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"The ultimate soldier sim? More like a blind one-armed sniper."

Okay I’ll start off by saying that FPS’s are my favorite genera, it started with rainbow six, I moved on to half life and played it to death, as a matter of fact I'm still playing it and loved kicking covenant behind in Halo with a mate. Then one day a friend told me how Halo was just another FPS and this game was the best thing he had ever played, I trusted him and brought it myself to see what he was going on about.

Now don’t get me wrong, this game could of been great and the first level shown this. It’s set in D-Day and it feels like you’ve been transported into Saving private Ryan. The atmosphere is perhaps I’ve ever seen in a war related FPS. You hear your fellow soldiers cry for help as their being torn apart by the Nazi machine guns, you rush up the beach avoiding the oncoming gunfire and dodging the huge shells that are being hurled in your direction. Once you reach the top the beach you dive prone with the rest of your squad right beneath the enemy defenses just like in the film. This kind of intense action continues until you meet your first Nazi, then the game goes down hill. Now I’ll get into all the painful specifics.


This is one of the games strongest points, the effects on the start of the D-Day level are as good as your going to get on the PS2 and that’s a great thing. The bullets creating trails as they speed through the water before pricing the skin of you comrades is great, the explosions sending sand flying is an awesome site. On a side note the character models ain’t to shabby either and the scenery is as sweet as you can expect from a game set in WWII. So what brings it down? Well in my view the models animations are somewhat lacking and that goes to the dyeing and hit animations being horrific compared to the rag-doll physics seen in some of today’s games. The other factor is that there is no gore in the game, and in war games we need it!


It’s simply BANG! BANG! BOOM! NAZI/ALLIES CHATTER! All to the highest quality, what more could you want?


Nearly as good as you can get for a FPS using a controller. All buttons are customizable. BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHY DIDN’T THEY INCLUDE A WAY TO ADJUST THE SENSITIVITY! Aiming can become pretty tedious at times with the skyrocketed sensitivity.


Ack... The level designs can be decent at times, but it doesn’t matter how good level designs are if the enemies have bad A.I. and the ones in this game don’t have any at all. From this game I have worked out the basic Nazi routine: Run forward until you see cover, turn around and duck if you think your in it (I say think as many times as Nazis often tend to believe in the ‘you can’t see me if I can’t see you’ theory, so at times you see nazis with their back turned to you next to a box thinking their totally safe...) then every so often twist around and fire some shots, and god forbid sometimes they actually just stick their gun over the top of the box and fire randomly...Bravo EA you just made a game a 4 year old could complete with ease! Past the intensely stupid enemy’s lies the other reason why the game is a chore to play, knowing that the game is about as realistic as beating somebody to death with their own skull (poor Jimmy) they decide to... wait for it... remove the idea of crosshairs! that’s unless you go into aim mode where they magically appear on your eyes. This makes the shooting sections of the game so much more tedious than they already were, so instead of going into a plat all guns blazing, or run backwards firing as the hordes of brainless Nazis aimlessly charge at you, you have to stand still to fire, I dare say this was a great idea of EAs to quadruple the game length. There are a few more aspects I could go into but the ones I have listed already put the score to one, it got a two because I love the beginning of the game.

REPLAYABILITY: Does this section go into a minus if your likely to get bored before you finish the game?

This is a short and sweet section, there is none. Well you may want to play the first level a few times, but all the difficulty levels are the same, just with things hurting more and the ideas of getting goldstars as rewards for doing well on levels was superb, minus the fact that your bound to get them first time through.


Gameplay and replayabilty are the most important parts of games, and this game lacks both of these things, of course the sound/graphics and first ten minutes of the game boost the score to a three. This isn’t the worst game out there, may bane is still more targeted to Mary Kate and Ashley, but this should be considered poor at best and I was expect a great game. Don’t buy it, rent it, play the first level and give it back. Or even better get the demo then you can pretend you were storming the Nazi beaches to your harts content.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 07/19/03, Updated 07/19/03

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