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"A "Fast and The Furious" game!"

I was watching TV one day and a commercial came on about ''Test Drive.'' This game looked sweet. I just had to buy it cause I'm a big fan of race games and I love cars. This game is a lot like ''The Fast and The Furious.''

The Story
The story about this game, is that you are an independent street racer, that has to take a place of your friend. Who was hurt to badly in a race to go on. So, he chose you to take over his position. Your name is Dennis Black.

This game's graphics are awesome, the cars look so real. I wish they could have worked on the characters a little bit more. The look like they were made for an N64. The city looks real. You can tell that Atari and Pitbull spent a lot of time on these graphics. Everything looks so real. The only flaw about them, that I wish they could have worked on a little bit more was the characters. I give the graphics a 9/10.

The sound on the game is really good. When the cars rev up, it sounds really cool. When you wreck into a car or wall it sounds pretty real. The music used in ''Test Drive'' is sweet. It has a few song from ''The Fast and The Furious''. The music includes DMX, Ja Rule, Saliva and many more! I give the sound a 10/10

The controls are simple to learn. There are 2 main buttons to learn and they are gas and brakes. There is also a hand brake. What I like about the controls are that you can customize them as you want. I give the controls a 9/10

Game Play
The gameplay is serious fun. The game is fast and fun. The only thing bad about it is its an arcade game. So that means when you start out the other cars are always better than yours and have more speed. So you have to play a little game called catch up. That reminds me that while the game is loading you can play pong. This is the only game I've seen that you play a little game while the real game is loading. ''Test Drive'' is the kind of game that will have you throwing stuff at your PS2 but 10 minutes your back playing it again. I rate the gameplay a 9/10

The Challenge
The challenge is great to some and smaller to others. It depends on how good you are at racing games. This game is fast and hard. So, if your new at racing games, I wouldn't expect to just fly through the game and expect to have it beat by the end of the week.

Final Thoughts
This game is seriously fun and addictive. So if your a big fan of race games and like ''The Fast and The Furious''
Then I will suggest you to buy this game. If you like other kind of games then I will suggest you to rent this game first before buying it. I think this game is well worth 50$.

Overall I give this game a 9/10. The game is extremely fun and addictive. So if your not certain if you want to buy this game I would suggest you to go out and rent it first, but if your like me, I would suggest buy it!

Rent Or Buy
BUY!! its well worth the money.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/03/02, Updated 07/03/02

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