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"And When He Gets To Heaven, To St. Peter He Will Tell: One More Soldier Reporting Sir- I've Served My Time In Hell"

The Medal of Honor series was one of my favorite series on the original PlayStation. The games required a good bit of thinking, yet they are still fun to play. I was eagerly anticipating this game since I had been a fan of the originals. Needless to say, I was not disappointed one bit. It really stays true to the series.

The controls are pretty awkward at first, but you could probably get them down in an hour or so of play time. After you get them down, the controls are actually pretty good. They are very responsive. Overall, great controls.

The games in the Medal of Honor series are all first person shooters and Frontline is no different. game is pretty mission-based. I'm going to start right now and say my only complaint with the game. I hate the Main Menu's set-up. I found it very frustrating to use. Sure this is nothing to do with gameplay, but hey, it is still a complaint as well.

A thing that I really liked was how there will be troops on the Allies side (United States of America, Britain, France, Russia; I think you get the idea) scattered around and they will shoot at the Axis side (Germany, Japan, Italy). They will all be shooting at each other and running around. It kind of makes the game come alive that much more. It makes it a lot of a better experience.

From pictures of the 1940's time era, it seems as if the Nazi uniforms look very similar to what they look like in the game. Your fellow soldiers will have pretty accurate uniforms also. The soldiers have good artificial intelligence and so do your fellow soldiers.

I really liked the level design. Most of the game is played in cities or forest type settings, however, there are a lot of levels where you infiltrate Nazi facilities and stuff like that. I liked the city levels because it gave you a certain feel to the game. I just can't explain it. It looked just like you would expect it to look. Anyways, everything looks really accurate. For example, in the level in France, there is writing on some signs and guess what? It's French (although there is German too in some spots). It's just the minor details like this that add up and make a game that much greater. The levels are also huge and very fun to explore. Overall, great level design.

The weapons are pretty sweet. Your main weapon throughout the game is your trusty M1 Grand rifle. You can also pick up many more weapons along the way such as grenades, submachine guns, and a lot more crap. Run out of bullets? Just look for your nearest mini-gun. They have a few set around most of the levels and they have an infinite amount of bullets. Just mow down a few Nazi's and gather their guns and you will be on your way in no time.

As I said earlier, the game is mission based. This isn't a run and kill everybody. There are actually objectives. Objectives might be to destroy something with explosives or kill a certain person or something like that. The levels can get pretty hard but they are mostly pretty different.

Another thing to add to the gameplay is your way through levels. The levels are pretty enormous, and you will often get lost. I know I did on my first few times through each level. To help you get through levels, you will have to use tactics like looking for things to crawl under, jump over, and well, you get the idea. You just have to use actual strategy sometime. This can add to the replayability also in a way.

It is just very aggravating. The loading times are kind lengthy. They take around a minute or a minute and a half. Well I really don't know but I am estimating. The only thing that I think should be fixed is the main menu and the slightly longer load times. Overall, the gameplay is great.

There is really no replayability besides playing the game over and over or just using the level select feature and pick the level you like best or something. I found this to be such an enjoyable experience to replay it and you probably will too. Overall, the replayaility is average.

You play as American Sergeant, Jim Patterson and are on the front lines (hence the name) of the war. You are fighting in the big one, the baddest of them all, the one, World War II. You're out to rescue Jews, complete objectives, and kick some Nazi ass. I think the game portrays the war very well. There is really no story outside of that.

The graphics are great. Everything looks sharp and beautiful. The characters have good animations to them. Everyone seems to move pretty fluidly. The character designs and level designs are good. Grenade explosions look pretty sweet. Overall, great graphics. They do a good job of showing what the PS2 can do.

The sound is spectacular. The guns sound so real. If you shoot a high-powered rifle, you can hear the sound of the shot echoing and stuff. It is just so awesome. All of the gunfire sounds great and the music gives the game an intense feel to it. Sometimes, the music can get so intense, that you kind of get nervous. For example, the music will start getting more fast paced if you are getting closer to areas where more enemies are. This gives the game that much better of an experience. Overall, great sound.

To buy or to rent, you ask? I would say that this game is a definite buy for anyone looking for a first person shooter or just a shooter in general. The Medal of Honor series have always been high quality games. Frontline is no different. Fans of the series will be pleased with the game. Go buy it. Now.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/21/03, Updated 03/02/03

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