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"Arcade Style Racing with your some of the oldest and best cars in the world"


This game test drive has got to be the funnest game i have ever played. They have something no other game has and that is you play pong while the game is loading.


This game has probably the best cars in the world. It does not have as good as graphics as Grand Turismo 3, but test drive does have awesome graphics. You can customize the color of the car in seconds or you can make it as perfect as you want, or they have some paint jobs all ready done. The cars look awesome but the person in the drivers seat looks ok but it could be better. This is only noticeable with a car with a convertible. But when you are driving at the speeds you do u can't hardly notice. The scenery is awesome to look at, there are all kinds of other cars like a taxi... driving in the road. When you race at night the cars lights come on and u can turn them off but it does light up the road a lot.

Pitbull Syndicate put a lot deal of time into this game. The only thing that is bad about it is that every car seems to be better that the car that you are driving but that is arcade style racing. The way the car handles, drives, accelerates, everything feels like an arcade style which is not a bad thing. There are also a ton of modes you can play in which include underground the story mode of the game, single race which is where you would practice courses there are a lot of courses to play you have 4 different cities which include San Francisco, Tokyo, London and Monte Carlo. But there are about 10 tracks for each of them, 2 player which is where you race another human in a 1 on 1 race, drag race which is exactly what it sounds like a straight race that counts totally on the start, and cop chase where u are a cop and you have to catch the racers. In story mode I am just going to get a little more in depth you race for a guy in a street club and he got injured and you used to race in drag races and he gets you to drive for him. Which all of these modes will keep you playing for hours.

The music in this game is really good a couple of songs by Ja Rule and Saliva which are awesome bands and how the engines sound in the game are just sweet they actually sound like they are supposed to sound like whether they it is the sound of the engine or them scraping against your opponent. The people how they talk are kind of weird but it is cool you talk and watch who ever on this little mini TV type thing it is really cool.

This game Test Drive has the easiest controls all you have to know are gas, brake and shifting if you want to be a manual shift.They have a Power-Slide but i never use the Power-Slide button to much. since the only button I needed to use while driving was the brake button. One good thing those, is that response time for all of these buttons is very, very quick. If there's a difference in the amount of time you press and the button, and the game reacts, I certainly can't tell. The controls are easy to get used to.

Overall these are my thoughts about the game

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Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/22/02, Updated 06/22/02

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