Review by Linkmaster12

Reviewed: 01/29/04

A decent game that’s a breath of fresh air

Gameplay: 7/10 The gameplay is nothing phenomenal, but quite acceptable. You walk around between towns to continue the story and find dungeons and stuff like a normal RPG. The battle system is not bad though. It is fairly normal, where you input commands like attacks and skills, however there are a few quirks. In the defense command, there is the option to wait. So if you know a big attack is coming, you can wait to heal after the attack. You can also wait and combine your attacks. Skills are done differently to. Skills themselves take up HP, while spells and running away use LP(labor Points). However the menu is pretty restricted, and the control of it could be better. Equipping stuff can be confusing at first, and a lot of things just don’t really make much sense. Overall good though.

Story: 8/10 The story it’s self isn’t too great, but don’t think a good original story was the aim. The hero Ari is, possessed by the evil king Stan as a deal to save his sister from the pig latin curse. From there stan claims to be Ari’s master and commands him to do “evil deeds” so he eventually finds out there are other fake evil kings, and stan commands Ari to go kill them. However the real focus of the story is to make it funny. Stan tries to be evil, but he really isn’t that good at it. So people are mocking him all the time. One thing also is that there are too many choices thrown into this game, most of which are just for kicks. Like there will be a heated conversation between people, and all of a sudden you have all these choices thrown at you, there is usually a good response, a “bad” response and a hilarious response, but no matter what you choose, it makes no difference.

Music/SFX: 7/10 Nothing breathtaking, but it works. The music is kinda soothing in a way, it fits the areas well and is pretty soft, and it isn’t harsh and attention grabbing. The SFX are fitting of the comedic style of the game, more so they fit the graphics well. I mean if the graphics were cartooney, an authentically recorded sword clang wouldn’t fit well, but with the cartooney graphics, the sounds fit well. It’s hard to explain, but if you hear them u will understand.

Visual/Graphics: 8/10 The graphics aren’t mind blowing realistic like graphics, but they fit the cartooney style, once again, perfectly. Many of the characters look really silly, and can be seen as funny, or just dumb. I like them, because they are different, they aren’t trying to challenge Final Fantasy in realism, but are trying to make graphics that suit the kind of game that Okage is. Which is a better idea anyways.

Replay: 5/10 The replay value is so-so. After you beat it you may want to play it again, just to do something differently, or relive the funny story or something. It can get annoying replaying it again, because the game itself is fairly repetitive, so going back over it isn’t the most appealing of ideas. However there are a lot of side quests to do that you may want to go back for. The only problem there is that 90% of them can be done at any point in the game.

Overall: 7/10 Not exactly game of the year, but a real breath of fresh air. It is an original style, they don’t make enough funny games. I like the cartoon style, and the graphics and sounds suit that cartoon style very well. In the matter of rent or buy, I would say rent it first, play it a little. The reason I say play it a little, is because it is a short game. If you like it ok after a couple of hours, buy it, or you could just rent it a couple times. Either way works.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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