and run, shoot and get item, shoot enemy and run. Some levels start out fun and end up so long they tend to become boring and you just want it to be over. The game is fun but severely lacking in challenge, and you'll find yourself wondering at time, ''What happened to the experience I had on level one?''

The biggest loss to this game comes in the replay department. In my opinion every FPS shooter should have a multi-player mode, and surprisingly enough, this game lacks that. On top of that, the game is only good for maybe one go around, because after you beat it, chances are you won't want to pick it up again. After all my complaints there is one good thing about this game, in terms of the replay value. The artificial intelligence that the enemies have is great, and the higher difficulty you choose the smarter they get. Throw a grenade at a group of enemies and you may spot one risking his life for his comrades. The replay value is often what makes a FPS fun, being able to take away from the seriousness of the game. Unfortunately this game lacks the multi-player mode, and thus takes the fun level way down.

What could have made this game a perfect 10?
Here I will give a suggestion for something that could have been added to make the game experience better.
How about a meter for when you're throwing a grenade or bomb? Holding down the (X) button equals longer throw since you don't really have a good idea of how long it'll be since there's no meter to show. I think it would have been to have a small meter in the corner of the screen, just to show how far the bomb/grenade will be thrown when you release it.

Rent, you can easily beat it, have some fun and save $50.

Graphics: 9
Sound: 10
Story: 7
Controls: 9
Fun Factor: 4
Replay: 3
Average: 7
Overall: 7

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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