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"A great World War 2 First Person Shooter!!"

When “Saving Private Ryan” came out in theaters, I fell in love with that movie. I went to the theater six times to watch it. That movie was powerful. The script was well written, the acting was top notch, the special effects were mind numbing. It is by far the best World War II movie ever made. So, when this game was released all I could think of was the movie that I loved.

And boy did this game seem like the film, without trying to copy the movie. From the music, level settings, and weapons. This game was perfect for me. I usually don't play too many first person shooters, but the Medal of Honor games are my favorites. And they are the only ones in my collection for first person shooting games.

I hope that the Medal of Honor games continue to be released. I know that you can only do so much with a game based from World War II, but the brains behind the title will definitely work their magic with the new titles. I'm sure of it.

It's based on World War II, so that should tell you what is going on in the game. You have to do missions based on different locations. From storming Omaha Beach in the first level, to hiding inside a crate to go inside a submarine. There is a mission where you need to disable vehicles in different parts of a town so you won't be followed. All the levels have a different feel and approach to them. It doesn't seem like you are doing the same thing over and over.

The controls can take a few levels to get used to, if you've never played a Medal of Honor game before. But once you get the feel for the controls, they are not a problem. I had to learn them all over again and I've played the first two games before. But soon I was taking out Germans from close and far without any problems.

You cannot hate this game if you are a World War II buff. I'm in that category so therefore I love this game. Even those who might not like World War 2, but enjoy first person shooters can have fun playing this title. And if you've never played the first two games, you should give them a try. You'll love them if you enjoyed this game. 10/10

No problems here. Very clean and no glitches to be seen by myself while playing. The towns in the game look like they were designed from the actual towns during the war. The characters look very real, even the faces have a personality to them. Much better then the PS1 games. And those games were very good in the graphic department as well. The weapons even have a look to them taken right from the history pages of World War II. 10/10

If you needed to be motivated to play this game, the sound alone will get you hooked. The music has a “Saving Private Ryan” feel to it. The voices of the soldiers yelling to each other sounds very realistic. And as for the weapons, it's as if they recorded real weapons and placed those sounds in the game. Even the vehicles sound very real! From playing the first level, you will see how much the sound play an important part of the game. It sounds like you are in the middle of an actual wartime situation. 10/10

From the beginning of the game, to the final level. The action never stops. This game is packed full of shooting and thinking. From trying to take out a tank, to having to snipe out guards who are also trying to snipe you for the kill. This game has it all! And your weapons to choose from are sweet to use. The only problem is that a few of the larger weapons are not too accurate. You can target a soldier and shoot 30 rounds and not even hit him. It's probably because the gun shakes too much, which could be a realistic feature that was added to the weapon. The best weapon has to be the snipers rifle or the M4 rifle. The handgun even comes in handy, but isn't too much fun to use. 10/10

Lasting Appeal
If you are a perfectionist like me, you will replay the levels and get all the gold stars for them. It unlocks extras in the game, which are nice to watch. Too bad they didn't include the multiplayer from the PS1 games. That was a fun addition to the game, and I enjoyed playing against my brother in a one VS one shoot out. The levels are long enough to replay them and not remember every single part of the level. So if you play the game over again after a few weeks, the game might seem new to you in parts. Unless you have a really good memory for the levels. 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/03/04

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