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Reviewed: 06/08/02 | Updated: 06/08/02

Finally, a game that's similar to Fast and the Furious. Are you ready to take a test drive?

I saw the commercials, and the game just looked awesome. The cars are sweet, the graphics are sweet, and the huge air is sweet. Those were the thoughts that we going through my head. And while not all of those were true, Test Drive is still a very, very good arcade racer.

''...Now, wait a second, I thought this game was for PS2?''

It is, but the style of racing is arcade stylish. Yes, that means that you have to hit those dreaded checkpoints in an impossible amount of time. And while they do give you plenty of time, with ongoing traffic, cops, and other cars with really strong A.I., you might find yourself getting stuck up against a building.

Speaking of the strong A.I., I need to point something out. This game is hard. Very, very hard. We're talking curse-out-loud-turning-the-air-blue hard. Sure, the controls are pretty easy, especially since you can customize them to your liking, but with the time limits, the very sharp turns and all the traffic, it's pretty difficult. Also, a thing that annoys me is that the opponents you go up against start out with insanely fast cars, usually leaving you in the dust, but it's easy to manage at least a 2nd place-well, for the first couple of races. You'll be fighting tooth-and-nail to get to the finish, which actually adds a little more excitement to the races.

But hey, those are just a couple negatives in this fabulous racer. Like I mentioned before, this game is the first game where the ''underground'' racing on the streets is very, very much like The Fast and the Furious. Minus the swearing, drugs, and the morning after, of course.

If I could sum up this game in one word, it would have to be: Fast. This game is one of the fastest racers out there. I remember playing GT2 with a friend, and we'd get really excited when we got past 100 MPH, which was pretty rare. In this game, I've gotten about 133 MPH, no sweat. The game is crazy, and it's one of those games that makes use of the term: ''Keep your eyes on the road''. You'll have to look out for jumps, shortcuts, and barely dodge traffic. Here's a little taste of the action:

''You're blasting down the streets at 140 MPH, swerving through traffic, trying to bash your opponents into walls. You just barely miss a cop blockade, then you see a fork in the road. You take the right path, going up the hill, and one of your opponents bashes you off the hill, so you roll off to the road down below. Meanwhile, the other opponents come flying down the road, but miss the fact that there's a huge truck right in their path. The truck is knocked over blocking off the road right after you speed under it.''

This game is awesome. If you love racers, you should get this game. The story mode is challenging, but fun. The ability to completely paint your car any color you want also adds to the replayability. Oh well, enough of that. I'm off to go take a test drive through the streets of Tokyo. And hopefully, you'll get there too.

Have a nice drive.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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